Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Analboys New Video

Here is a brand new Analboy Video, recorded Monday 4/24/17,  No heavy duty asswrecking, he just shows you his big ruined asshole in a HD quality 1080 format with full sound. Its a rather large file at 213 MB, but worth a look.  5 minute MP4 file can be downloaded from his redfile account. See link below pic

Here is a snap shot

Here is a LINK

In case you missed the previous movie link, Analboys asshole is hanging off the edge of the bench with the assmaster cores out his rectum with a beer can thick dildo

Here is link

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ruined for the 2800th time

Sam was amazed at how extreme Analboy really was, he was pouring Jlube on his hand, determined to fist his asshole hard whatever the cost. He had now documented 2800 times his asshole was wrecked!

He took the bottle and inserter it’s tip in the gape of his ass, pouring a big quantity of it inside, and before it could slip out, he arranged his 5 fingers together curled in a wedge, and pressed it against his massive anal ring, pouting all lippy. The wedge entered him easy up to the knuckles, but that was it, then just passed the ring, then AHHH complete hand insertion on the first attempt, he could  insert it further but was now swirling his hand in Analboys rectum, conditioning his cavity even more which just caused Analboy to pant.

He withdrew his fingers up to his tips and started to fuck Analboy with them with fury, in and out hand fisting was now gliding easily into him, as he watched his bald little 4 incher start to get hard from the anal. At first Analboy gasped from the rough treatment, but soon he was starting to enjoy it, wiggling his but asshole when he could, encouraging the Sam to to go further, ruin him, he rotated his hips in unison with his fisting, making his asshole even looser.
After a few minutes his asshole and the flesh around was quickly losing all rectal control, from the coarse Fist fuck he was receiving. With each harder stronger that the others, Sam’s hand was driving up the forearm and out.

“ Yea that’s it, fuck up my asshole so I can cum from it” Analboy moaned.

He was able to push it through to the middle of his forearm, where the width of his muscles were exceeding the width of his hand! Analboy was in ecstasy, he exploded in a wild orgasm as soon as the hand penetrated his tortured rectum.

“ Ohhh Fuck yea, Im cumming from ANAL!, Ruin me!” he screamed.

Sam was in awe too, amazed at how spacious Analboy’s bowels were, he clenched him hand in a fist, and started a rough humping, he shoved his hand inside for 10” and drawn it back to the rim of the ringhole, partially exiting him, making him feel the girth of his clenched fist. Then he began punch fucking the distended raw asshole, exiting it completely and reentering it with his fist, pushing it fast and deep, so mean that Analboy had to brace himself in order to keep the balance.

“Fuck yea, Take my rectum for a ride, Drive it home in my guts” Analboy screamed on fire from anal lust.

Sam was frustrated by the emptiness of Analboy’s insides, its was like a hollow cavity now, and was looking around for something to fix that. His eyes felt on the showerhead he took off the shower handle not so long ago. The object was in a cone shape, around 2 inch at the wedge, and around 3” at the base. He removed his hand and pushed the shower head inside the sluts rectum, and then inserted his hand back,“Ohhh fuck Sam, you got my entire rectal cavity expanded to the max, its gonna make me squirt again” he said, but held off coming to experience this new stretching technique, he knew it might ruin him for good for a while, but he did not care.

Then grabbing the object in his hand, considerably increasing the girth of his fist, which now was no less than 4” at its widest point. He resumed his motions, driving about 9 inches of his forehand inside that rectum, and pulling out, but not able to exit him, as the size of his enhanced fist was bigger that the asshole was ready to expel. But he was trying hard, and Analboy’s asshole was dragged out of his body for at least 2”, forming a flesh cone between his ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck you just prolapsed my rectum!!!”, he looked down seeing the red meat tube hang out, he pissed himself from it. He almost shot off from it, but held back.

