Friday, February 24, 2017

New Analboy Animation

Analboy Getting Colon Fucked by Cheyenne, Here is a link to the Original Story. Thanks EZ for the GIF

Analboys Asshole Destruction: 16 inches of horse cock into the colon

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Analboy is Down and out



No posts for a while, so I thought Id let readers know what is going on.

Analboy has suffered a series of mishaps, that has taken him out of the game for sometime:

First, he lost his real job in the warehouse due to cutbacks. He was devastated.  Then later that same week, he got a base case of food poisoning that left him vomiting and bed ridden for almost 5 days. Weak and not able to eat or function, he remained in bed for 5 whole days.  Once he started feeling better, A bad cold hit him hard, dragging him down again for another week.

Slowly he is coming back, but is depressed, alone and doesnt feel good at this point.

PLEASE leave a comment on the blog to this post to wish him a good recovery, he has no one to help him, and it would cheer him up know he has supporters.


Friday, February 3, 2017

Rectal Punishment with Mike


Mike stood in the doorway and I silently shook my head, indicating that he shouldn’t come in yet. I was almost at a stopping stage in my treatment of Analboy and needed a few minutes more. I shoved harder into his asshole, pushing deeper into his rectum, elbow deep, I was ready for finishing off this initial phase. Pumping with one closed fist,  I punched in and out, watching my fist move under his belly. Analboy was producing incredible amounts of anal cream, some of which was frothing around his asshole, the rest running down between his ass cheeks, down his back and spreading wetly over the bed linen.

“yea that’s it, nail my colon” he moaned

He was rocking against my arm as best he could, straining for that 3rd cum shot. I was so impressed with his ability to take a rough fisting and respond so lustfully. As his breathing grew more ragged I waited for the proper moment, listening and watching the cues he was giving me as to how close he was.

“Oh ruin me Daddy, destroy  my rectum so I can cum” he pleaded.  They new why Analboy was addicted to his asshole, he could not cum unless is asshole was ruined at the same time.
That was the signal.  Suddenly I yanked my arms from his body. He froze for a minute then wailed in frustration, begging me to get back inside him. Ignoring his pleas I waited a few minutes until his writhing body quieted, then as he relaxed .

Getting up and I reached into my bag of goodies and taking out a blindfold and ear cuffs cut off his vision and hearing. I wanted him now to start feeling some panic. I knew how losing these senses was frightening, creating a sense of uncertainty. As he had passed the initial trial with flying colors I now wanted him to wonder, to distract him from the sole lust of having his body manipulated for sexual reasons. Would the next phase, a more intense fisting, be able to override the uncertainty of what would happened to his without visual or audio clues?

I signaled Mike to come in. He walked to the end of the bed, his rigid cock bobbing, and sat between his legs. I briefly plunged my hands, one after the other into his rectum, wetting them, then, taking his hand in mine, I spread his lube over his hand and arm. I ignored Analboys’s queries of what was going on while still registering the puzzlement in his voice. I placed Mikes balled fist against his asshole  and he began to rotate it while pushing against him.  His body had reflexively stiffened when he felt this larger closed fist on his assring and now he asked what was going on, what was trying to enter him,  his body jerked when his fist slid into him, and it sank past the ring fully closed.
I  watched as Mike worked his hand into him deeper moving his bowels around.

With Mike kneeling down behind Analboy, his forearm entering his colon now, the action was just before  I asked him if we could tag team fist him and he readily agreed. He knee walked around  him leaving his arm inside his colon. I moved down the other side until I was behind him too. I was transfixed in watching his asshole lips twist as he circled him. His ass lips clung to his arm and swirled about, twisting in a half circle, probably ruining him for good.

