Suggestions for Analboy's Rectal work

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There are several tasks ahead of him.1.destruction of the muscle tone in the sphincter;
2.prolapse of the rectum (eventually so that it swings like a set of loose nuts);
3.increased need to do this, and to show it off;
4.being totally public.

View the toys page and see what equipment is availabe to destroy Analboys rectum, then make suggestions for Photo sessions or any other idea you have.

Methods/Procedures & suggestions
Separate from the stretching, I think some kind of clamps will be eventually called for, to traumatize the sphincter in that manner and make it thicken. Will require close attention to esthetics, to make it evenly thick, callused. Something like giant clothespins that will ring his cunt, crushing the sphincter in its jaws. Not to abrade, just to clench and bruise, and eventually thicken. Much rubbing of the sphincter, both lubed, and totally dry. It may be raw for a while, but it will eventually thicken and callus up.

Twisting Speculum method: Spread his asshole as wide as possible with a extra large speculum. After its totally loose, release the speculum. then crank it open as fast as possible to damagethe anal ring. Repeat, Now rotate the speculum to grab another portion of the asshole ring then, crank it open as fast as possible to damage that portion of the ass ring. Continue working your way around the asshole ring until its truly destroyed.

Quick Grip method: The second idea is for stretching that opening. Visegrip/Irwin makes something called a Quick-Grip, a one-handed bar clamp for wood working. It's like a regular bar or  pipe clamp except that it uses a squeeze grip to adjust it. The grip can also be reversed to turn it into a spreader bar. You could modify the clamp pads with something more speculum-like and go to town. Even the smallest model should be able to tear things up. Get two teaspoons and cut the handles short, flatten the spoon portion with a hammer. Attach to spreader Quick grip. Position blades right on his anal ring. Take that ring to the absolute limit and hold for 5 minutes. Relax the ring. Then expand the anus again and hold to maximum width. You can really destroy the anal ring if you do this very quickly, this will traumatize the sphincter muscle, sending him screaming, ruining the ring for good.

Continual Rectal Procedure: The following rectal procedure should be used regularly as an alternative to resting in a seated position. At least twice a week, following his regularly scheduled anus enlargement regime. A sturdy heavy duty belt, such as a work out belt, is strapped around the boy's waist. The belt has pairs of "d" rings fore and aft, designed to hold weight lifting bars, 1 in front, 1 in back. Bondage cuffs are attached to his ankles. A large traffic cone, weighted at the base,is filled with plaster to inhibit its collapse. Anal boy, once fully gapped, is impaled as deeply as possible onto the cone. His ankles are then hooked to eye hooks several inches above the cone's base, thus preventing his feet from touching the floor. Weights are now added to the bars. The weight will be gradually increased until the boy is forced down into the deepest squat possible for that session. After being left in position for thirty minutes to an hour to allow the weight ( say 100 lbs. to start) to continue forcing him down, the boy is lifted by the barbells, one man in front, one behind, and then dropped epeatedly, jamming the large invasive mass further into his bowels, forcing his anus open wider and wider. Finally the weights are removed, his ankles released, and the boy is allowed to stand. The anal ring, now stretched tightly around the cone, grips securely so the weighty object buried half way in him hangs out behind him, and may actually need to be pulled out. If not, it will slowly distend the anal lips several inches before dropping completely out of him.

Rectum Destruction and Prolapse method: Would like to fuck that asshole of yours while wearing a 2-1/2 inch penis pump, shove that tube right to the base, maybe we could start out the session with you in the sling and I can insert various large objects then apply a vacuum pump,like a two quart mason jar and get the analring nice and bloated and after a good fisting see it hang out with your legs in the air, until your rectum completely prolapses to look like a toilet paper roll then would you like me to give you a rim job once we pop out the rectum, with a snort of poppers would send you to heaven, just licking on that sensitive flesh. I would keep your from coming by using a pump on your dick that actually would suck you off, would not want you to touch your cock, while I tend to your hot hole. Then wrap that prolapsed rectum around my dick and stroke it as though we were docking. Then insert a sound up your prolapse slit so that your rectum spasms to get you so hot, but not let you come, you'll let me destroy your rectum over a period of 3-4 days.