Then he would drive it back in again, penetrating the AnalWhore to almost elbow deep now, his elbow was just ready to pop past the ring muscle, but his fist was already hitting the intestine loop which leads to his water colon, where he wanted to get. Analboy was so excited that he did not mind the rough treatment he was subdued to getting into his rectum work. He cam again from anal for almost 10 minutes now it keeps coming back, and it was not fading, in contra, it was becoming more shattering, as he was also playing his roped of nuts and inserting his pinky finger in his piss slit, stretching it to the sides.

“Oh yea, Hot rectal and slit combo” he said.

Sam somehow managed to extract his fist from Analboy’s rectum with the showerhead inside his fist. Analboy tried to yell but his throat was so raw from the heavy panting with his mouth open, that he managed just a muffled gasp. Sam continued the punching with the showerhead in his clenched fist for a few more minutes, driving it deeper, pushing at the intestines elongating them, he had just 1” more till his elbow would enter the overstretched anal ringhole, but the sluts  insides were at full extent, and he could not get it in more. That’s why Sam released the showerhead, and extended his fingers feeling at the bend of the intestine, he turned him hand and found the inner ring, which was already open and seemed used too. He managed to insert a 4 fingers in it, on that side of the sphincter was a whole other world, his sluts intestine was slick with lube and grease and felt cold, when the colon was filed with hot water under some pressure and evacuated. He managed to get his whole hand in his upper colon now, where the where the outer ring hole was stretched tight around Sam’s elbow. Analboy felt the fingers spreading his depths where he never thought possible, and was driven absolutely crazy, he extended one hand back to feel last inch of Sam’s forehand and his elbow sticking out of his back passage.

“- Fuck yeah! Fucking stick that fucking elbow in my fucking damaged asshole and rectum!”

Sam never before heard Analboy demanding curses, and was amazed as how the mad fisting was loosening not just his bowels, but his brains too.
He was happy to comply, “Yea, fuck up my asshole” he said

And with his hand  started to wear his inner sphincter over his hand, straightening out his lower colon, it was like trying to turn your hand in a loose sock. As his rectal cavity moved, he moved into his lower bowels, he pressed the fingertips of his embedded hand against the belly walls, and was amazed to feel with his other hand that he was actually at the middle between the sluts belly button and his ribcage! He helped himself with the hand from outside to straighten the sluts colon, and finally his arm slept in to the bicep in Analboy’s colon. His elbow now was fully inside the sluts asshole, and as the girth of his hand was lesser that the asshole was accustomed for, He moved an inch more, inserting a part of him upper bicep, his fingertips were pressing hard against Analboys diaphragm, causing him to pant and lose his breath. Sam took his hand a few inches back, and formed a fist inside of Analboy’s colon. Pushing it back up, inserting his hand even further, having now about 4 inches past the elbow.

“- Ugh …od …oo deep … ove it… uck me…up into my colon!” Analboy had his eyes closed 
concentrated on his inside’s feeling, now he was just 2 feet of intestines and a huge hole at their end! Sam managed to pull a few inches of his hand back and then drive it back in roughly. Analboy’s insides were clasping hard on his hand,

“ Ohhhh fuck your fucking up my intestines!” he cried out

And all the vibrations of his body were transferred trough the extended hand to Sam, and unexpectedly for himself, Sam started cumming from the rectal destruction too.

Sam continued the rough fucking a few more minutes, till his own orgasm faded away and he realized that the sluts guts were almost dry except for the thick intestinal grease, and they were sticking to his hand.

He stopped working his intestines. Analboy was still non conscious, as he was enjoying the fullness and the depthless of the penetration, along with the feeling of a kind of enjoyable numbness. It took him at least 5 more minutes to understand that the hand in his rectum is not moving. He extended his hand back and felt the biceps of Sam’s had protruding from his rectal ring, and with the other he was stoking the fist which was pressed against his tummy just below his ribcage!

“Oh fuck your up into me sooo deeepp” the slut moaned..

“- We did it, your fucking elbow it’s fully inside my rectum, unbelievable!” he was so excited that he restarted him cumming again, but it was not even near of the orgasm he previously had.
Sam tugged at his asshole, trying to pull his hand back, but all he could manage was barely one inch. He was fully lodged in Analboys colon.