I reached over for the lube, Jlube and Ky mix, and inserting the spout in his damaged asshole and  squeezed a generous amount in. Setting the lube aside I took Mike’s hand, greased it thoroughly, then grasping his ass cheeks with the fingers of both hands I split the slut wide open. His asshole spread as I tugged at it, his insides glistening, red, pulsing lightly. Mike pushed his hand in as I released his ring. I watched his asshole spread over his hand initially until it was stretched tightly. It began to recede before his advancing hand. Glancing at Analboy to see his reaction, there was none yet, he was taking it with ease.   The edge of his anal ring was drum tight and  whitening slightly around the rim as he was stretched by the bulk of his hand. A slight groan from him as his hand pushed harder. Right before my eyes his asshole poised stretched for a moment, then released and ran up over his knuckles, swallowing his hand. He had been opened a bit by me earlier but his hands were so much larger. Without pause he sunk his hand in several inches past the wrist. I watched, waiting to see him explore for the opening to his colon. Instead he just kept pushing in a continuous motion working his rectal walls creating a huge cavity inside him.

His anal ring just expanded, climbing up his arm as he sunk deeper. Somehow he had just forced his way through, his hand now in his colon. He screamed out “Super Depth!”, . Now he began to push into his intestines. I couldn’t believe how strongly this was affecting me, how erotic it was. My cock was rock hard wet, dripping onto the bed. His nipples were swollen and hard, just fueled his hardness. In almost a dream like state my hands drifted towards his open rectum. I had to stand to be able to plunge inside his chute. I slid my hand  down his arm, running across his biceps, over his elbows, fingers stretched straight down. We were about to create  a caverned out rectum in this short time, 

“Oh yea CORE me out for good” he cried

The tips of my fingers neared his asshole. I stopped just as they touched his ring and held tight to Mike’s arms. I rode his arms as he pushed further into him. The small of his back was supported against my legs, his flesh hot and sweating against my skin. As my fingers began to enter him I was able to drop to my knees, supporting him with his lower back against my crotch. My elbow was bent to the side a bit but my hands were pointed straight down, prepared to dive into his rectum. His asshole stretched more, riding up over the bulk of his arms as my fingers entered him. He was so loose, but it was gonna tear his ring, the lips of his asshole and stretched tightly over my hand. I could see the tight circular depressions around his arms where his holes tried to grasp him, but the muscle gave way.

Analboy himself was almost an afterthought to us as we ruined his asshole. He was held almost immobile with his face between his legs, his back supported against me, his hands and feet in collars. We were only interested in  that huge asshole,  yawning open, no rectal control. Vaguely, in the background I was aware of his body squirming, his voice, muttering for more, to go deeper, ruin me, that he needed more. But that was irrelevant. It was the penetration that held us, just his asshole  and the insides of his colon, the rest of him was just there, but of no concern.
Mike was now elbow deep in his rectum, the palms of my hands against his elbows. He was stretched unbelievably wide, no room for any more. There was no longer any asshole left, they had pushed his whole ruined outer ring into him. Any available gap or tell of asslips gone.

“Oh gawd my asshole will never be normal again!!!” he screamed

Mike had reached as far as he could go, both because his arms were to far spread by his shoulders and also because he was at his maximum depths into his intestine.

However I could go deeper, could stretch his rectum further, expand him to the max, split that ring. I pushed harder, really pushing. It was no longer a case of sliding into his colon  but one of forcing myself in. I had to lean hard, pushing with my shoulders to gain anymore depth. I did though, feeling my arms tighten with the effort. Slowly I went deeper, his colon opened up. His asshole lips reluctantly yielding, tight bands around my wrists. His insides were hot and moist, soft flesh, slick, smooth, pulsating, clasping around my hands, the slut started cumming again

“oh fuck!!!  its ruining me, Im cumming!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, blasting another load, asshole ring  spasming violently around my forarm

I paused briefly before gathering for another push. Soft moans separated by pleas. He wanted more, groaning out. I couldn’t see his eyes but his lips mouthed his desire, begging to be taken past his limits. Small utterances given between deep shuttering breaths, he was begging to be rectally damaged.

