Friday, October 7, 2016

New Photo Series #1: Black Veined Starter

Black Starter Series

The  black starter is 2.-1/4 inch diameter (63mm) x 8 inch (203mm) long and has big veins. It can be purchased from Fort Troff, and is used to plunger out his big asshole to get it prepped for huge objects.

New Photo Series #2: Rocket Launching

Rocket Punching Series

The next in the series of rectum wreckers that are used almost daily. The   Flesh colored rocket is 2 -7/8 inch diameter, very close to 3 inches wide and a solid 8 inch long. You can see how the rocket pulls on his anal ring muscle, breaking it down nicely for solid rocketing punchings, Really blasts his ring out.

Bury it deep insertion

More pull out action

Pulling that shaved ring muscle out

New Photo Series #3 CP

Chocolate Pounder Series

The final of the killer asshole series is CP or  Chocolate Pounder. Massive 3-1/4 inch diameter on a 13 inch shaft. Ruins his asshole in just a few strokes. A mixture of 3 parts Crisco to 1 part Coconut Oil provides a slick insertion to take his ring to incredible widths and depths. This monster sinks into his asshole almost daily. This one has been discolored from the original ad picture due to excessive use and washing

Original Ad Photo

Getting the head passed the ring
In the cavity works

On the pull out