Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Missing Story Series -The Porno Shoot

The Missing Story Series- A Porn Shooting

Camera's and Video tape recorders and bright lights were all set up and pointing at me, as Bill lubed up my shaved asshole for some serious ass work. Bobby and Ben were at the camera's ready to take pics and movies for the Ass opener Blog, they two, naked with raging hard ones, as the fist dildo was pushed at my hole, I pushed back doggy style, relaxed and allowed the 2 1/2" (75mm) wide dildo sink in "ohhh yea" I yelled as Billed pushed it in deep and then pulled it out again "again slut" he commanded, the dildo buried into my asshole. He squirted some j-lube onto my ass, grabbed the dildo end and started working my hole. "Oh yea, open me up!". Camera bulbs and video flashed as I moaned and groan doggy style for the camera. They were getting some great whole body shots and close-ups of my ravaged shaved asshole.

It was not long when I was getting used to its size.  "Next larger" Ben said, snapping off pics for the blog. Bill grabbed the 3" wide bam dildo, I took a hit of poppers and he powered it in my asshole "Ruin me Daddy" I screamed He pounded my hole, in, out, in, out, deeper and deeper with each thrust. Then concentrating on the prostrate I started shooting off already. Several movies were taken, as my asshole was assaulted over and over that evening, until I was huge. "Ok give the camera a big gaper" Ben said. Bill began punching my hole with the bam,

"Ok get ready when I pull out, spread your ass cheeks and relax that cunt" Bill pulled, and I spread my cheeks for the camera
My asshole gaped so wide, I could feel the cool air blowing in. "Oh shit that is hot" someone said. I could feel somebody playing with my rectum, then a cock sink in "Ohh fuck yea, what a hole".  Bobby had sunk his 8" meat to the hilt in my asshole
"Fuck Analboy's slutty asshole!, Nail Him" They cheered. It wasn’t 5 minutes, then Bobby swelled up and blow a load deep into my anal tunnel.
Now he grabbed the Caterpillar dildo, a massive ribbed almost 4" (100mm) wide at the head, and a long thick shaft equally as wide, and twisting (see pic below).  Bill began preparing the big dildo as Bobby and Ben sat Analboy right down on the floor at the end of the table in front of the cameras and retied and greased up his asshole.  Bobby began smearing grease on his big dildo and soon set it right up to Analboys asshole. No matter how or what Bill did, the big dildo wouldn't slide in, the 4" massive head was just too big for his small 127# pound frame.  Bobby spread the cheeks of Analboys ass real wide to help Bill. Bill took the dildo in his hand and began rotating the big head in Analboys asshole; gradually he began to accept the big dildo.
”Damn, your boy's got a huge asshole," Bobby grunted
"But it will be even larger now, because the dildo head is starting to slide up into his rectum!" "Put some grease on my asshole!" I suggested. "I want that fat dildo up my anal tunnel!" Bobby applied another liberal amount of grease to Analboys's asshole, even pushing some inside. Once again, I felt the head of the dildo press up to back door and I pushed my hips back
against the knob.  Then the head slipped in.  Bill hesitated a moment before setting his legs and driving the dildo deep into my asshole.
"Yeeeeeoooowwwww!" I yelled.  "MY ASSHOLE IS BEING RUINED!, MY RING IS GONNA TEAR!"

"Guys, ruin him for fistings!" Ben watched with a mixture of delight and agony at the same time.

"YES!  YES!  RUIN MY ASSHOLE!" I groaned.  "It hurts, but feels good at the same time!, Im gonna lose all rectal control soon!"
Bill set his feet and began plowing the dildo in and out of my asshole.
"Look, Ben, your friend is hammering my asshole!  I told you I could take it! OH, RUIN ME, DADDY for FISTING!"
Bill was sawing the dildo in and out, taking huge thrusts, his hips pounding into my ass with each thrust.
"My asshole, Your wrecking my asshole!, but it's starting to feel really good!" I pushed her ass up higher to meet each thrust of the dildo.  "Bill fist out his asshole, he's huge and ready" Bobby said.  Bill placed on some latex gloves, and his hand slid into my gaping anus with little resistance. After all, a 4" inch wide dildo, really did a number on his ass ring.
Once inside, he formed his fingers into a fist and began punching in and out
of my asshole. At first he went for depth, he and the cameras fixed on watching my facial expression as his fist plowed up into my intestines and my greasy anal ring massaged his hairy forearm. I could do nothing to resist as the long strokes moved my rectal ring from his wrist to halfway up his forearm and back, over and over again.  He twisted his arm back and forth while sliding it in and out, creating a hot friction both against my sphincter muscle and deep in my guts where his fist stirred and twisted against the delicate walls of my colon.  After several minutes of this, he pulled his hand all the way out, causing me to grunt loudly  and jerk my head up involuntarily as my throbbing, battered rectal ring stretched open to release the widest part of his big hand.  He started punching my asshole in and out for the camera, getting into a good rhythm, complete pull outs and ramming back in for the camera,  my asshole lost even more rectal control and the noises started, SPLOOSH, SPLOOSH SPLOOSH, battering my rectum hard.
Look red meat is coming out on the pull out" he said ripping his closed fist out to show the others, as a big red angry meat tube came out, but was punched back in hard

"Ohhh gaaawd Damage my asshole!" I screamed for the camera, sending him into a fisting frenzy, as I was prolapsing out with every pull out.  I sighed, thinking my ordeal was over, but they had enjoyed my reaction to the obscene stretching of my sphincter muscle as his knuckles had pulled past it. With unbelievable sadistic cruelty, he began punching his fist in and out of my bruised anal ring even harder, pulling it all the way out each time and letting it begin to close before ramming in just to the wrist and then reversing over and over again. It became harder and harder to force his fist in and out as my sore butt muscle became swollen and the lubrication began to wear off.  The video tape ran out, as Bill angrily fisted out my asshole, as each man blasted ruined anal ring with there cum.

End of the shoot, look for pictures soon to be appended at the end of this story.

The Catapiller Dong --4 inch diameter cores out his rectum good

Sunday, July 10, 2016

He Ruined my Asshole Sunday Movie

Ruined- Turn up your Speakers!

no rectal control

If you want to download the 68 mb WMV hi res movie here is the Analboy22 via Redfile

Here is the ring popper dong used in the clip

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Camera Preview Movie

We just got a new digital movie camera to capture more hot analring busting videos, We are still working out the bugs and used this short clip to make adjustments in sound quality and video resolution.  Here Analboy is working the 6 inch wide construction cone, and sinks to a 3 inch wide width with ease, no resistance from his battered ring, his little bald cock starts growing with each impale.

Once all the bugs are worked out will be doing a series of 8 minute clips.   If you have suggestions for content, leave a comment for this post with your desired content or you can email one to

If you like to download this 11 mb movie via Zippyshare here is LINK