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Technique #2- Piis slit sounding

I did not write this post, this was something I found online. Use caution, I might not agree with all this guy is saying

Sounding is used as a generic term for stuffing the cock. Actual penile urethral sounds are usually Van Burens (curved) and Dittels (straight). These are hard to find and can be quite expensive. Most stuffers use medical devices that are actually uterine dilators, called Pratts or Hegars but they are also commonly called SOUNDS. Sounds and dilators are sized either by French Urological Sizing (Fr) [20 Fr. = 1/4", 40 Fr. = 1/2"] or millimeters (mm) [26mm = 1"]. They are usually made of steel or brass coated with steel and may be solid or hollow, depending on quality. The two major reasons for sounding are sensation (it feels good) and stretching the urethra.
Dittal Type Sounds

Van Buren Type Sounds

The best-Hegar Type sounds

 Be certain to practice health precautions as a urinary tract or bladder infection is not a lot of fun and untreated is a serious medical problem. Sounds can be cleaned for one-person use with a wiping of household bleach or alcohol. If you have slutty sounds, invest in a good cold sterilization solution, such as Madacide, from the local medical supply store and follow the directions. Autoclaving is always a good idea and most piercing and tattoo studios will do it for you for a small fee. Please do not boil, microwave or put your sounds into a pressure cooker. These procedures can destroy the steel coating if your sounds are plated. Wash your hands before starting. Most infections begin with unclean hands. Use gloves unless you want to be fluid bonded with your stuffing buddy. STD's are transmitted through pre-cum and ejaculate fluid, a cut on your hand is an open highway to your blood.

 To use the sounds, start by using a good lubricant. You can place lube directly on the sound or inject the lube into the urethra with a syringe minus the needle. I have also used bacitracin or other antibacterial ointment as an added precaution against germs. Simply slip the appropriate size sound into the urethral opening and gravity takes over, it should slip in with no force. If it does not, go to a smaller size. You can always go larger later. I suggest the Hegars if you intend to be fucking the cock. They are more rounded on the ends and less likely to scrape the urethra. You can place your finger on the underside of the cock shaft and feel the progress of the sound as it slides in. If a sound scrapes the inside of the urethra of an erect cock you are likely to see blood gushing due to the force of the erection. Having seen this up close and personal, I assure you, it can be a lot of blood and quite frightening for all involved. If this does happen, get the cock flaccid as quickly as possible. An internal scratch will usually heal with a bit of discomfort, but as long as you are gentle scrapes should not occur.

 The sound will actually go all the way into the bladder with practice. The Hegars are usually too short for this; they are only about 7.5" long. The Pratts are around 10" long and are more tapered on the ends, making them better for stretching the urethra as well. You will know when you get to the lower sphincter opening to the bladder. The prostate surrounds this opening and a sound will require a bit of slight, steady pressure to get it past this little muscle. The sensation of a sound prodding at this sensitive spot is unmistakable. Always go slowly and never use excessive pressure. If it won't slide in, do not force it.

 Stretching the urethra is taking sounding a bit further into the body modification arena. It requires patience and determination. It goes slowly but the journey is part of the fun. You start with a sound that you can barely get into your cock. Lube it very well and, now for the fun, you work it in and out and back and forth. The object is to slowly and gradually stretch the hole to the next size sound. This can take a short amount of time or it can be a few weeks. The pliability of the tissue varies from man to man. The most important thing to have is patience. If you go too quickly, you can tear the urethra. This is not deadly but can be a bloody injury. The biggest problem is that tearing can cause keloiding or scar tissue, which does not stretch well. If you develop severe keloiding then you are going to have to cheat.

 I like to refer to a meatotomy as cheating at urethral stretching; it's for those that want instant gratification. This is not to say that some men don't have a meatotomy for other reasons; many do in fact undergo the procedure simply because they choose to. It is those that want the stretching but haven't the patience that are the cheaters. I say this good-naturedly. So what is a meatotomy? It is surgically enlarging the urethral opening on the head of the penis. It can be a partial or a full meatotomy depending on the amount of tissue that is altered. Full meatotomy results in the bisection of the glans or to put it in layman terms, the head of the dick is cut in half.

 Back to stuffing, your imagination is the limit. Some men stuff rubber fishing worms, some stuff fingers and others just stick to sounds. The most important thing to remember is that whatever it is that you are going to stick down that cock hole; make certain that it is smooth, clean and not breakable. I almost forgot the most important thing; can you cum with your cock stuffed? Yes, indeed, but be certain that you're not aiming towards someone or something. You wouldn't want to shoot an innocent bystander with that projectile you stuffed into your pee hole.

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