Sunday, December 11, 2016

New rectal Limits in Width will be established- Cockatrice

We decided to start taking his ruined asshole in new limits in width, and recently purchased the 3.6 inch shaft Cockatrice that will brutalize his rectum on the curve. We plan training on a wooden chair first and have impale his rectum on the Cockatrice, and get used to the width, Stroking his rectum up and down the full length to the base. Once he is used to the size Assmaster BC, will get him doggy style face down, asshole high, and cheeks spread. Then JACKHAMMER the monster in his rectum, long full strokes, the nasty curve coring his rectum like never before.

Of course we will take pics and post as SOON as the toy arrives from BAD Dragon. Here is the link to the site

Ruin that rectum Analboy!

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