Saturday, April 2, 2016

Corncob Torture

The missing stories series- Corncorb Torture

Halfway down to my friends house, I found myself in the country, on the side of the road, my car was dead and it was dark. All I could do was just wait for the next car to come by…

After he finished untying his unconscious former boyfriend, he left and didn't look back. He won't be able to shit for about a month without thinking of me, he thought as he pulled into the drive-thru convenience store. The 40-oz. beer was going down smoothly as he cruised the back roads thinking about where his next piece of asshole was going to come from now that his steady relationship was over. One thing was for sure, however: He vowed silently that he would never beg and plead with a man for anal sex again. It was what he liked best, and if they wouldn't give it up willingly, then they weren't qualified to be his bottom boyfriend. And just maybe he'd take it anyway, even if they weren't willing. Off in the distance he could see the 4-way flashers of a car pulled off to the side of the lonely country road. He rolled up behind the vehicle to offer assistance. The driver was a brown haired man in his early thirties. "Do you know anything about car engines?" he asked pleadingly through the one-inch gap in the window of his locked door. "I know enough to leave them alone." he responded with a smile. "About all I can offer you in the way of assistance is a ride to a phone. And as you can see your a few miles from anywhere." "Well then, it looks like I have no choice." he said, getting out of his car and walking toward his.

Analboy and the stranger proceeded for a while in his car. Analboy new this guy was bad news and said, he wanted to get out now, there was a farm house ahead.

"No problem," he said, turning the car off the road onto a turkey trail that ran off at an angle between two cornfields. "I think I'll get out too." He checked the mirror to make sure that the car was out of sight of the main roadway, then locked up the brakes suddenly, causing Analboy to pitch forward and lose his grip on the door handle. He then opened his door, hit the power locks, got out and slammed the door shut. By the time he managed to get his door open, he was waiting to help him out. "Let's take a little walk in the field, babe. You're about to get corncobbed!"

Analboy was stripped naked and bent over and greased, he loved anal and so he did not resist. He was about to make a big mistake. He was suddenly gagged.

"Have you ever wondered why they call anal sex 'cornholing'?" He asked as he broke off and shucked a large ear of corn from one of the stalks. "Let's see how well this fits up there." He pulled one buttock to the side and pressed the ear of corn firmly against his puckered anal ring. He had no strength to struggle, and was powerless to resist. "NOOOOOOOO!!! OH GOD!!!!! STOP IT! IT HURRRRRTITS!!!! He screamed into his gag as the corn was forced relentlessly into his butt. As soon as it was almost all the way in, he reversed directions and pulled it back out to the tip, the loose muscle bumping over each kernel along the way. He pumped it in and out for a while until he sensed that his pain and humiliation from the depraved act had diminished considerably, then he reached for the drill in his toolbox. It was a Black & Decker variable speed reversible model with a fully charged battery pack. He locked in a 3/4 inch bit and held the corn cob tight as he screwed the drill into it until the bit was buried all the way and the corn was turning as he reved the drill. Then he re-inserted it up his ass and pulled the trigger. Slowly at first, it began to turn in his hole, causing him considerable discomfort. What was he doing? Analboy wondered as the corn spun deeper and deeper into his body; deeper than before because he now no longer had to grip it with his hand. He sighed with relief as his hole closed over the big end of the corn and he released the trigger for a moment, causing the slow spinning to stop. Then, with a sadistic grin, he pulled the trigger all the way. His mind exploded in shards of agony as the corn spun at top speed in his clingy bowels. His body convulsively pushed outward and the big end of the corn emerged from his rectum. He then clenched his buttocks tightly, and actually succeeded in slowing the revolutions of the instrument of torture. This act ruined his anal ring. When his body involuntarily pushed the foreign object outward, it gained speed and was able to screw back in. But when he clenched his buns tightly around it, he could almost stop it from spinning. As soon as he realized that he was gaining some control over his situation, he pushed his legs farther apart, spread his ass open with his free hand, and rammed the twisting phallus in and out until the yellow corn was beginning to turn pink from blood. He stopped at that point, not wanting to splatter the blood all over himself. "Well bitch, now that you're not so tight-assed anymore, I think Ive wrecked your anus!, I'm gonna give you the ultimate in anal penetration. Ready for a fist fuck?" He felt his clenched fist pressing between his buns and pushing hard against the sore gaping hole of his butt. He wanted to clench his sphincter shut to deny him entry, but his muscle control was gone. Analboy groaned in pain as his fist forced its way into his tortured body through the rear entrance. As soon as his anus squeezed around his thick wrist, he began to twist it back and forth; pull it in and out; adding to his suffering. Then he unclenched his fist, opening and closing his hand inside him. Although he wanted to prolong his plight, his dick was hard and ready for some action. He punch fucked analboys asshole to ruin, then he suddenly yanked his hand out of him, causing him to yelp in surprise as his damaged anal ring stretched to release the thickest part of his fist. The welcome empty feeling only lasted about a minute as he shucked another big ear of corn and rammed it deep up his ass. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and dropped his pants. He scooted under him roughly until they were chest to chest, his throbbing pecker straining toward his asshole like a heat-seeking missile. He pulled the gag from his mouth and kissed him roughly as he struggled to insert his dick into his asshole The passage was made particularly loose and did not take long for him to bury himself to the hilt. Gripping his right ass cheek and pulling it to the side, he used his right hand to thrust the corn dildo in and out of his sore bottom along side his cock. He could feel it rubbing against the sensitive underside of his penis. He groaned into his mouth and pulled his face away, breaking the kiss. He jammed the cob in all the way and let go as his ass ring closed around the big end. He grabbed a hand full of his hair and pressed his lips angrily back to his asshole. His tongue slithered into his oral orifice as he moved his hand to his left ass cheek, gripping and massaging both buttocks as he began thrusting in and out of his now dripping asshole. Then he rammed deep, squeezed hard, and sucked his tongue into his mouth as his cum exploded deep in his bowels. He was still sobbing softly as he dressed and gathered up all his things, including his belt which had held his arms tightly to his sides. "You should be able to undo the rest yourself. You don't have to thank me for the ride, I'll just take your cash for gas money."

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