Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The missing story series- PowerDrill2

The missing story series- Powerdrill2

Powerdrill my rectum, please!

Through contact from the blog, I met a sadistic man named Kris.  He told me he could take my asshole to new limits in width and depth, but needed to totally submit my rectum in a BDSM session. With a large collection of toys, bondage equipment and  homemade fucking machines, we made a date for me to visit almost daily for rectum destruction sessions.  Tonight was my first visit, and through several emails,I knew I was going to be bound tight and my asshole destroyed with  his homemade devices....which I knew involved a powerdill and saw-z-all somehow....

Arriving at his house..He was a large muscular man, with tattoos..He invited me in and we had a drink.. After 2 drinks we started to loosen up, and he invited me to see the 'workroom'.  A bedroom converted to a room devoted for rectal play.
Ropes and dildos everywhere..Not just regular sized dildos.. but dildo's even larger than my collection you see on the site.

"Ive been working an assholes for 5-6 years now, but never could find anybody slutty enough for my anal games, until now...maybe you can take it" Kris said. "My asshole can go real wide and deep..." I gleamed.  "Good!, as I even got something special just for me and you, my new rectum slut!. It took me a few days  but was able to take the 3 and 4 inch wide dildos, and modifying them by
adding and metal flat plate and collet.  This will allow me to mount these dildo to my sazall and my cordless powerdrill. This should take your rectum to new limits. The saw-z-all has a 4" stroke and will trash out your rectum at 46 strokes per second. The powerdrill is rated at 18 revs per second. My plan  was to loosen you up, then use my powerdill first to trash out your rectum...I figure a 3" wide dildo spinning in your asshole for 15 minutes at full blast will give you about is over 16,000 times that dildo will nail the assring....then mutilate you even more with the saw-z-all full blast...get it buried 13" way past the bend then let that baby rip, hammering your colon until the bend wrecks itself...taking a good 2000-3000 full strokes...Thats only 1 minute or so.... Look at my sawhorse too, all padded with a hole for your cock
 and balls. Drape you over, bind you tight, the work that asshole ring!...But lets have another drink...and we can get you prepped. "Great, Im ready for the machines..I think"...

Kris stripped me naked, took a large rubber o-ring and secured off my nuts real tight. the poured me a drink. His eyes looking at my shaved pubes the whole time like I was a piece of meat for his taking or was it more like "his personal rectum" as he said many times. This fancy drink tasted strange and the salt on the rim tasted fairly strange as well. I was feeling rather groggy and figured he might have put something in it..but it was too late..I drank the whole thing.

He helped me to the room, draped me over the sawhorse, tying my wrists and ankles to the legs. A could see a him tie a string to my -oringed off nut sack and the string was tied to a eye hook. pulling my nuts far away from my asshole.  Next a large 2" wide solid glass rod was inserted into my asshole, as the machines were plugged in and tested....I was getting real groggy and could barley hear, Apparently, Kris must have either been talking  to himself or someone else was near by. "Kris..uh who is it....?? somebody" I stammered "Never mind whore, just relax we I'm just about ready, go ahead spread open his asscheeks for me. Im going to the 3" width and start hammering the bend"  I felt someone spread my asscheeks as the dildo was pressed  at my now small gaper. "If you do a real fast and violent thrust to quickly expand his asshole..It may break down that assmuscle quickly" the strange voice said " goes....Oh yea!" I let out a huge moan as my asshole was quickly stretched to a 3" width and my entire rectum filled.  "he could hardly feel it..the narcotic works good, now lets get down to business....the dildo was worked in my asshole continuously for minutes upon minutes..after about 15 minutes of constant thrusting. The powerdrill was fitted with a 3-1/2" wide dildo. The  head was a massive mushroom head, and the boys were popping my asshole ring with in a matter of minutes, with no concern about the condition of my rectum which was turning to mincemeat now.  “Ok now attach it, but start real slow.
I could feel that shaft start to spin in my asshole. They had at least 8” inserted so the head was spinning near the end of my rectum 

“oh that feels great Kris,trash out my rectum, take it, its yours” “ You heard him, wreck it!” Kris pulled the trigger and “WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! My asshole!!!” The drill whirled to full power and the  massive head spun at 1200 rpm, tearing up rectum muscle. The boys continued to stroke it in and out at high power  “Pull it out, Pull it out!, your mutilating my rectum!” The boys just slobbered and I passed out from the narcotic and the  pleasure of my anal destruction. The drill ripped open my assring for 10 more minutes as the other prepped the saw-z-all with another dong of equal if not slight bigger.. “now hurry!, lets trash out the lower colon and bend with this monster.  Just as I woke from the new machine in my asshole they pulled they  trigger

“Ohhh shit!!!!!!,. oh ruin me Daddy I'm going to squirt".  Kris kept the saw-z-all at half power as he probed my rectum looking for the colon bend opening.  "There is the bend" he announced as the saw was stopped. He probed the big head into the colon bend as One man
destroyed my rectum as the other tortured my nuts and cock into coming….He hit the power switch to 1/2 power, straightening out his colon at high speed....."Oh Oh Oh FUCK!!, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa punch my colon out" he screamed as the rapid action shook his body, he squirted off again, trashing out his asshole and colon bend for good...

The end of day one..
The basic adapter kit

Inline power driving dong machine

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