Saturday, November 5, 2016

The inflatables Part 1


Tom was a dildo expert Top, he preferred using inflatable dildos on a well used asshole to expand the anal  rings and cavities to the absolute max.  He saw pictures of my big blown out asshole and decided he can help.  I stopped over after-work this Friday.  He was a nice older man, but as soon as the door closed behind, he reached down and felt my asshole thru my workpants. 

" I have a fetish for making male assholes huge and stretched out with toys and fists, come see my playroom and see the  collection" He said. OK I agreed as he handed me a beer, Chug this down, need you a little tIpsy for your severe rectal expansion you will take today" he said, I slugged it down, and he handed me another. As we entered the playroom, he had huge amount of rubber dongs, and they were not for the tight newbie to anal.

I have ranges of diameters from 1 inch wide to a asshole splitting 5 inch diameter, I see your peaking out on a 3.25 inch width currently?, is that correct" he said, eyeing his collection.

"Yep 3.25 inch wide analring and cavity, I'm at" slugging down the next beer, popping the 3rd open.  "Good we will probably start you out on the 2-3/4" inflatable, with inflates to 3.75, then move up, OK" he said, OK I agreed.

"You see my inflatables are not the normal ones you buy, that when fully inflated the became really balloon like and hard to use.  Mine you still use the hand pump (although, I use a heavy duty industrial version), I filled the airspace with a special thick fluid, that will harden when it touches air, and then soften back down, when the air pressure is released.  This way its hard and unyielding to your ring muscle and rectal cavern. Lets give it a try, take off your clothes, Isolate off your nuts and lets get into some rectal!" He said, greasing up the first of many inflatables that would be used that afternoon. The 2-3/4" dong was ready, into sank into my asshole with ease, I was nice and loose and proud how my rectum took it, so was he…"Nice very Nice, your asshole is big" he said.  PFFFFT PFFFT, PFFT, he pumped the air into expand it to the 3 inch mark, the inflatable started getting warm and hardening, "Oh gawd, I can feel that ring on my ring" I moaned,  "Nice, Huh?, I told you, unyielding on your ring.  Sniff these poppers, Im going to crank open your whole cavity now" He said. I did try the poppers, and felt my asshole let loose PFFT PFFT PFFT "There we go, 3.25 inch easy, hold it there and let your cavity grow and really around the hard shaft" He said preparing to go larger.  I hit the poppers again, the muscle let loose more, PFFT PFFT PFFT, "Fuck yea!, 3.5" inches now!" He said excited to see the ring expand out that much.

"Oh your gonna tear my ring!" I screamed, "Naw, now is when the fun starts" and started thrusting the 3.5 toy, in and out " yea boy, take it into you rectum, we are expanding out your cavity nicely now" he said, his cock rock are from giving rectal abuse. Long swift strokes loosened up my entire rectal cavity  " Yea Daddy stroke that chute, Get up in there good ruin me!" I said trying to make him go faster so I could come from anal. Long swift strokes battered my rectum, the head pounding at the colon bend opening demanding to get in, I adjusted and swiveled my hips for increased depth. It popped into my bend "Yes its in my colon!" I screamed, "and ya, Im gonna cum from it  too" he said. He launched into a full force rectal attack at 3.5 wide and 10 inch thrusts so he could cum himself, But I bet him to the shot, and started to cum uncontrolled from anal abuse, 'Immm cuuummmmiingg" I said, I a shot a huge load, we ripped the inflatable out, and creamed my gaping 3.5 round hole good.  " Love big asshole like yours" he said squirting his final drops on my gaper rim.

"I wanted to get you to 3.75 and eventually 4 inches, but now you can see my inflatable method works, and I'm sure you'll be back next week, for your next inflatable session" He said, as he began to put away the equipment. "I also have a nice fuck machine to mount my special inflatables in.  That will come in you future sessions with me.

Stay Tuned for Inflatables 2, where Tom will attempt a 4 inch insertion and a machine fuck chute destruction method.

The 3 inch monster that cored his rectum out

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  1. my master cut pump of and got a bike pump in it's place boy it gapes my hole open and deep helps me get ready for fisting


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