Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Severe Rectal

The Missing Stories series- Severe Rectal

Having been picked up at the hospital by Mr. Kelly and Tom, Analboy was taken back to Tom's house. Once there he was made to bath himself and and jack the cock as he lathered himself up. As Mr. Kelly sat quietly watching Tom instructed Analboy on how to bath himself. Telling him to play with his asshole in the water then handing him an 18" x 2" thick, long black rubber dildo he instructed him to slide it in his asshole slowly. Following Tom's instructions Analboy inserted the large black toy into his rectum slowly sliding it in under Mr. Kelly's closely watching eyes. Having masturbated himself with a dildo, over 500 times, Analboy tried to find the right tempo as he slid his rubber lover in and out. Seeing he had worked it in several inches Tom ordered him to get on his hands and knees in the tub. Analboy wanting to follow his instructions started to pull the rubber phallic free from him in order, to comply with his orders. Tom told him to "Stop leave it in and get on your hands and knees Slave." He demanded. Doing as ordered he awkwardly sat up and got on his hands and knees moving slowly troubled as the remaining twelve inches of the dildo flailed about from side to side slapping his thighs as he moved. After lifting his ass out of the warm water, Analboy felt the cold air touch her sphincter as Tom grabbed her ass and pulled her checks apart. Ordering Analboy to continue to stroke the dildo in and out of himself. Tom began to insert his index finger into Analboy's exposed winking anus. Feeling the anal ring, he began to work it, it pleasured himself, Analboy began to pant and moan as he was forced to masturbate himself in front of his dominent Daddies. As Analboy began to get into it, Tom began to drive his finger in more rapidly. After sensing the loosening of Analboy's sphincter, Tom inserted another finger into him and worked it in and out,"Were gonna fuck up your asshole ring, boy!" . Splashing some water over Analboy's ass with his other hand he continued to thrust his fingers into his slaves asshole. Finally. working his third finger into Analboy's ass he began to spread her fingers apart while stroking in and out of her hole, "Fuck yea!, Work that assring, Daddy" Analboy cooed. Analboy now shivering from the chill as most of his body was out of the warm water being forced into this position. Forced to stroke the phallic in and out of his asshole for twenty minutes now, constant hammering of the bend in his colon, started to break down that inner muscle. Analboy began to fell a warm felling beginning to build deep in his rectum. Another long thrusts, and the dildo slid past his bend and way up into him, almost a full 14", Throwing his head up as his orgasm first struck him, he opened his eyes to see the disturbing sight in the mirror.
Enjoying the feeling of power he got from thrusting his fingers in his slaves assHOLE, he always attempts to rosebud him, he slipped in his ring finger. Now having four fingers in Analboy's stretched out sphincter he started to thrust harder trying to loosen him up more. "I want your rectum to come out of your asshole", as he inserted his fifth finger into Analboy's ass he began to spank the boy's ass with his free hand. "Fucking, Anal Whore, Slut" He yelled. Feeling that he had loosened him up enough Tom began to try to push his wrist into Analboy's abused asshole. 'Hold him still, I want to go way up into his colon today!" Between the pressure from Tom trying to shove his hand in his asshole and the desire to escape the slaps on Analboy's ass, Analboy fell forward falling onto his right elbow. Forcing his hand in past the knuckles Tom forced an outburst from Analboy as the fist drove through him. Driving in and out of Analboy's asshole several times Tom squeezing his hand into a fist inside Analboy's ass began to thrust in and out as roughly as he could driving his arm in almost to his elbow. Tom would always pull his hand completely out on the out stroke, trying to get some of his rectal cavity prolapsed. Impaled on Tom's arm Analboy screamed feeling his bowels being ripped apart, and drop down into the sphincter region. As he thrust his left arm into the poor boy, huge asslips formed around Tom's wrist. Tom wanting him to be quite and told him to shut up, Analboy continued screaming. "Oh your prolapsing my rectum, ohhh gawd!" Fed up with the noise coming from Analboy's mouth Tom using his right hand reached up and forced a ball gag into his mouth, still thrusting in and out with his left arm. Holding down the struggling Analboy, Tom continued his viscous fisting of Analboy's rectal cavity.
Mr. Kelly quietly stood and walked out of the bathroom, not able to watch his friends actions afraid he was going to damage his asshole for good,,, the poor boy. Tom still holding Analboy's Hips tight and still having his arm shoved up the boy's ass felt Analboy go limp. Tom severely prolapsed his rectum. As Analboy started to come-- to his head held up suspend by his hair Tom took several more thrust into Analboy's ass. "I ruined your asshole, boy!" Laughing as Analboy began to groan and Tom's fist still balled up in Analboy's ass was pulled free from Analboy's tortured bowels. The ass work was too much for the still recovering boy, he shrieked as the rectum cavity prolapsed out again. As Analboy went limp again his head still suspended by his hair as Tom held it up preventing him from falling back into the water, now freed of the obstruction in his ass began to shit lube as he was held there suspended, his swinging rectum hanging like a ball sack. It was a Hot sight Analboy's limp body held up, huge rosebud.Mr Kelly could not help but to bring analboy to another come shot by sliding the 15" dong all the way up is colon for the final climax. Yelling for him to return Tom had him help carry Analboy to the shower and clean him up. This one caused some permanennat damage to his rectum, that would never really recover again.

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