PVC pipe trainer. Create something out of PVC pipe, 3.5" in diameter (maybe less at first), 3-4" in length, with edges very smoothly sanded and polished, possibly waxed, for you to wear constantly in your asshole. It would be flush with your ass and long enough to keep the entire sphincter unable to contract, thus it would keep your guts totally opened, perpetually, and the muscles stretched.

Here is the PVC pipe trainer

Take a warm wet washcloth, ball it into a nice tennis ball size. Then insert it into his anus, the warm will relax the muscle, and also you can change the size of the rag to further expand the anus...Wreck his muscle control and make his guts swing loose, then get a telephone pole way up into him.

A roll of a towel, held in a roll with rubber bands and greased with baby oil, will make for an almost sandpaper-like surface. If you guys party the whore up, get him really partied up this weekend and after you've gotten off, but before he's gotten off, fuck him deep and hard with this greasy terrycloth roll. Really fuck him raw, and tell him you'll stop when he shoots.

Power Drill and Ear of Corn Get a power drill with adjustable speed and a large ear of fresh corn and attach it somehow to the drill with a bit. Crisco up his asshole, slide in the ear of corn, then turn on the drill, slowly at first, then to full speed.. Work the corn in and out of his asshole, so the kernels rip up his sphincter. Reverse directions too, so the asshole muscle is torn. Try to completely insert the corn so his asshole is almost gripping the drill chuck. this should fuck up his rectum bad!

Go to the hardware store, buy a can of that expanding foam used to fill building cavities, cover the delivery tube in a condom (to protect his hole from the an unknown chemical reaction -either toxic to him or his juices nullifying the foam) then empty the can .. usually will fill a cubit foot of space .. and let us see the results

A thick, callused rectum would be gorgeous and very inviting to the cock, hand, or foot. While clamps, abrasion and what not are good ideas, I'm surprised no one has mentioned play piercings. Play piercing on the outer rectal ring would do wonders for it's size and thickness. Not only would it cause delicious pain, but it would also cause the ring to callus up and fill with scar tissue, giving the anus a meaty, thick ring that you could play with in countless ways! Not to mention the aesthetics!

Eggplant + fingers, Crisco up a large eggplant, sink that baby fat end first right into his rectum until only the green nub end sticks out. Now take one finger from each hand and slide it along the eggplant to find his anal ring, now pull and stretch that ring until he screams and ruin that muscle.

Using massive inflatables to tear his sphincter Get the biggest/strongest inflatable dildo made and insert it way up inside the rectum. Pump it up furiously fast, as many pumps as he can stand and then deflate it rapidly. Immediately pump it up again at a furious pace forcing him to take at least five more pumps each time. Repeat this over & over, counting the pumps out loud so he knows how many more he has to stand. Do this until the inflatable explodes in his rectum. This would be good for him, hopefully he would have an explosive orgasm.

Also there are plumbing tools that are used for clearing blocked drains and these are made of much tougher rubber. If you can obtain one of these you will be able to pump torture his asshole
ring much more effetively. If you could find one of these that was 18" long or so you could completely pump open his ass and stretch out his entire lower colon, keeping it pumped for hours
on end.

Once the rubber ass pump is inflated to the maximum (inflate the entire rectum to eggplant size) he can stand let it deflate a little and then rapidly give it about 5-10 more pumps and then
let it deflate a bit and go for 10 more pumps. You will so have him screaming for more and at this point make his take a huge hit of poppers and force in about 20-30 more pumps of air. At
this point he will probably have a screaming orgasm and the pump will fly out of his asshole or tear the anal ring. It will probably be the size of a huge watermelon and he will have another
orgasm just from seeing what a huge object was lodged in his rectum.

Trashed out rectum from inflatables
4" shaft, 14" into his rectum method: Get a bicycle inner tube, cut it in half close to the valve stem. Seal one end near valve. Cut the other end at a distance equal to how far you want to go up his colon/rectum, say 14 inches. Seal that end. Now pump up this flexible rubber tube, you will see it can get up to 4 inches in width, that would totally fill your whores rectal cavity and up into his colon too. Make sure it is clean. Collapse it and roll it up, grease and insert into the whores asshole..leaving the end with valve stem hanging out of his allready wrecked asshole. Now start pumping and watch the sluts face 4" thick inches fill 14" of his colon to the absolute max!

