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The missing story Series- RUINER

The missing Story Series- RUINER

Johnny walked slowly over towards the vaulting horse, converted to a BDSM anal horse, the piece of equipment had arm and ankle restraints, a hole in the base so they could insert his cock and tied off nuts thru. This gave the ass workers the option of working his nuts or sounding out his piss slit, as the others destroy his asshole.  He was ready, more than ready. Cleaned out a couple of hours ago, he felt loose, open, ready. His anus was already lubed and his ass cheeks slid deliciously against each other, the sensuous feel of his inner ass cheeks smooth skin sliding across each other was intoxicating. Inside he felt empty and ready to be filled. His nuts were tied off individually with large rubber bands, then another large one around the entire sack as well, then his bald cock was oiled down with plenty of baby oil, leaving his bald pubic area glistening and looking so slutty.  Gary, the current assmaster, worked the whores nuts until the sluts little bald cock got rock hard. Then he took a pencil thick sound and slid it down his 4 inch shaft, fucking the piss slit a few times as a primer for today’s session.

Rarely did he feel this ready to get his asshole destroyed and hoped that his limits would be pushed beyond anything he had ever experienced. Reaching the horse he bent over it, the lightly padded, leather covered high bench cool to his skin. His oiled up cock and tied off nuts were fed into the hole. His bald cock and nuts hung below, fully exposed for work. The bench was just the right height, allowing enough room for his ankles to be cuffed on the outside with his feet flat on the floor. His wrists were cuffed straight out in front of him, arms tightly stretched, holding him almost immobile over the horse. It was wide enough so that it did not cut into his belly but rather let his stomach rest comfortably. With 2 or more assmasters working him on the bench, they could hold his ass cheeks wide open as another reamed the asshole or double fuck his piss slit in unison with his asshole. Sometimes working his nuts would send him over the top, making him cum. Assmaster Gary would usually punch fist his asshole first, plug it, then concentrate of working the cock and nuts to drain load after load out of the whore.

Johnny felt Gary’s hand lightly caressing his butt, adding more lube to anus. He was sure now that it was to be his asshole and not his tied off nut sack. His hand left off stroking him for a moment as he laid out the toys on a bench in front of him. He saw dildos of varying sizes plus a fist shaped one. He picked up the smallest, 12 inches long and two inches wide. He first used it to slap the boys tied off nut sack

Stepping behind him, he waited for the moment. Ahhhhhhh, here it was, the head pressing against his loose asshole. He relaxed his asshole and then there was no pressure before the head slithered inside. He felt himself open and let the dildo in, feeling it slide past his anal ring. He loved this moment, the slight pause while his rectum adjusted, then the slow advance. Not this time though, the dildo just kept going in, slowly, but with no pause. Then it was against the colon bend opening, but not at quite the right angle. Quickly it built up pressure inside him and he struggled to move his hips and get the right angle so it could enter the colon more deeply. However he was held too tightly in his bonds. He felt the dildo bend inside him.

Johnny mentally objected to this, felt cheated. He wanted the swift in and out fucking of his asshole. He wanted to feel it pushing up against the back of the rectum. Instead, the dildo kept up a continuous pressure against his insides. Frantically he began to try and move into the proper position to allow deeper entrance. All of a sudden it leapt deeper, entering his inner passage and continuing deeper into him. Now there were nine inches inside. He could sense rather than feel his inner ring clasp and slide down the dildo as it rebounded from the pressure of being forced up inside him before giving way. He knew now that it would be able to slide in all the way. Another inch or two and it would be visible through his belly moving inside him if he had not been laying over the horse. However he would be able to feel it pressing against the horse. Yes, there it was, the familiar deep insertion feeling.

He pushed in the last couple of inches and Johnny had taken it all. Not allowing him even a moment to enjoy it, he ripped the dildo from his rectum at high speed almost cause the asshole to come out the open hole, and walked around to the bench.  He picked up the urethral sound he first used on his piss slit. His split Johnny piss slit with his thumb and forefinger, and slid the sound down his slit again. Once fully inserted down his shaft, he began to push deeper past the prostrate. Once all 8 inches were firmly planted in his slit. He held the only nub end by placing his thumb over the end of the boys cock head. Now fully inserted, a rubber band was placed tightly around the cock-head holding the sound in place.  Now he went for the nuts, kneading them like marbles in his hand. He knew this would make him cum hard, 3 fingers reaching around found his open asshole, and stuffed them in just enough to send him over the edge. The analboy screamed out

“Oh my slit and nuts, Im cummminnnnnnnng”

The whore shot cum from his bald cock with the sound firmly planted. Satisfied for his first cum shot he set the sound on the bench and picked up the next larger dildo. The dildo was a long, flexible eighteen inches, three inches in diameter.

He walked around him and without any warning started feeding it into his asshole. Johnny experienced a moment of panic that he was not giving him time to prepare, but then it was pushing hard against him before the head sprung inside him, popping the asshole ring. This more like it! It was thick enough to cause his sissy cock to jump and get hard. He held it at a higher angle of attack so that when it was forced to curve up to enter his intestines it formed an arc that pressed against his insides. He made quick, short jabs until it was forced into his lower colon.