“- We are in trouble,…the lube dryed out from your asshole and I cannot take my hand out!” warned Sam.

Analboy tried to stand up, almost dragging Sam alongside him, causing his hand to twist unnaturally “- Ouch, easy you crazy bitch, you’ll rip my hand off!”

Analboy got even more excited when he was called a bitch, that’s exactly how he was feeling himself, like a bitch with a hand extremely deep in his colon He bent forward, making Sam to rise from the tub floor, then he took a step forward, bracing himself onto the toilet seat.

“- Pull!” commanded the anal slut making another small step forward and pulling himself to the toilet. He did, and with one massive effort, his hand started to slip out of the sluts rectum, causing a rough friction as it exited from the dry intestines. Analboy also was pushing out, as in an effort to take a dump, with the only difference that this was a hand he was pushing out from his deepness. As the hand was at its wrist right on the ring, Sam took the showerhead in his hand and observed that there also were a few inches of intestines which crawled out of the Analboys rectum. When his fist finally popped out, Analboy expelled a few more inches of his prolapse, which now was forming a small distended tail of 4 inches!, it looked like an angry red meat tube, the size of a toilet paper roll.

“Bitch, Im going to punish your rectum for hurting my wrist, hold on to that toilet, Im gonna punch the shit out of your ruined asshole!” Sam said aiming his fist at the red meat tube, he plowed his closed fist right at the tube, violently forcing it back in then a fast rip out to produce the even larger meat tube.

“Ohh fucccckkkk YOUR DAMAGING MY ASSHOOOLLE and I’m cumming again from it!!!!!!” Analboy screamed!

PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH, 6 hard in and out closed fist punches did his asshole in for good. Sam stopped

“- God slut, your intestine prolapsed from your fucking hole. Just look at it, your asshole is ruined for life!”

Indeed, his asshole now was puffy and red with raw edges, and it was gaping stretched for 4”, and just the prolapsed tail obstructed Sam of peeking inside the sluts hole into his colon deepness. Analboy fingered it, and then relaxed his  ring muscles, allowing a part of his prolapse to retreat, leaving just a small rose at the entrance of his overstretched ruin which has been a pink neat loose anus only an hour ago! Sam looked at his hand which had some lube left over on it, along with some intestinal lard. He estimated that from the tip of his fist to the point on the biceps where the analwhores  asshole was clenched seconds ago, where no less than 20“!

“- Fuck yes, I love the how it feels to have such a damaged asshole! Damn Sam, when your elbow penetrated me, it was the most intense feeling I ever had! I love it, I love fisting, I love stretching, and I love  my rectum mutilated!

“- I just have fucked the hell out of your ass, and ruined you for life, and you say you do not mind it? Mad slut, probably I fucked the sanity out of you as well!” replied the Sam in awe of his new anal slut. That was a cool start for a relationship, promising more extreme encounters in the future, and he was looking forward to fisting him on a daily basis!,

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Techniques #4 Nipple Enhancement

The unit at the top was made from soft plastic tubing, about 1/2 inch ID X 2 inches long, Cut the tube and make sure then ends are clean and square.  Get a plastic plug or cork and coat it with hot melt glue, then push it in the end to seal it off. To use, Pinch the soft tube flat so all the air is removed, hold it closed and place over nipple, and let go. Your whole nipple will be pulled into the tube with great suction for bigger nip growth.

The unit at the bottom, is a plastic syringe you can by at craft store. Its about 3/8 inch ID, Cut the plastic needle end off, and smooth the edges and make sure it is square. The green clip is used to hold the plunger out once, you sucked your whole nipple out to prevent the plunger from moving back.

Technique: I made two of each, both work well. Ive been attaching the nip tubes on both nipples as my asshole is getting devestated, making me more horny for anal. However, when the anal get ruff and heavy, these usually come loose, then I have big huge exposed nipples and a giant loose asshole for abuse.