Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Assmaster Bill- The Anal ring popping expert 6/28/16 session

Assmaster Bill- The Anal ring popping expert

The asshole sluts big asshole was hovering over the extra large construction cone, as he sunk down, he went to a three inch width on the first impale.  AssMaster Bill liked that, it meant his muscle was already half destroyed from all the abuse its been taking lately.

His greasy hand stroking the sluts bald cock hard, keeps him hot for anal abuse. He began bouncing up and down on the large cone, stretching out his muscle to the max.

 "Ready for a 2 inch starter dong fall in?" He said, "Yea work my muscle ring" Slut said getting in position doggy style.

It was great seeing a huge dong practically fall in his rectum with no resistance.

"Ass down to line up your colon, now spread your legs to let loose that big asshole" He said and the slut slipped into position, Aiming the head at his gaping asshole, then PLUNGE!, right to the hilt with no resistance, "Nice fall in, a few pumps and we go right to 3 inch wider rocket dildo. He pumped and twisted stubby starter, watching his muscle let loose even more.  He picked up greasy rocket dong once he decided his asshole was too loose for stubby.  It too sank in right to the 3inch  ridges rather easy.. "Ripple my ring muscle over the ridges Daddy....Ahhhh that’s wrecking my ring muscle good" he moaned getting into the analwork.

Assdaddy picked up the pace, long smooth strokes where pulling his muscle in and out, then he would plunge back deep over and over until his muscle was past the ridges and into the fattest part of the dong at 3.25 inch wide 

"Hot, wreck it, its losing all rectal control fast!" the slut screamed. He started working the sluts cock with his other hand, keeping up the relentless plunging of his ring muscle
"Its ball popping time" He announced, and ripped the rocket out, and set the ring popper on the bench 1st ball 2-1/2” diameter, 2nd ball 3 inches, third ball 3-1/2 inch. The slut was straddling the bench with his back to him, his bald cock dripping now. "Down on the 1st ball, no mercy on you muscle" AssDaddy said, as the slut aggressively impaled himself on the ball toy, popping the fist ball in with ease. 

"Now start working it hard, ruin your muscle!" he said.

Analboy went crazy, bouncing up and down and the second ball started popping into his muscle, He was working up to the 3rd ball now,
"almost there, ruin me" he screamed,

but the asshole destruction was too hot and his bald cock squirted off from abuse. He was toast, and pulled off the ball popper, Assdaddy could see the muscle hanging open, no control and puffy, as he sank his 8 inch monster cock balls deep in his ruined asshole, He grabbed his hips and pulled hard, long fuck strokes felts good, and he was ready to cum right away.  “Im cumming in your slutty asshole!” He screamed and deposited a huge load into his colon bend.

The end

Gettin to the 3 inch mark!

Pull of and impale again

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