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The missing story Series- Horse2- Summer Horse

The missing story Series- Horse2- Summer Horse

As Analboy walked over the field, the sun stood high on the sky, bathing him in its warm caressing rays. He wore shorts, shoes and a tshirt. Today was very hot, and he was on his way home from John, his best friend. They lived close by, but it still took about 30 minutes to walk home, 15 if he crossed over the fields, like he always did. Analboy used to come here when he was younger, to look at the horses. He adored horses when he was a kid, for their strength and beauty. Now he was 30, and his interests had moved to parties, dancing, and drinking. Today was no exception, the horses were out, and stood far from him. He got home, and his daddy came to tell his that dinner was soon ready. "OK, Dad. I'll just take a quick shower", he said, and walked upstairs. He undressed, and turned on the shower, and stood before the mirror, looking at himself. He smiled. As he went into the shower, he wondered about tomorrows birthday party. John was turning 31, and Analboy was excited about this party. He had already gotten his present, and he hoped he would love it. He had bought him a copy of "From dusk to dawn". He loved it himself, and wanted to have a copy himself. John and Analboy had been friends for a long time, so he knew he would love it. Analboy came downstairs after he had showered, and got to the table. His mom, dad and little brother was already at the table just waiting for him.

Time passed by as Analboy sat in his room watching tv. He was getting tired, and headed for bed. He wanted to be fully rested for the party tomorrow. He got up, turned off the tv and turned off the lights. Then he got undressed and climbed into bed. Soon after he was sleeping. "Wake up boy!" said his Daddy as he stood next to his bed. Analboy opened his eyes, and smiled to his mom. "Good morning, mom" he said. "Morning sweetie" responded his mom and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and went out from his room. Analboy sat up, and looked at the clock, 9:35. He stretched and got out of bed, took on a robe and headed for the shower. He was in the shower for a long time, thinking about todays party, getting his so excited. He loved John's parties. They were always special. The afternoon finally came, and Analboy walked over to John, and was warmly welcomed by his friend. John hugged Analboy for a long time, and thanked him for coming. As they walked inside, Analboy saw many people that he knew and didn't really knew. He said hello to the ones that he knew, and gave John the gift, smiling widely. As John opened the gift, all the people stood around him watching, and most of them sighed when they saw the movie Analboy had gotten him. John smiled brightly and turned around to face Analboy and smiled to him. The party started, and the people sat around the table, laughing, talking, singing and drinking. There was a lot of beer and alcohol on the table. People helped themselves, and around evening all of them were pretty drunk. The music was louder, and so were the talking and laughing. Many was dancing around on the floor to the music. They all had a good time, especially John, who sat in the couch with Jimmy, kissing and caressing. Around 12, Analboy was ready to walk home, few of the guests had already left, but most of them were making out in the livingroom, others dancing and a single one lying on the floor sleeping. He couldn't find John anywhere, and could figure out that he was probably with Jimmy in his bedroom. He didn't want to bother them, so get went to get his coat, and headed out into the mild summer night.

Analboy was pretty drunk himself, and also a bit light-headed. He walked alone over the field, when all the sudden he heard a noise close to him. He looked around and saw that it was a horse walking up to him. He stopped and waited for the horse to come to him. Slowly the horse went to him, sniffed his scent and approached his. He reached out and padded his mane, running his fingers through the soft hairs. Slowly his hand went to his neck, slowly caressing it, feeling his skin beneath his hand. He jumped over the fence and stood next to the horse now. He felt all tingly inside, and ran his hand along the stallions back, as he stepped closer to him. He felt his soft body beneath his hand, and slowly let his hand go down his belly and beneath him, finding his sheath. He sighed and gently caressed the sheath, feeling his cock move a little inside. He got on his knees, still caressing his warm heath, as he saw the cockhead appear from the opening. He looked at it with wide opened eyes. It was so big, must have been a solid 3" thick. Slowly the cock came forth from the sheath, dropping. He stared at the size of it, and his hands ran down its rubbery length. It felt wonderful. He got a little closer to the cock, and could smell the musky aroma, so he leaned over, kissing the head of the enormous cock. His hands ran up and down the cock, both hands used to encircle it. He felt it harden in his hands. It was about 20 inches long and really thick. He had never seen anything this beautiful before. He began to undress himself, throwing the clothes aside as it came off. The horse was obviously enjoying this, as his cock slapped against his belly, as he rubbed his hands along its length. Analboy kissed and licked the cock all over, and as he reached the head, he opened his mouth wide and took it inside. His lips wrapped around the massive cock, his tongue playing with the head, and his hands stroking the big cock. The horse gave a couple of short humps, banging the cock against his throat, sending pre-cum down his throat. He swallowed to the best of his ability.

He was getting so aroused by this. He took the cock out of his mouth and rubbed it all over his face, getting the sticky pre-cum all over himself. He dropped his pants, finegred out his asshole with the horse cum as lube.  He licked the head every time he rubbed it over his lips. Then he let the cock go to his chest, rubbing it on it, teasingly rubbing it on his hard nipples. He reached up with one hand and took the massive balls into his hand, rolling them, feeling their weight. He wondered how much cum there was in them. Again he took him into his mouth, sucking his cock, and his hands continuing stroking the massive pole.

Analboy worked his asshole preparing it for a horse cock, 2, 3 then 4 fingers stretched out his rectum. He folded in his thumb and slid his own hand into his asshole!. He loved to open his asshole.  Moaning he grabbed for the horse cock. Jacking it the horse became fully aroused.  Analboy then eased the fat horse cock into his asshole, screaming from its width.  The horse must have liked it and again the stallion began thrusting. He could feel his glans flare up inside his asshole. The horse soon got into a steady rythem, longs smooth strokes nailing his colon bend at a 14 inch depth, but he was taking it good. The horse was nailing his asshole, it was to big for him. Shocked he quickly pulled him out, still rubbing him. The horse grunted, . swaying his tail, and then Analboy sunk it back into his open asshole.  The horse buried his cock in Analboy with one big thrust, almost pulling Analboy of the ground.  He screamed as the horse ruined his asshole. Another thrust, the horse grunted and all the sudden he came. Analboy wasn't fully prepared for this. The enormous cock spurted out jet after jet of warm cum. The warm cum hit deep inside his bowels , splashing out the side of his ass lips, creaming his asshole and balls.  He felt it run down his legs. As he opened his ass cheeks to get him deeper, the horse pulled out and a jet of cum hit his open asshole. There was so much of it. He almost shit. He bucked into the horse taking him back into his asshole, Then more cum spurted from the cock head deep inside him. The cum ran down his ass cheeks, dripping from his balls. The horse rewarded Analboy with about 8 strong jets of cum, all over his ruined asshole. He was literally covered with sticky horsecum. Then the cock began retracting back into the sheath. He stared at the limb cock as it pulled back inside the sheath. He sat on the grass for awhile as the stallion walked away. The cum was getting cold on his ass. Put on his tshirt and wiped himself clean.
Then smiled and looked at the horse as he walked away. He put on his clothes. As he got home, he threw away the tshirt and went into the shower. He thought about what he just had done, and smiled. It was ‘wrong', but he had enjoyed it so very much. Maybe he would do it again sometime he thought to himself. When Analboy got up the next morning, he went out and headed for the field. He wanted to get a good look at his equine lover in the daylight. As he came to the field, he saw five horses. Which one was his lover he thought. He stood there a few minutes, staring at a beautiful brown stallion. He knew that this was him. After 15 minutes of staring at this magnificient creature, he went home again, with a big smile on his lips.


The Monster Flared Head and big nuts

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