Monday, March 13, 2017

Techniques #3- Bottle Insertions

Bottles- Insertions and Techniques:

Bottles can be great for rectal stretching and conditioning the rectum for more severe abuse.

Some safety issues do exist.

NEVER use glass bottles, Plastic drinking bottles are much safer. Sure, you see females taking glass wines bottles in the asshole, buts it very thick glass. Just dont even try it.

PREP THE BOTTLE: remove any label and wash, retain cap. Inspect the bottle for any sharp edges and removes. CRISCO works best for bottle insertions.  Fill the bottles with warm/hot water all the way to the very top and cap. The will warm the bottle and keep it from collapsing on the insertion

BOTTLE TYPES AND SIZE:  I found he standard COKE plastic bottle is the best, the 16 oz version for bottle training, and the 1 liter brutalizer version when the asshole is super loose. Here are the sizes that are used.

INSERTION TECHNIQUES: Start small, if you cant start at the 2.7 inch wide starter coke bottle, a plastic orange juice bottle maybe a better start.

Crisco the hell out of the bottle, and slowly insert the fat end.  If its real blunt, you might have to "shoe horn" it in sideways to get it past the anal ring. Once past the ring your home free, just hold onto the neck so you dont lose it.

Analboy will start out on the starter bottle if the asshole is not already destroyed.  The Assmasters will insert the large bottle, then he will hold it in his cavity for exactly 30 minutes before expelling it from his rectum with no assistance, let the ring do the work. Sometimes the Assmaster may FUCK the LARGE bottle in and out from the blunt end to the skinny part and just keep popping it in and out of his ring for faster rectal breakdown. This is severe asshole abuse and he cant take it for a long period.

OTHER Bottle types:
The pom bottle is a challenge

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I was trying to see if this was posted before, I dont think so


Message body

The movies are fantastic.  The whole site is fantastic.  How about a video with you reclining back on a toilet with your legs pulled up and spread and your feet resting on the rim.  This position would clearly display your large rectum, your shaved little cock and tied off balls.  Then someone comes in the scene holding a sound.  You spread your legs a little more and push up with your hips to make your penis more accessible to welcome the sound into the piss lips.  The pencil thick sound is inserted into the cock lips and you start to hump up to get the sound further into the urethra.  While the penis is being rodded you start to push out with your rectum clearly indicating you need your asshole and rectum tortured too.  While raised up by your hips and the balls of your feet you push forward displaying your wanting, puffy, big asshole more to the male assistant.  Holding that pose, flex the anal ring while pushing out with your rectum muscles.  While keeping the sound deep in your penis the male assistant starts to play with your dilated, pushed out anus and rectum meat.  A large dildo, like the one in your last movie, is brought forward and starts to tease your anus and rectum.  Help getting the dildo into your rectum by pushing on to it.  Once the fat head of the dildo is inserted past the anal ring, enjoy the feel and pull back a little to accentuate the anal ring stretched around the dildo head.  Hold and play like that to really drive home the size of the anus ring and puffiness of it.  After short anal play the dildo is pushed slowly up into the rectum and pulled back out many times.  Then have the dildo pulled out slowly and completely while pushing out with your rectum totally destroying your asshole muscle.  Keep pushing out with the rectum muscles so the rectum comes out some and the asshole is opened and lips pushed back.  Then move your asshole and rectum meat back to the dildo so it can fuck back up into you.  Do a close up with the penis lips and the sound.  Take a shot of the sound being fucked in to the penis and your rectum being abused and tortured at the same time.  It would be nice too if your prostate gland was being stimulated and jizz starts oozing out of the penis around the sound.  Keep the movies coming.   

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Analboy- The Human Rectum

Analboy- The Human Rectum

Analboy was a cute boy, 20 years old..When he was 15 he discovered the pleasure of inserting objects into his asshole. It all started with curiosity, some candles, cucumbers, apples. At the age of 18 he had his first boyfriend who acknowledged his skills and well-trained hole and started to teach him how to take a man's fist in the asshole. It took about 3 months but he finally managed to get his whole hand into him. About a year later he could take his fist with ease - his asshole being permanently stretched could swallow a hand with just a little spit for lubrication just at 21. The unfortunate event of him dumping his kind of hijacked him daily training regime. He had everything inserted into him which he could possibly find so it was time for him to move on, to look for more.

As usual on Sunday mornings he was reading a newspaper as his glance fell onto an unusual ad:

Rich Man looking for a new Male maid. He needs to know how to hand-le "things". Move-in to household required. Monthly payment of $5000. Applicants to be interviewed next Wednesday. Call 555-555-1678.

"Sounds like fun", he thought and called the number to make an appointment...

