Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Sofa Arm or Couch Technique

This is a new technique involving a sofa with big padded arms like the picture below. First, the assmaster bounds off his cock and balls with a long string of rope,  Isolating off his nuts sack, and tying off his cock tight enough so it does not  get soft, + keeps him from cumming from anal too soon.

 Analboy then sits on the arm, with his feet on the seat cushion and his big asshole hanging off the side, and roped off cock, pushed down in front.

The assmaster sits  in on a  chair in front of his big asshole, So the big ovalized asshole would be just about eye level or arm pit level in front of him.  He holds his ass cheeks open and pleads

"Please ruin my asshole in the position, so I can cum" He says

The assmaster pics up a starter dong 2-3/4 wide, big head, well greased, he starts start drilling up into the rectum  full force with the monster

"Ohh gawd my asshole!, this position really nails my anal ring" so powerful he groaned.

"Getting good leverage like this asshole slut, Hold on, we are taking your rectum for a ride" he said and began punching the chute like mad.

"Fuck yea, ruin my big asshole" Analboy said, getting into the anal attack.

Soon his asshole ring lets loose completely, "There goes all rectal control Daddy, Nail it!" He said, after announcing the lose of all ring muscle control.

 Assmaster  goes in for the ring kill with the 3" wide rectum wrecker dong, Gets the head just past the ring and pound the shits out of  his ruined asshole.

"Ohhhhhh fuck!!!!!!, My rectum FUCCCKKKKKK!!!!" he screams as assmaster cored out his cavity like crazy, ropped off cock was swinging and dripping now…. He started shooting off big time, , I'm Cummmmiiinnggg from anal"

Assmaster milked the load from the roped bald cock.  "Good technique, you asshole wont be the same for a while, document this one for the blog post." He said.

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