Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The REGMonster

The RegMonster

Finally a steady BBC for asshole fuckings on regular basis.  I get occasional black dick fuckings but could never find a steady to give weekly anal fucks. Then I found Reggie two weeks ago, or the REGMonster as we call him.  His pic is below, he is shy for the camera, so our first two sessions, were just solo. His pic is below, a full 2 inch thick (Thick as a wrist) and full long shaft, that goes right into my colon bend.

He fucks with avengence. Always 2 positions, first doggy style face high, he will strokes in as you get used to the depth. Once he starts getting hot watching his dick slide in and out of my asshole, he flips you overs holds my legs high, and nails my asshole hard.  Once he can feel his head pop into my colon bend missionary position, he will sink to the base. Then he will start fucking hard so he can cum in this position, once he feels his cock head enter my colon, it never leaves, he thrusts hard, but only far enough not to pull out on the inner ring.  Then he just nails the inner ring until he cums from it.

The colon bend is well worked after these BBC Sessions

The Regmonster- A real colon bend working dick

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