Homemade Rectum destroyer:
A blood pressure checking bag can be used to stretch out the asshole ring farther than ever before. Remove the cloth wrapping and you will find you have a rubber inflatable pillow. Flatten this out and roll it up/Grease. Insert into his rectum. Start pumping. This can expand up to 5 inches (12.7 cm) in diameter totally ruining his anal ring and rectum. Play with it, like the other guy mentioned about latables on this page. My Stallion horse cock is 20" long: it will Ruin you: Local Guy with a full grown horse, I want you to come over, and see if you can take my horses nasty 20 incher. its a full 3" thick with large sheath, surely it will just ruin your rectum and lower colon. Mount you below and guide him in, then watch 20" inches of horse meat destroy your rectal cavity. Some people have tried only to wimp out when the serious thrusts begin. His cum shot is violent and almost a bucket full. Id like to see him fully inserted as he cums so he can fully cream your lower colon. Id like to fist out the torn up asshole afterward.

Punching the asshole
They should try expanding your rectum cavity with air to make your sphincter expand including your rectum and have a really big rectum cavity for more room. Punch fucking his gaping asshole,
compressing a column of air into his rectal cavity with each punch, , by pulling completly out. Your loose asshole should vibrate as the compressed air escapes making obscene anal sounds. Punch into the colon bend.

Double punch fuck his rectum:
Multiate his asshole ring by double fisting him all night long. Get 3-4 guys to start fisting him out 2-3 times a day, so his asshole never closes. Punch fuck his asshole hard. No mercy ring work until you can get two hands up to the wrist inside him. Now twist the hands so that four fingers from each hand and thumbs find the asshole muscle. Now pry and rip that asshole muscle apart followed by 15 minutes of solid punching. Repeat until his rectum starts to drop down. Now try get get your hands way up into his rectum to help him prolapse out completly. When you get his rectum outside, tie it off with a rubber band so you can fuck his red meat.

Pull out his anal bend from punching:
Start fisting him out to a point where you can start punching the hole with full force, use deep punches way up into his colon. Get to the point where you can punch his rectum elbow deep,
then on the out thrust, twist your fist violently, so you can pull out and draw down his rectum. Do this a little at a time, soon his entire rectum will come out..You love it. I seen this
happen to a guy in Seattle, After a fisting like this, about 8 inches of his entire rectum came out of him.
4 inch diameter ceramic balls in his rectum cavity:
Get large, hard balls (acrylic juggling, marble spheres -- they are available up to 4" diameter, and marble is nice and heavy) sink a 4 incher up your sloppy rectum then pop in/out. Mix different size for different effects -- large - small - large is for total rectal breakdown. Take a 4 incher and continually shit it out, then force it back in, push it out again, only with your sloppy assmuscle, no help. This will help you drop that rectum down and out your asshole. Pop one into your colon bend stand up, and feel the heavy weight, drop you colon down. They can also be inserted as a base before other dildo or fistplay. Allows for continued stretching while actively moving around.

Prolapse Methods
1) Is it possible to callus his huge prolapse? It would be so hot to switch THAT, to grease that entire prolapse with Ben-Gay, to thicken it up, to use clamps on that. It might require gentle going, but I am sure that could be ruined and made perpetually external.

2)When you get him severely prolapsed, get a heavy leather shoestring or large rubber o-ring, and tie of or 'ring'the rectum, right at the asshole, so the prolapse is forced out constantly.

3)Purchase a urethral sound (or use a drink swizzle stick)prolapse his rectum by vacuum pumping it into a large tube. Remove tube, slide the glass sound into the prolpase hole opening, re-
attach the tube, draw the rectum deeply into the tube over the sound. This should cause, deep intense anal feelings...then larger and larger sounds should ruin that rectum

4)Completely prolapse the ENTIRE rectum, so even some of the colon comes out.

Work on depth
-Open that bend up so this ceases to be an issue. Make it habitual to go past the bend. Use your 15" rambone dildo to hammer his bend. Ruin the whore hole.
 - Use a series of very long 14-15" dildos, and just do a session for depth. Use long thin dildo to start getting past the bend...once you start breaking down the bend, start picking up the
speed, Hsmmer that colon...going deeper and deeper...until you ruin him!.