Analboy arrived at the mansion. A young man in a maid outfit opened the door. "You must be Analboy", he said, "come in, the Master is already waiting for you." He went ahead. Analboy noticed a chain dangling between his legs, barely visible under the short pants. He followed him into a large room. Behind a wooden desk sat an elegant man, probably in his 40s. He introduced himself as Master  M and was apparently gravitated towards Analboy. Both agreed on the terms and conditions and M told he that he would stay and Analboy's luggage would be picked up by M's chauffeur later on. M led him way into the mansion's kitchen.

He seemed to have a huge butt, unusually huge for his slim figure. He wore a long sleeve shirt and dress pants

"I'll show you what we have planned for you. And you know... the apprentice is expected to outperform his master, you will lose all rectal control in the end", he told Analboy.

Then he slowly dropped his pants. Analboy sniffed. There was a slight smell of ass in the air. He couldn't quite figure out where it came from until he saw what was under Master M's pant. The first time in his life Analboy was really shocked. M's ass could not be called an asshole anymore. It was like a ball of flesh hanging between his buttocks which was somehow fastened with a slim black nylon rope. M sat down and started to untie the rope. Now Analboy could see that metal rings had been inserted into M's ass lips resembling the holes in lace-up shoes. The ass lips were huge curtains of flesh, probably hanging down 4 inches. As he removed the rope from the last hole his ass flesh started to bulge and red swollen ass meat prolapsed out of his asshole. It emerged about 5 inches and then came to a rest, ass juice dripping to the floor. The torn hole was gaping almost 5 inches in diameter.

"See", M said, "You will be like this soon. I have to keep my guts in somehow. This is what you should be like, That's what the rope and holes are for." Then he took a magnum bottle of champagne, put it on the floor and lowered his asshole down onto its neck. The more of the bottle disappeared in his hole the more flesh of his prolapse was pressed back into his rectum where it belonged. Truly Impressive.  He did not have to use much force. M just kept lowering himself towards the floor. Finally, the bottom of the bottle passed his rim and the ass lips rested on the ground, leaving a slimy mark. He stood up, pulling his legs together, the bottle deeply embedded in him bowels.  “You will be able to do this soon”
"That's fun", he said, "but the problem is that such ass dilation results in a loss of muscle power... CATCH IT."

M opened his legs and Analboy rushed towards him. The prolapse fell out with a loud plop, the bottle still halfway embedded. Slowly it started to ooze out into Analboy's open hands.

With a dirty smirk he said, "I crave the feeling of fullness. Get me that watermelon from the shelf."
Analboy took the melon and placed it on the ground. M walked over it and bent his knees.
"Pull my ass lips open with your hands, Analboy", M said. M himself grabbed the front lips just below his cock while Analboy grabbed the back lips. When they were stretched almost to the point of tearing, M dropped forcefully onto the watermelon, screaming loudly as it entered him with great force, moving into his guts and pressing against his lungs, almost knocking him out.

Panting heavily he told Analboy to hold the melon in while he lay down on his back, bending over so that his feet rested next to his head. The melon sunk deeper, about an inch still protruding from his rectum."Now lace it up", he instructed Analboy. Analboy took the black nylon rope and laced it through the metal holes in M's ass lips.
"Tighten it up, we don't want to loose anything, do we." Analboy pulled as hard as he could to lace the lips together, pulling them over the top of the melon.
“Good job, time to see what your big rectum can do too” he said

Awkwardly M got onto his feet. Analboy expected him to have a lot of problems walking but apparently M was used to such abuse. He could walk pretty well, the ball of flesh and fruit between his legs hanging halfway down to his knees. He pulled down up his pants and said, "come on, I'll introduce you to your new colleagues, your rectum will never be normal again, just like mine"

Part 3

Its your turn Analboy. Come on, show our assshole  what is so special about you."
Slowly Analboy dropped his pants and removed them. His pubes, balls and asshole were  nicely shaven. Master M  inserted his  finger into his piss slit and tried to make his pee hole round. Shocked, Analboy saw that the small finger sank to the knuckle in his peehole. M started to tug and work his nuts, getting a good grip. Then he sank even deeper in his peehole. The other hand slowly moved circling in his slit. The more it moved the more his urethral opening dilated. Then, with a plop, the finger was pulled free  leaving a gaping 1/2 inch hole. Pee gushed out of it, then slowed down to a continuous trickle. He pulled open the flesh and Analboy could see directly into his bladder. The internal sphincter responsible for holding back the urine was barely visible. All what remained was a non closing peephole, “Good Job”
"Analboy enjoys urethral intercourse. The bigger the better. In fact.