Involuntarily he tried to clench his anus around it, squeezing hard, but his asshole ring muscle has lost all ability to clamp down after hundreds of previous sessions. He gasped, felt his knees weaken as his belly pressed harder against the bench. His Asshole was starting to spasm slightly and he bucked against the dildo. Then he was sliding it deeper. When he had almost a foot in hm he reached the next obstacle. Johnny always thought of it as “the turn”. A spot inside his colon where it had to be worked a bit before proceeding. Once past there he knew it would slide in another few inches with ease. The problem was he was pressed so hard against the bench that the thick dildo was pressed against the edge of the horse as well as at his turn. He pushed harder and he could feel the head of the dildo finally ride up over the edge of the horse and slide around inside him.

Oh God! This was it! He drove it in further until he was taking about 15 inches. Then he withdrew it a half foot and rammed it back in. He could hardly breathe when it rode up on the horse and slid further into him, such was the excitement. He began to fuck him seriously, jerking the dildo back and then jabbing it back in. He didn’t realize it was going in a little deeper with each thrust. All he knew was that the hard fucking in his asshole was driving him sexually higher. He panted with arousal, his legs shaking, his tied of nuts and cock swinging with each hard thrust. He approached orgasm again. Suddenly he ripped the dildo from his body. He tried to grab it frantically with his ass! If only he could get it back inside him! He squeezed his guts, uselessly trying to grab the dildo with his wrecked asshole. He pushed back searching for it, squeezing his insides. His rectum began to be pushed from his body, a red tube a bit over two inches across sticking a good inch outside his anus. He prolapsed the rectum good.  Pulling hard against his wrist bonds he wiggled his ass, searching. In his frustration he writhed against his bonds seeking release. He was behind him, watching him struggle, the way his ass cheeks clenched and unclenched, his rectum pulsing in and out of his asshole. His flesh quivered and sweat began to roll off him.  The assmaster formed a circle with his thumb and fore finger and slid it over his red rectum meat tube, Squeezing and playing with the prolapsed rectum, causing the whore to let out a huge moan. He stuck his other hand under the horse and went for the tied off nuts and cock, jacking him and holding the prolapse out, the whore squirted off again.

Stepping carefully to avoid slipping in the combined cum juice and lube that puddled across the floor he went up to the bench, laid the one he had just pulled from his body down, and picked up the next one. He casually noticed how cool this next one was compared to the heat of the one that had just come from within his rectum. He glanced at him and looked calmly into his eyes. Eyes that beseeched him, begging for him to give him yet another cum shot. Bending down a bit to look straight at him, he merely watched him, amused by the frustration he felt. He noted how squeezed his nut-sack was from the tight rubber-bands around them.   He wanted so bad to slip the sound deep in him and work the asshole in unison.

He held the next dildo before him, and his eyes lit up. This was his favorite one. They had made it themselves. The domed top was three inches across, quickly spreading to five inches. Not counting the neck above the flare of the base it was seven inches long, five of those inches were the full diameter of five inches also, about sixteen inches around. Then it quickly necked down to two inches before flaring out to the flat five inch diameter base. This plug, handmade from OOMOO Silicone, weighed many pounds. It severely stretched him going in, then again its length, coupled with its width, really stretched his rectum in all directions. Normally it was used only for having it inside him for long periods, not for fucking him. Johnny assumed he would be released from the horse and his bonds once he had worked it inside him.

The assholes spasms had quieted by the time he returned behind him. He looked at how slick his asshole is, how swollen and ruined his asshole is. The large dong hung close to the open asshole, he was about to butt slam it in again.  He turned slightly sideways and used his upper thigh, below his hip, to lean against the base of the dildo and put slight pressure against it. Leaning in more he watched as his anal ring began to open and accept it, at least the first inch or so. It appeared to enter him further but he knew this was just an illusion. His asshole was being pushed inside him, but not yielding to the dildo yet. He pushed slowly, but with greater pressure.

Johnny felt his asshole open a bit, to the point where now a small pain was beginning to build. Soon he knew that it would become an increasingly dull ache, and then it would feel as if his pelvic bones would have to separate to let it in. He took a deep breath and tried to relax, knowing how hard it was to get the massive plug in. Incrementally it entered him, each fraction of an inch expanding his asshole. He was breathing harder now, but not in the deep relaxing breaths but harder, quicker breaths. His rectum was expanding, squeezing his prostrate, pushing out more of his cream. God, it was getting wide! He could only wait. Wait for that moment when his asshole gave out just that little and he knew it was going to slide in. when that happened his anal ring would run down the plug, a white stretched band encircling the five inch diameter plug and appear to suck it in. This was what happened when someone fisted him, and when finally gaining admittance inside him, commenting on how he had sucked the hand in. But it really wasn’t getting sucked in, it was just that his ass ring made it over the “hump” of the knuckles and slid down the back of the hand.

