Saturday, August 13, 2016

Movie Suggestion

A hot movie comment


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Id like to see another video of the last one only longer.  Your asshole hanging off the edge of that wood stool, your bald cock pushed down in front so we can see your little cock drip from rectal abuse. This time get the largest dong you can handle that you can get punched with.  Take the same camera shot as last time, but spread you ass cheeks and have your ass master punch the hell out your asshole with a 3 inch wide dong, pummeling your asshole for the camera while he works your nuts.  Occasionally showing off how he is damaging your ring, moan and groan loud for the camera, until he milks a load from you. a 15 or 20 minute clip,  Nice and long for a HOT jack off anal destruction video for all to see, your wonderful big asshole being destroyed..

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