Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! From Analboy and his Assmasters.  As we go into the new years we have new goals for Analboys Rectum and piss slit.

  1. Keep up the constant almost everyday rectal mutilation sessions, with 4 Assmasters, scheduled. We expcted to try to achieve 275 asshole wreckings for 2017, that’s about 5X a week. Blow out his outer ring good.
  2. Keep up the inner ring (or colon bend) conditioning, finally getting 13-14 inch insertions up into him now. Keep breaking down that bend.
  3. 200 piss slit soundings is a goal (4X per week).  Assmasters like his litle bald cock to have a nice big round slit to compliment his loose asshole.
  4. Increased blog Pictures and activities- We know bloggers want to see Analboys Hot Rectal Mutilation pictures and movies more often. We now have the equipment in place to capture the hot action, So look for a lot more pics in 2017
  5. More BBC Anal- Analboy doesn't get a lot of regular cock fuckings, its mostly closed and open hand fisting and monster dildos, bottles or objects.  With the REGmonster on board, weekly BBC fuckings will continue, with pics.  This will help with item #2, in conditioning his inner ring.
  6. Keep up to date on the Analboy Activities by viewing the RECTAL Calendar at the bottom of the blog, each session is accurately captured in the description. we continue to update it weekly.

So stay tuned to the blog, its gonna be a Hot Analboy  rectal destruction 2017, hoping to achieve the 4 inch diameter asshole width and 14 inches into his colon, for that super cored rectum we all like.

Analboy taking in 3 inches of width

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