Thursday, April 21, 2016

Abuser BC Session 4/20/16

Abuser BC- "Ball Popping Specialist"- 4/20 session

Abuser BC was pleased with the development of the sluts rectum and muscle. Its breaking down nicely now into the sessions. The new idea was to set the Ball popper dong (see pic below), on a bucket, so I can constantly ride up and down over the 3 inch balls, until the muscle breaks down even more., Then pop into his colon bend with the third ball to really ruin the muscle. Abuser BC setup the basement for the rectal abuse session, Today would be the ultimate in asshole expansion. If he could get his ring so loose on two balls, his gloved hand would sink in his cavity rather easy.  His asshole looked all stretched out and big from lots of abuse, as he aimed stubby dong and the loose opening., it slide to the hilt with no resistance, he pumped his loose asshole, trying to concentrate the head right on the ring. Ball Popping specialist BC decided stubby was to short, and in order to get the third ball in, he would have to conditioned his colon bend straight. He picked the longer starter dong and snaked it into him, slowly he entered the sluts colon bend.

"Good depth Daddy, your way up into me, work that colon" He said, He pumped his colon for a few minutes before announcing, "I Need some ball popping action NOW, my cock is hard, and im gonna need a muscle to orgasm in soon too" He announced, and the slut got prepped to impale on the ball popper dong.

"Wait wait wait, we need to break down the muscle with some rocket punching, this will lead to nice ball insertions, up on the bench, lets punch that muscle a little" He demanded

"ohh assdaddy you know i love rocket punching on the bench" The slut said, he cock got rock hard at the thought. He took his position and pushed his hard cock down in front, Abuser BC powered the rocket right into the muscle with no mercy.  "Oh yea, ruin me on rocket" He moaned  "Ass soon as you lose rectal control we goto the balls" Abuser BC, now in a good punching rhythm, longs swift strokes rippled his ring over the ridges

"Ohhh Daddy, Im starting to lose all rectal control" the slut announced, "Ball time" Abuser BC said. The sluts big asshole hovered over the Ball popper dong and abuser BC lined up and steady the monster. Impale down on the ball now, its ready"
The first ball sank into his rectum with relative ease, he pulled off, pulling the ring out, repeat, deeper, approaching the 2nd ball width, "Pull out, Again!"

The second ball popped in "Now  start ball popping your muscle over and over both balls". His slut rode the balls like a champ, Abuser BC watching the send balls on the pull out, you could see it was really working his muscle, It would pull it out forming a small cone befre the muscle let loose. Itw as so hot for abuser BC, he was rock hard and leaking from.

"On the bench, I can stand it and need to orgasm in your muscle right now" He said. The slut quicky took his place on the bench, well seasoned slut new just how to make his daddy orgasm over and over from his big muscular donut. it wasn't 2 minutes and he felts his ass daddies big cock expands inside his rectum.. Assdaddy orgasmed in him over and over for about 5 minutes...

End of another successful muscle breakdown session...

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