He should also be playing with it at every possible waking moment.
Baseball Bat-hammer his colon with a full sized baseball bat. Use the small end first to work the anal ring, using a circular motion with the bat knob end right at the sphincter muscle. Ruin it. Then crisco up the fat end and split his anus wide open..Once its easily sliding in, start hammering that rectum hard...Poppers are a definite must, if he does them, and I think he does. Any other substances that make his will evaporate. And I have already suggested trying Xylocaine to make his sphincter
relax. There are probably other things.

I didnt realize that this hole work makes him cum. I love, Hard, what you say about his now being hooked. It is very hot that all this be used and developed as an addiction with him. Get him
addicted and NEEDING it.

If hurting his hole makes him cum, hurt his hole.

Have you guys tried pumping his hole?- Gape his asshole,, Then apply a penis tube, gentle begin drawing the rectum out. Try to suck his entire rectum into a large tube.Any plans to take the hole public? Cumdump the whore? Is he into that? Imagine a group of guys surrounding him with the pipe spreading his snatch, and everyone just blowing a load into the gape.

Make a saw horse with a hole like this, His asshole can be spread at a perfect height to get deep into his colon. Secure him down, tie of that nut sack and hang weights thru the hole....then
ruin that rectum with big thrusts as his nuts are tortured from the swinging.

Mutilate his asshole using your fuck machine loaded with your bedpost as seen on the TOYS PAGE, Get in insterted and turn in on full blast Devestate his asshole, see how long he can take it,
document the results and post on blog.

Here is the rectal platform assembly drawing, Large dongs can be mounted in the reciprocating saw for hours of endless constant rectal plunges, At 50 strokes a second, is too fast, about 25
strokes a second, his rectum is mutilated in a matter of 1-2 minutes. If fisting is desired, the saw unit can be easily removed and you can power fist up into his rectum from underneath. You
can get great leverage standing and really punch into him hard.

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  1. I have a question rather than a comment. Have you every used a Speculum to keep your hole open and loose and if so how long did you keep it in?

    1. yes, a guy cranked my asshole open to 3 inches on a large speculum and held for 1/2 hour, ruined my asshole for a couple days. The blades are hard on the anal-ring if your not used to a speculum in the asshole...

  2. So I was fucking my plastic old surgeon (who doesn't right? makes all of the nips and tucks cheaper.) At any rate I had no idea what a jealous asshole the guy was. He found out I was also fucking his receptionist Julio (very hot huge Latin cock with lots of stamina). So after finding out Mike (the plastic surgeon) and I were fucking but I didn't know that he's found out. Mike was pretty kinky all the time. So there I was tied to the bed and totally helpless, face down getting my ass pounded with a bunch of huge dongs. This was not anything new. So Mike slides in my pig hole ( and I feel an odd pinch. So Mike's going to town plowing hard into me through the pig hole and cums but as time is going by I'm noticing that my ass ring is going crazy numb. Then he laughs and tells me he knows about Julio and I. Turns out the the pinch I felt after he slid that 2XL sized pig hole up my chute was Mike shooting my sphincter full of Botox! I spent the next three or so months with my mancunt paralyzed in that opened position and totally numb. This was over a year ago and I still can't get my hole to clamp shut right any more.

  3. This turns me on so much. Would love to fuck a loose ass like Analboy's and to fist him. Go to sleep with my fist up his ass. Sexy!

  4. while ruining your hole as i am how much blood is involved with certain toys. i have certain toys like the large keg that seems to make me bleed when pulling it out. is this just part of the process of a ruined and destroyed hole which is what im working for

  5. Never any blood, as my asshole is extremely loose and flexible---Analboy

  6. your experience make me work harder and harder to destroy and work my hole daily. thank you

  7. Hi, I can push a soft drink bottle up my hole just using spit, that measures 7 1/2 inches around with a tape measure. Can you recommend a good lube so I can try and go bigger? Any help appreciated, thank you.

    1. J Lube is the best, I will post a blog entry soon on it

  8. Reading these ass destruction stories makes me so fucking horny, wish I could watch. I like to shop in the supermarket for shampoo bottles etc to later push up my ass or sit down on them. Then I squat over a mirror to look at my destroyed hole and meat mmmmmmmmmmm


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