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The Weapons of Asshole Destruction

Here is the dong collection that demolished his asshole. Most dongs can be purchased at Be carefull, they are real rectum wreckers, Selected objects for insertion is also shown.

Everything is in inches

Name:Mr. Ed Dong
Purpose:Colon work, extreme width, training for real live horse

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At Base)=3.5, Shaft width=Vary 2 wide at tip, Insertable Length=12

Purpose:Dildo punching specialty dong

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At head)=2.88, Shaft width=2.75, Insertable Length=9

Name:Ring Popper Dong
Purpose:Anal Ring popping, inducing prolapse on fast pull outs

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At head)=3.0, Shaft width=2.88, Insertable Length=12
Being Used Pic Here-

Purpose:Depth=colon straightening and pulling, prolapse inducer on fast pullouts

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At ripples)=2.5, Shaft width (at small sections)=2.25, Insertable Length=14
Being Used Pic Here-

Purpose:Colon straighting and extreme depth work

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At head)=2.25, Shaft width=2.25, Insertable Length=17

Name:Starter Dong or Spike
Purpose:Warm up the rectum for large expansion, this falls right in right to 11" on the first push.

Oh Yea, work my colon!

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At head)=2.25, Shaft width=2.25, Insertable Length=11

Name:Hitching Post
Purpose:Anal ring annihilation from hard mahogany 3 inch shafts

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At head)=3, Shaft width=3, necks to 1" at the ball and ridges, Insert able Length=12"

Name:Chocolate Pounder
Purpose:Extreme chute coring, Caverned rectum results

Ohhh Fuck, Nail my asshole!

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At head)=3.00, Shaft width=3.00, Insertable Length=11.5

Name:Cut off ring popper
Purpose: Deep colon work, colon ring popping, milking loads from the slut, max depth 14" into him.

He's Shafting my rectum at full speed with the dong

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At head)=2.75, Shaft width=2.75, Insertable Length=30

Name:Big Red
Purpose:Total Rectal Destruction, Anal ring breakdown, Chute corings

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At head)=4.0, Shaft width=3.93, Insertable Length=10.63 inch

Name:Gray Mushroom
Purpose:Excellent Anal Ring Popper, a really sharp mushroom head breaks down the muscle quickly, so we can move larger and get more rough with the rectum. Ripples make puffy asslips, when stroked fast

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At head)= 2.75, Shaft width= 2.50 at base, Insertable Length=10 inch

Name:Cone of ruin
Purpose:Asshole ring muscle conditioning

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At base)= 5.00, Top= 2.00, Insertable Length=10 inch

Purpose:Asshole Ring Muscle popping and depth work

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At base)= 3.33, Head width= 3.12, Insertable Length=11.5 inch

Name:Rectal Bat
Purpose:Rectum Cavern Creation

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At base)= 3.50, Handle= 1.00, Insertable Length=12 inch bat barrell

Name:Ultimate Goal
Purpose:The guys want to see this whole thing buried right up my colon, and splitting my asshole ring in two on the 4 inch wide base for the ultimate anal scene, this is the goal for my asshole, Fuck yea!, destroy my asshole muscle.

Dimensions: Maximum Width (At head)= 2.5, Shaft width= 4.25 at base, Insertable Length=18.5 inch

List of hot dildo sites
Gay Brutal Dildos

Asshole Mutilation MachineA powerfull AC powered industrial power drill, strapped to a 3 x 11 monster asswrecker dildo. At full speed of 5 strokes per second, at a 8 inch stroke length. That's 300 punches per minute! This machine mutilates his asshole in a manner of 2-3 minutes at full speed. Or can be slowed down for a long even chute coring over a hour or so

Other tools or equipment used to brutalize his rectum
Hex Rings for Nut isolation

#64 or 84 rubberbands for nut isolation

Poppers-Asshole really lets loose on this brand, Hardware and English Brand, Jungle Juice Also

Cone of Ruin-Ring conditioning-2 inch wide at top 5 inch at bottom

Large Zuchinni-Cavity expansion

Sounds- Slit fuckings

O-ring-At the base of the cock and then the rubberband around the nuts-Keeps little baldy rock hard during the sessions

Bottle Fuckings and ring expansion

6 inch drain cleaner bladder- 3 inch, expandable to a whopping 6 inch when hooked to garden hose, takes his cavity to the limit in width

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