Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The REGMonster

The RegMonster

Finally a steady BBC for asshole fuckings on regular basis.  I get occasional black dick fuckings but could never find a steady to give weekly anal fucks. Then I found Reggie two weeks ago, or the REGMonster as we call him.  His pic is below, he is shy for the camera, so our first two sessions, were just solo. His pic is below, a full 2 inch thick (Thick as a wrist) and full long shaft, that goes right into my colon bend.

He fucks with avengence. Always 2 positions, first doggy style face high, he will strokes in as you get used to the depth. Once he starts getting hot watching his dick slide in and out of my asshole, he flips you overs holds my legs high, and nails my asshole hard.  Once he can feel his head pop into my colon bend missionary position, he will sink to the base. Then he will start fucking hard so he can cum in this position, once he feels his cock head enter my colon, it never leaves, he thrusts hard, but only far enough not to pull out on the inner ring.  Then he just nails the inner ring until he cums from it.

The colon bend is well worked after these BBC Sessions

The Regmonster- A real colon bend working dick

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Analboy Brutally Raped by Santa's Reindeer

Analboy wakes up naked, from footsteps he heard on the roof. He throws on a coat and goes to investigate. He crawls to the roof to meet a horny Santa and 8 reindeer with massive 13 inch fat deer cock, nearly 4 inch this at the base. Santa Grabs Analboy and ties him to the sled, So he is doggy style, his big asshole exposed and venerable for the deer and Santa.

Santa unhooks the reindeer from the sleigh and lines them up for a brutal beastailty anal fuck for Analboy. Dancer is first and the thick 3 inch deer cock is well lubed it popped into his loose asshole rather easily, and he slide to the hilt on one push.

"Ohhh Santa right into my colon, oh he's gonna split my anal ring!, More lube" Analboy cried.
The deers shaft was re-greased and he started nice long thrusts, feeling his colon around his cock got him excited, then WHAM WHAM WHAM, long power thrusts hammered his asshole damaging it right away.

"There you go, take it Analboy, I see your letting loose already"

"Oh my rectum is losing all control", WHAM WHAM WHAM, 3 more power thrusts and the first deer creamed a quart of deer cum in his rectum and pulled out.  Santa lined up the rest of the reindeer for the same treatment. One after one, each reindeer cock was about the same size and each power thrusted 13 inches into him. By the time the last Reindeer mounted him, he  prolapsed out with each big head pull out, then the meat was plowed right back in, 8 quarts (2 gallons) of cum were deposited into his colon and rectum and was coming out with his red meat prolapse.

"Now its my turn to punch fist that creamy damaged rectum of yours."

Santa put on his fur lined elbow length rubber gloves, and went to an immediate fisting attack of the beast cum filled rectum. His fist slide right up his rectum with no mercy and the slut took it like a champ.

LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT,LEFT, RIGHT Santa was alternating hand fisting him now
"Prep that creamy rectum for some solid punch fucking, Santa has got to go soon"

Once his asshole lost even more control from alternate hand fisting, PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH
Santa went into a rapid fist closed fist punching of his rectum and colon, sending Analboy screaming on the roof.

Analboy started getting into the anal abuse .
"Fuck yea, punch the shit out of my asshole Santa, ruin me for Xmas" Analboy pleaded.

PUNCH,PUNCH,PUNCH,PUNCH,PUNCH, more rapid fire fistings, sent the deer cum flying from his rectum  "Immmm  cummmmmming from anal!" analboy screamed and his little bald cock shot off squirting its contents on Santas Sleigh.

There you go Asshole slut, your Xmas gift, Merry Christmas, HO HO HO. He re-hitched the reindeer, untied Analboy and made sure he got in the house and left for more deliveries.

Brutal Anal Fisting of Analboy

Sunday, December 11, 2016

New rectal Limits in Width will be established- Cockatrice

We decided to start taking his ruined asshole in new limits in width, and recently purchased the 3.6 inch shaft Cockatrice that will brutalize his rectum on the curve. We plan training on a wooden chair first and have impale his rectum on the Cockatrice, and get used to the width, Stroking his rectum up and down the full length to the base. Once he is used to the size Assmaster BC, will get him doggy style face down, asshole high, and cheeks spread. Then JACKHAMMER the monster in his rectum, long full strokes, the nasty curve coring his rectum like never before.

Of course we will take pics and post as SOON as the toy arrives from BAD Dragon. Here is the link to the site http://bad-dragon.com/products/crackers

Ruin that rectum Analboy!