Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I was trying to see if this was posted before, I dont think so

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The movies are fantastic.  The whole site is fantastic.  How about a video with you reclining back on a toilet with your legs pulled up and spread and your feet resting on the rim.  This position would clearly display your large rectum, your shaved little cock and tied off balls.  Then someone comes in the scene holding a sound.  You spread your legs a little more and push up with your hips to make your penis more accessible to welcome the sound into the piss lips.  The pencil thick sound is inserted into the cock lips and you start to hump up to get the sound further into the urethra.  While the penis is being rodded you start to push out with your rectum clearly indicating you need your asshole and rectum tortured too.  While raised up by your hips and the balls of your feet you push forward displaying your wanting, puffy, big asshole more to the male assistant.  Holding that pose, flex the anal ring while pushing out with your rectum muscles.  While keeping the sound deep in your penis the male assistant starts to play with your dilated, pushed out anus and rectum meat.  A large dildo, like the one in your last movie, is brought forward and starts to tease your anus and rectum.  Help getting the dildo into your rectum by pushing on to it.  Once the fat head of the dildo is inserted past the anal ring, enjoy the feel and pull back a little to accentuate the anal ring stretched around the dildo head.  Hold and play like that to really drive home the size of the anus ring and puffiness of it.  After short anal play the dildo is pushed slowly up into the rectum and pulled back out many times.  Then have the dildo pulled out slowly and completely while pushing out with your rectum totally destroying your asshole muscle.  Keep pushing out with the rectum muscles so the rectum comes out some and the asshole is opened and lips pushed back.  Then move your asshole and rectum meat back to the dildo so it can fuck back up into you.  Do a close up with the penis lips and the sound.  Take a shot of the sound being fucked in to the penis and your rectum being abused and tortured at the same time.  It would be nice too if your prostate gland was being stimulated and jizz starts oozing out of the penis around the sound.  Keep the movies coming.   

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