Ahhhhhhh…….that was it! The angle was just right, his asshole was so stretched, but he knew he was going to make it. Just a little bit more…… oh, there….yes… was going in. Quickly the huge plug now rushed in and his ass lips closed over it, nestled around the short throat that led to the base. Relief! Sweet relief! It was in him. His entire rectum stretched, full, his pelvis seeming to be enlarged, bones spread. His cock was so compressed that as he squirted there was nowhere for the pee that jetted from his peehole.

He waited now, ready for his bonds to be released, wondering where he was going to take him, as he always did when the plug was inside him. Instead he kept up steady pressure, forcing his partly closed anal ring against the flatness of the base. He couldn’t believe it, what was he doing? He wasn’t sure that he could take the base also, the plug would have to penetrate his inner sphincter and it was to wide for that, what was he thinking?

He pushed harder, substituting his hand for his hip, so he could work the base inside him. He stepped back and braced, and leaned into him. Johnny held his breath although he was unaware of it. He wanted it in, the whole thing. He wanted the base inside so it would push out his anal ring. He wanted to be led in public gay bath house and be shown to people so they could marvel at what he had done. His cock quivered with the idea of taking the whole thing, it would be a first. He wanted more, he always did. He wanted a bigger one, and longer, shoved up his asshole, swelling up his belly, weighting his insides. He wanted it in him and he would walk around, feeling it jostling his insides, pushing his internal organs around, see it bouncing and moving within his belly, a huge bulge in his abdomen that he could caress with his hands. Total rectal destruction!

He pushed back against him as well as he could, not sure where the hold up was. Was his asshole not opening? Was his inner ring the stopping place? He leant forward as much as he could, then hurled his body back. He felt the ties off nuts swing,  when it went in. He had given a massive thrust as he shoved back.

The plug entered him! His body gave way, He screamed as it tooks his asshole to the maximum width! As his asshole stretched over the flange of the base his inner ring also gave way and it entered his intestines. His momentum carried him further and as his hand entered him, pushing the plug, it just continued deeper. His mind and body exploded. His cock precummed, his assshoel  distended, his insides spasmed and he internally ground his colon bend muscles against the mass inside him. He neared cun shot, he wanted to cum desperately, he had to cum, but he couldn’t. It was too much for him and he couldn’t. Something needed to be on his cock or nuts, a clamp maybe. Or he needed to grind against something. But there wasn’t anything there. Just an excruciating pressure that was driving his lust and at the same time denying him.

His inner colon ring closed around the base of the plug and it was fixed deep inside here. He could feel the pressure of it where it pressed against the horse and his abdomen. It was difficult for him to breathe. He saw this and came around and released his wrist restraints and carefully and slowly helped him to stand on his widespread feet. He wanted to bend over and roll his stomach, to feel what was inside him. He bent down and released his ankles and helped him stand. His feet slipped on the wet floor and he held him up. His hands dropped between his legs and he grabbed himself and rubbed and beat on his little bald cock. He had even forgot to ask permission to cum so desperate was his need. His body was trying to reject the mass inside but the plug was buried to deeply. He could feel his body trying to eject it but all he wanted was to cum. Taking deep, wracking breaths he masturbated desperately.  "Ohh ruin me so I can cum" he cried

He held Johnny as he started squirting off from anal again. His body convulsed, as his cum shot did done, the pee trapped inside him released, when he slammed the monster in further. The violence of the contractions started to force the plug from him and it was pushed down. However it was too tightly trapped in his colon, held there by his inner sphincter so his rectum started to eject from his body instead, a comple prolapse was produced. That red tube of glistening flesh unrolled from his asshole. A red tube with a hole in the end that led inside him, but was now extending out from his asshole. The lower the plug dropped the further as his asshole prolapsed, until it was about four inches outside of him. Still his orgasm continued and his prolapsed rectum pulsed. As his rectum rolled outside of his body the base of the plug finally stopped a couple of inches past his asshole, only it was wrapped up by his rectum. His asshole was an incredibly stretched ring through which jutted his rectum surrounding the lower part of the butt plug. The opening at the top of the rectum was now a gaping hole, inverted to outside his body and the base of the plug was visible up that hole.

Johnny collapsed over the horse as his asshole ejected the plug. His upper body lay against the bench of the horse as his butt stuck out behind him, and sticking out of his ass a good six inches, was his rectum, about four inches across, a gaping hole at the end. Johnny collapsed like this, spent, exhausted. The assmaster could resist the prolapse hole, and stuck his 9 inch cock in the meat tube, he sank to the balls, his thumb and forfinger wrapped around the base of the prolapse to keep it from going back in. He used the red meat tube as a jacking tube "Ohh fuck my tube Daddy, your gonna make me cum again" he said...It looked so hot the assmaster creamed the red meat tube good.

End of a hot rectal abuse session

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  1. I love your prolapse fucking stories. This one was so hot. I wish that would happen to me one day.


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