I leaned into him, forcing my arm in even further.  He may have said he wanted more, mentally want more, but his body was saying “No!”. His colon was fighting against me, reluctant to be spread even wider than he was. I didn’t care. He was just a asshole slut to be used. My hand slid in, feeling their way along Mike’s arms. I had to lean back slightly as he expanded the colon out for us. His asshole was being pushed back until it was starting to look like it was part of his back instead of between his legs. There was just not enough room between his legs to take so much. I could feel the extra tightness in his rectum as my fingers began to explore his colon trying to expand out the walls with my hand.
I slid back down out of his lower colon, back into his big rectum cavity where there was a lot of room. I started working his rectal walls swirling my fist in his cavity, until he cried out
“Oh gawad my rectum…….. that’s Sooooo HOT, I never been expanded out like this before!!, Feels like  a metal post is lodged all the way up me, oh gawd its gonna make me cum!”
That got me hot too, I crawled and wormed my way in deeper again until I was into his intestines also. Mike and I joined hands in his colon.

I was through, all my fingers pushing into his colon, sliding along Mike’s arm until we could also link hands inside his cavity. He now had two arms pushed into his busted rectal cavity, merged into two huge fists buried deeply. Tentatively we leaned back to pull out slightly, this volcanoed (or pulled on) his analring slightly. At first his cavity refused to release us. We pulled harder, then harder still until we began to retreat from his colon. We had to pull hard, straightening our bodies. His back slid down my legs, sweaty and hot.

We pulled straight up, his body coming with us, guided by his rectum. It was no use, we were going to have to stand. We struggled to our feet, heads together as we bent over him. We straightened up, our arms extended straight down into his colon. He rose with us, pulled up by his asshole, which extended from his body. He was pulled off the bed until we were  firmly planted in his colon again. Finally we were able to start journeying out of him. Then another cum shot shook the sluts body
“OH IM CUMMING AGAIN FROM ANAL!” he screamed as he came, but this time he shot dry.  This si common for Analboy, cumming every 20 to 30 minutes from anal, again its his asshole addiction

I could feel his colon bend ride over our combined fist . We pulled back until he clasped only our wrists, back into the large rectum cavity area. Our arms were outside his body, shiny with the slickness of his body. We plunged back down, plunging into his colon bend , then back out again. Each time a little easier, each time his rectum growing more elastic. His insides began to relax, to follow our fists out further. As we pumped him more, his rectum began to be pulled out of him, he started prolapsing severely. Big red meat  emerged the size of a orange  as we retreated, shining red, exposed to the open air.

Analboy was screaming now, shaking his head, his body squirming, piss squirting from his little bald cock as we traumatized his rectum. He was urging us on, needing to cum again. With Mike raised up I could see his face, exposed at times below his hard cock. His eyes were wild, yet focused, deep in them was the fierce begging of release. It was apparent that he would endure anything to anal orgasm. Even beyond that, he wanted more. He wanted us to damage his rectum more, to fuck him harder.
We pumped his rectum harder, violently plunging deeply into him, taking strokes from our wrists to elbows. Two hands and arms turning him inside out, brutalizing his rectal walls . His belly expanded and contracted as we moved in and out of him. I was grinding my cock against him, building towards my own climax. Mike was thrusting the air with his cock, red, swollen and rampant. It looked so painful as he thrust. In, out, in out, relentless constant plunging was taking their course on his rectum condition.

I was reaching the end. The end of my ability to continue, exhausted, sweat pouring off me, dripping onto Analboy. A few more times we plunged in and out. Pulling him off the bed drilling up into his rectum  harder then ever, producing a huge prolapsed on the pull outs. Then plunging down, pushing him back down onto the bed, his belly bulging as our arms filled him. My crotch slamming into him, my cock scraping over his flesh. Finally I collapsed as my orgasm rushed through me. My arms plunged deep one last time as I came. My elbows slipped inside him stretching his organs internally. I knelt over him, thrusting against him. Mike continued fucking him. His  intestines held deep inside him by my hands. His fist ripped out of his colon as he continued, pulling back to his wrists, then cramming back inside him. Finally he collapsed also, sinking to his knees, his cock spurting, shooting his sperm over his belly. We hunched over him and came. Our arms buried deeply inside him. I could feel his heart beating.

Analboy was shaking, squirming.   He was begging to stop, he was ruined for good, and had shot dry cum shots for the finale.

The first time we were aware of Sam was when there , he stood in the doorway and applauded our efforts.

The End