Mister M opened a drawer and pulled out a flesh colored strap-on dildo about 8 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter. He snapped on some rubber gloves and dipped the tip of it in a jar of Vaseline/KY mixture. “Time for some rectal!” Then he approached Analboy who was now sitting on the edge of a table. M directed the dildo into his big asshole and slowly leaned forward. Analboy made a hissing noise and started to moan as the dildo head popped right past  his anal ring. Deeper and deeper M pressed until the dildo was fully embedded into Analboys colon. Then he withdrew in a fast motion, plopping free. With the extreme insertion, urine started leaking out of Analboys little bald cock. M repeated this several times until he could penetrate Analboy with no resistance. Then he really started to work on him, pulling all the way out, pushing all the way in. The melon-flesh ball between M's legs dangled forward and backward, stretching the skin of his ass lips more and more. Even the tight rope could not prevent some ass juice to leak out of M's humonguous hole as it was loosened by all the motion. Slime started to drip down onto his legs and a puddle formed on the ground. “See this is how I want your asshole, No rectal control, Of course this will take lots of anal conditioning for you”

Meanwhile the dildo slid in and out with ease, sometimes causing splashs of pee driven out of Analboys peehole with all that deep drilling action. After 5 minutes Analboy had an earth-shattering orgasm, cramping for asshole spasming violently and almost became prolapsed again. M slowly withdrew the strap-on. Streaks of slime and lube covered it from tip to base.
"We have to plug the mess. Get me that box over there, your asshole is trashed", he said to Analboy. Analboy gave the box to M who opened it and took out 5 large sized tampons.

Part 5
After 2 weeks of daily rectal muscle breakdown, Analboys asshole was in proper condition: No rectal control and both inner and outer rings completely blown out and non functioning  like Master M wished. He had been especially pleased with the fact that Analboy could now prolapse on demand for the customers. He was finally ready to present his rectum to the top fisters, That day Master M worked the boys rectum hard and all day long to ensure his clients would be happy. They waited in the room in anticipation.

Next they moved on to the living room.  Analboy only wore a cock ring isolating off his nuts and nothing else, He was paraded around in front of the guys like rectal meat.
"Analboy, turn around and  show us how loose your asshole is.", said M. Igor Bending him over. Analboy had a grotesquely stretched asshole with the prolapsed started already protruding out of him already 2 inches. A pale beige colored thing was clearly visible, lodged into his colon bend..
"Analboy is not pregnant as you might have guessed. Instead Im training his colon bend with an inflatable balloon for a couple days. I think it's about time to finish his training for today.", M explained.
They led Analboy into a room in the basement, all them men jacking there big cock as they walked watching his meat hole move around. The room looked like a mixture of torture chamber and medical laboratory. In the middle of the room was a gyn table. Holding his rectum in with both hands, Analboy stepped carefully onto the table and put his legs in the stirrups.

M inserted the fingers of his right hand into Analboys rectum and colon, twisting and turning the balloon until a valve became visible. He opened the valve and air hissed out of the balloon. Analboy could see how his belly deflated from being lodges in his colon bend, leaving stretch marks on his skin. As all air had been removed, M tugged on the balloon and slowly pulled it free. Being massively stretched for such a long time, his whole rectum was a prolapsing mess.

"We need to take care of his prolapse.", M continued to explain while he opened a drawer and grabbed another balloon which seemed to be covered in some sort of mesh.  “You start fisting his prolapsed in and out of him while I prep the instrument” He said
The man was eager he stepped right in and was a pro, closed fisting him almost immediately in and out
“Ohhh fuck yea, ruin me even more guys, youll make me cum” he screamed
Master M was talking to the other. Letting the new guy condition his prolapsed for awhile.
"See, this mesh is the same material surgeons use to suture wounds and after some days it is absorbed by the body and disappears. The mesh will stabilize his rectal walls and push his colon back where it belongs, so more serious outer ring can take place.  “Great!” said the guy fisting his asshole. . Our material here will last about 20 days. Then his next training is due. We will fix the mesh in place with a special glue.", he said as he applied the glue liberally onto the mesh balloon.
The fister stopped. then M inserted a huge horse speculum into Analboys rectum and dilated him to the max, He screamed as he quickly dilated him to a 3-1/3 inch width, approaching 4 inches. He pushed the colon back in with his hand and then inserted the balloon, making sure it rested just below colon bend. Then he removed the speculum and proceeded to inflate the balloon until it was fully inserted and started to bulge. A large POP sound and a big moan, meant the balloon entered the colon bend as planned.
“Oh gawd, my rectum, ive never been this expanded before internally” Analboy screamed in the stirrups  “Get used to it slut” Master M replied, your guts will never be normal again.
They waited 10 minutes until the glue was hardened and the mesh fixed in place. M deflated the balloon and pulled it out of his colon and down into his rectal cavity, then he pulled it out..
Amazingly, it worked. The colon did not prolapse anymore and the only thing that remained was a giant cavern 4 inches wide x 14 inches deep into him..

