Monday, September 5, 2016

A visiting Assmasters plan for Labor day weekend

Yes, that asshole is going to be used and abused hard. You will be punched fisted and rectally stretched beyond your anal limits and that beautiful big asshole of yours will be turned into a sloppy male cunt, unable to properly close up. Your cavity will be filled with KY good and Daddy ***** will punch fist you with no prep at all, just plow right into that rectum no mercy. He will punch fuck you til your bladder shoots gushes of hot piss as he violates your tortured asshole and rectum, and he will be sounding your cock deep so that when your poor banded off isolated nuts finally let loose their hot cum, the rod will fly out of your raped cocklet.  You will cum from  anal several times today.

Im gonna ruin your rectum on this bad boy!, long strokes, core you out good!

3 inch thick x 12 inch insertion depth

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