Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Master T and his popper machine

Master T. and his popper machine-

It was a typical Saturday evening. Assmaster T was playing a game, I was typing away on my laptop, working on a blog update. The typicality of the Saturday stopped the moment we were about to enter the anal dungeon.

“Go bend over the table the same way you did earlier tonight,” Master T. said.
Earlier the evening I playfully bend over the table to smell the wood wax that I have put on it earlier in the day. My upper body rested on the table and my ass was turned towards Master T. He definitely approved of the sight. When He told me to go bend over the table, I did not do it immediately, but just looked at Him, thinking He might be joking.
“Now!” He commanded.

He pulled my pants and undies down to around my thighs and softly rubbed my ass cheeks. His fingers touched the big hole between my buttocks and I moaned. Again he rubbed my buttocks and I knew what would follow. Several slaps rained on my buttocks before I felt His soft touch again. I don’t know what made me wetter: the spanking or His soft touch. A 3 fingers found my dark opening and pushed in with no problems. With no lubrication it did not feel comfortable, but it did excite me. He soon pulled his fingers out and continued to spank me. Quite some time later I heard Him walking to the other side of the room. I pulled my pants up and headed towards the door of the room to go upstairs to head to the Anal Dungeon.

“I think your asshole needs some attention and expansion,” He smiled and I nodded. He knew exactly what I needed and when.
“Lie down on the Fuck bench, doggy, asshole high, face down, and wait for me,” He said.
I did as He said. My bald cock was rock hard and I was breathing shallow. My heart was racing inside my chest. I was excited. I remembered the anal stretching and abuse of some time ago and wondered what would happen this time. Impulsively I pushed a pillow under my hips, spread my legs some more and waited for the brutal invasion.

When Master T. Returned He settled between my spread legs. At first His well greased and gloved hand fingers worked my anal ring . His firm touch had my heart pounding even harder. I wanted his hole hand inside my rectum, but knew that He would soon be fisting me hard and to give all attention to my analring muscle for proper breakdown. He spread my asshole, stretching it. I willed myself to relax, to just accept everything that would happen. I wanted to make it easier for Him. and for myself. His hand slid in to the wrist and then back out, I was open and loose from years of rectal work.

The cold lubricant dripped on my asshole. Master T. smeared it across m asshole and inside, by slipping a 4 fingers inside me. Over and over again. I moaned. More lubricant was added. In and out His finger went. The lubricant was put aside. 4 fingers entered me to the knuckles. His fingers moved in and out of me. I relaxed. Surrendered to the feeling. Relaxed enough for Him to slip his whole hand into me inside me. It felt good, and also when balled his hand into a fist. I felt so full. I seriously doubted whether I would be able to handle it if He was gonna closed fist punch my rectum out.

“Slowly, please Master,” I asked.
“Don’t worry,” He assured me, “just relax.”
“How many fingers? Four?”
“My whole hand is inside you.”
“Whole Hand?” I asked in surprise, “seriously? to the wrist?”
“to the wrist. Relax.”

I did. I felt His hand slide up into me and then pulling back. I was surprised that I indeed still felt relaxed and that it did not hurt. I wanted this as much as He wanted it. My bald cock was rock hard at 4 inches from the fisting.

He pulled His hand out but quickly pushed it back in. I cringed a bit, feeling a bit of hurt and asked Him to go slow. Again He told me to relax while slowly moving His now closed hand in and out of me. I spread my legs some more, wanting Him to accomplish what I wanted to. With each push in, He pushed a bit harder and faster, getting his whole hand as deep inside me as He could. Master T. Was getting ready to punch fist my asshole to destruction. He picked up the pace, in and out in and out in a solid rhythm, as my asshole lost all rectal control, he balled his fist and went for the rectal KILL

I repositioned myself and slipped my one hand between my legs. “Ah yes, my anal slut, bring yourself to orgasm, I’m starting to punch fist you,” Master T. encouraged me while His hand maintained the same rhythm, his closed fist was battering my ring on every pull out. There was this intense need in me to cum, but at the same time I wanted his closed fist to punch the hell out my rectum. I wanted the full feeling to last longer.

It did not take long for me to reach my orgasm and once I did, I pulled away from Master T., wanting His fingers out of me. The feeling was just too intense.  But he did not he just kept punching my spasming asshole as I came. POW POW POW, the closed fist was punching my convulsing asshole

"Ohh gawd I cant take it, your fucking up my rectum!!" I screamed, but the punching continued and then slowed, then the final pull out,

Master T. was closed fist punching my asshole good, but wasn’t ready to stop yet, "Short break, then lets get back into the rectum good" he said, helping me up.  I was weary, and he gave me a bottle of beer. "Slug this down, while I get the triangular prop up pillow and cheek spreader for round two", He left the room, then came back with the POPPER machine, He had built this himself, a machine that you load the Popper (Amyl Nitrate) in, and the machines aquarium pump would provide a steady stream of ass opening vapor.  Master T. always got medical grade poppers from his Dr. Friend, my asshole really gets sloppy on them.

The prop up pillow was triangular in shape and went under your belly when doggy style, to keep your asshole hiked up high and easily accessible. The cheek spreader was nothing more than duct tape strips about 10 inches long. attached on the inside off the butt cheeks, I hold my cheeks spread and Master applies the strips to keep them that way, when I let go.

My asshole was now primed for some serious rectal work, making my cock hard again "Ohhh ruin me Daddy, Im ready" I said, "We are going to the closed fist to start, polish off the rectum for good this time" He said, "Oh yea" I said as he began pushing his closed fist at my big asshole. The knuckles dented in the ring as my asshole opened up to accept the fist, His closed fist was at the widest part right on the ring, then..."OOOOOOHHHHH Fuck!, My asssssssshole!!!"  I screamed as he sank to the wrist with relative ease, "YESSSSSSSSS" I moaned as my rectum accepted his closed fist filling and stretching it to the maximum. He stopped and held his closed fist up my rectum, he moved into a better position, and hit the switch on the popper machine

"Hold on, im going to closed fist swirl in your cavity now, get you nice and loose" he said, "Ohh gawd", is all I could say as the medical poppers hit hard
"Core out my cavity, I begged at he began to swirl his closed fist around as my asshole ring muscle gave out completely.  "Hey there goes your rectum muscle control, ohh yea", he started swirling his entire hand in my rectum expanding out the walls  "HOT ANAL!, I love it" I said, getting into the rectum abuse, my little bald cock dripping again from anal  "Work my asshole, bust that ring muscle for good" I pleaded. He began swirling hard and pulling on my loose ring until his closed fist popped out, then he would power back into my rectum cavity hard  "Yea that’s it make my bald cock cum from anal again" I screamed as i was about to shoot off hard, "Cum from Daddy fisting you slut" he said, SPLOOSH, SPLOOSH SPLOOSH my rectum was singing as he punched in and out, "Immmm Cumming" I screamed as he milked a load out from anal. I collapsed over the triangular pillow, as he ripped his closed fist out, sending my asshole ring muscle convulsing open and closed with no control. He sank is dick in to my spasming asshole as it milked a load out of his cock from the contractions.

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