Part 6, The finale…

“Ok, 10 minute break men, lets allow that cavity to expand and relax more” Master M said injecting Analboy with some muscle relaxer right in the outer sphincter ring, then a small shot in the arm to relax him completey. He was out of it, you can see his rectal ring muscle was completely shot..They heard noises outside the house, all rushed to the window, then dressed and they went to the front door and saw an expensive looking black car arriving. The door opened and a huge man in his 30s slowly emerged from the driver's seat. He wore a black suit and had a shaved head.
"That's Igor, my driver.", M cared to explain while Igor opened the trunk and started to carry Analboy's luggage into the mansion. With the last piece of it finally in Analboy's new room, M led both of them back to the room in the basement.

“Guys meet Igor, and expert on piss slit expansion, urethal sounding and cathederls” Master M said, “greetings” he replied one word, and new what his job was ”  Igor saw Analboy, massive asshole, and said “Time for the best hole, your piss slit slut!”

M strapped Analboys feet again and arms tight and a lever and a machinery rotated the gyn table so that Analboy hung in the stirrups head down, his mutilated rectum pointing towards the ceiling.
M and stepped onto the table as well. He positioned his asshole and directed a fat eggplant directly at his open rectum. Now Analboy grasped what M meant earlier with taking care of his luggage. The eggplant was pushed into his cavity with no mercy, he screamed from his dilleriam as it sank home. On the way out.  However, it got stuck after 2 inches.

"Igor, come over here. Unfortunately, He doesnat have any muscle power left to push and gravity alone won't do. Take the snap clamps from the drawer and connect his asshole, then attach the chains to the hooks and pull."

Igor  the hooks/clamps from the drawer. Then  he pushed the eggplant back in a bit so he could get access to the hooks. Then he attached1 metal chains to the hook, one in every other right on the mutilated hole meat.
The assistant  gave M and Igor each two of the chains so they could pull them with their hands. They pulled hard, pulling the outer ring muscle out, the flesh almost tearing apart. But slowly the eggplant started to sink down. At its widest point it stuck a little but Analboy was now getting into it and involuntarily rocked slightly back and forth, jumping a little up and down and finally... his scream of relief  and he red swollen walls of his colon covered most of the fruit. Igor un-hooked the chains and then the ass lips and M stepped down from the table, leaving a gooey trail of dripping from his hands.  M turned around rotating the gyn table back in place. Analboy was now dripping precum fluid constantly, the huge eggplant pressed hard against his prostate and the Van Buren tube in his cock. He was exhausted from the abuse.

M rang a bell and stepped back onto the table. "Now it's time for his daily cleaning routine", He was told by Mr M.

Igor connected a shower head to a hose at the wall. The shower head was one of these huge massage heads. He inserted it into Analboys rectum, no resistance at all. Then he turned on the hose and a gush of warm water went into his bowels and then leaked out again. After 10 minutes of gut flushing Igor extracted the shower head from his asshole.

The he grabbed a small bar of crisco mixed with soap and pushed his clenched fist into Analboys colon up to the elbow. He slowly removed her fist. It came free and Analboy was amazed to see that the crisco was gone, deeply hidden into his bowels. Igor took a thing from another drawer which resembled a toilet brush. Only it had much softer bristles and some kind of connector at the handle. He inserted the brush until the handle almost disappeared in his asshole and started to massage Analboys colon. Remnants of the shower enema mixed with soapy bubbles spurted out of Analboys ass, dripping along his flappy ass lips to form a puddle on the ground.

Igor pulled over a cart with a piston and connected it to the handle of the brush. Then he started the machine which slowly removed the brush until it rested just at the entrance of his assring and then slowly pushed it back in until the handle disappeared. Igor turned a knob which increased the speed of the piston. Creaming crisco foam was gushing out of Analboys rectum constantly as the piston rammed back and forth into him for about 10 minutes.

“Oh fuck Im shooting off again from anal!” He screamed, cumming from anal without touching his cock As the soap gushing stopped, Igor turned off the piston and extracted the brush from the colon. As the brush exited Analboys asshole  it started spasming from all of the workout, prolapsing almost 6 inches, retracting again, prolapsing, the installed mesh squirted out.  After his guts calmed down, Igor told  Analboy, "I guess now it's your turn. Get a good sleep, we'll start to work on you again tomorrow. You'll be my master piece. I've needed several years to make my anal sluts. With all my experience and improvements along the process it should take about a year to turn you into a Human Rectum"

The End