Saturday, April 9, 2016

Asshole abuser BC Session 4/8/16

Rectal Abuser Bill sank the 2" wide short stubby dong right to the hilt on the first push in, Indicating the Analboy sluts asshole was well conditioned, He pumped his asshole ring muscle doggy style, but got little moans and little rectal noises, and decided more severe rectal abuse was in order, So the 3 inch rocket dong was prepped for launch.  Plenty of JLube plastic lube would ensure a nice insertion doggy style.  He wanted to loosen the muscle doggie style before more severe abuse could happen on the weight bench.  The slut hit the poppers just as he was pushing the rocket in...

"Good fall in slut!, Nice and loose" Abuser BC said, getting a good grip on the end.  "Up on the bench, cock down in front, spread those ass cheeks, we are gonna launch your ring muscle to the moon on rocket until you loose all rectal control, then we will polish off the ring muscle with some ball poppin fun" BC said...He sank the rocket home in one push, producing a large groan from the slut from the bench position.  He got into a steady rhythm right away, long swift strokes breaking down the muscle fast.

"Ohhh yea daddy ruin my asshole for good" he pleaded  "You got it!, Your muscle is breaking down nicely already, its time for some ring popping on the balls" He said, picking up the ring popper dong, greasing it nicely, Fist ball was 2" and popped in no problem, but the muscle met some resistance and he tried ot force the second ball in at 3", but it sank home too.

"Ohhh my ring" he screamed, as abuser BC went right to work with the two balls, popping them in and out of his asshole quickly 2 balls in, 2 balls out, over and over pulling on the muscle, soon the asshole even let loose around the second ball.  Sluts rock hard cock was dripping forced down in front on the bench, He started stroking the sluts cock and he continued the 2 ball attack on his muscle.

Soon the slut announced his cum shot was gonna cum" Bald cock is gonna shoot from rectal abuse Daddy soon" he screamed

"Not yet, I wanna feel the muscle convulse and spasm around my dick when you cum" He said, ripping the two balls aout as fast as possible, He mounted the slut and sank to the balls in one stroke. He started fucking him, enjoying the big muscle
He reached around and jacked his sluts cock as he fucked, trying to induce a hard spasming cum shot.

"Ohhh fuck Im cumming" the slut said as his massive cum shot hit, sending his destroyed muscle into a series of hard spasmings and convulsions milking his cock..."Ohh your muscle is making me cum too!" He said, enjoying the nice muscle fuck for a Friday, he squirted balls deep several times, then pulled out....

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