Thursday, April 28, 2016

Technique #2- Piis slit sounding

I did not write this post, this was something I found online. Use caution, I might not agree with all this guy is saying

Sounding is used as a generic term for stuffing the cock. Actual penile urethral sounds are usually Van Burens (curved) and Dittels (straight). These are hard to find and can be quite expensive. Most stuffers use medical devices that are actually uterine dilators, called Pratts or Hegars but they are also commonly called SOUNDS. Sounds and dilators are sized either by French Urological Sizing (Fr) [20 Fr. = 1/4", 40 Fr. = 1/2"] or millimeters (mm) [26mm = 1"]. They are usually made of steel or brass coated with steel and may be solid or hollow, depending on quality. The two major reasons for sounding are sensation (it feels good) and stretching the urethra.
Dittal Type Sounds

Van Buren Type Sounds

The best-Hegar Type sounds

 Be certain to practice health precautions as a urinary tract or bladder infection is not a lot of fun and untreated is a serious medical problem. Sounds can be cleaned for one-person use with a wiping of household bleach or alcohol. If you have slutty sounds, invest in a good cold sterilization solution, such as Madacide, from the local medical supply store and follow the directions. Autoclaving is always a good idea and most piercing and tattoo studios will do it for you for a small fee. Please do not boil, microwave or put your sounds into a pressure cooker. These procedures can destroy the steel coating if your sounds are plated. Wash your hands before starting. Most infections begin with unclean hands. Use gloves unless you want to be fluid bonded with your stuffing buddy. STD's are transmitted through pre-cum and ejaculate fluid, a cut on your hand is an open highway to your blood.

 To use the sounds, start by using a good lubricant. You can place lube directly on the sound or inject the lube into the urethra with a syringe minus the needle. I have also used bacitracin or other antibacterial ointment as an added precaution against germs. Simply slip the appropriate size sound into the urethral opening and gravity takes over, it should slip in with no force. If it does not, go to a smaller size. You can always go larger later. I suggest the Hegars if you intend to be fucking the cock. They are more rounded on the ends and less likely to scrape the urethra. You can place your finger on the underside of the cock shaft and feel the progress of the sound as it slides in. If a sound scrapes the inside of the urethra of an erect cock you are likely to see blood gushing due to the force of the erection. Having seen this up close and personal, I assure you, it can be a lot of blood and quite frightening for all involved. If this does happen, get the cock flaccid as quickly as possible. An internal scratch will usually heal with a bit of discomfort, but as long as you are gentle scrapes should not occur.

 The sound will actually go all the way into the bladder with practice. The Hegars are usually too short for this; they are only about 7.5" long. The Pratts are around 10" long and are more tapered on the ends, making them better for stretching the urethra as well. You will know when you get to the lower sphincter opening to the bladder. The prostate surrounds this opening and a sound will require a bit of slight, steady pressure to get it past this little muscle. The sensation of a sound prodding at this sensitive spot is unmistakable. Always go slowly and never use excessive pressure. If it won't slide in, do not force it.

 Stretching the urethra is taking sounding a bit further into the body modification arena. It requires patience and determination. It goes slowly but the journey is part of the fun. You start with a sound that you can barely get into your cock. Lube it very well and, now for the fun, you work it in and out and back and forth. The object is to slowly and gradually stretch the hole to the next size sound. This can take a short amount of time or it can be a few weeks. The pliability of the tissue varies from man to man. The most important thing to have is patience. If you go too quickly, you can tear the urethra. This is not deadly but can be a bloody injury. The biggest problem is that tearing can cause keloiding or scar tissue, which does not stretch well. If you develop severe keloiding then you are going to have to cheat.

 I like to refer to a meatotomy as cheating at urethral stretching; it's for those that want instant gratification. This is not to say that some men don't have a meatotomy for other reasons; many do in fact undergo the procedure simply because they choose to. It is those that want the stretching but haven't the patience that are the cheaters. I say this good-naturedly. So what is a meatotomy? It is surgically enlarging the urethral opening on the head of the penis. It can be a partial or a full meatotomy depending on the amount of tissue that is altered. Full meatotomy results in the bisection of the glans or to put it in layman terms, the head of the dick is cut in half.

 Back to stuffing, your imagination is the limit. Some men stuff rubber fishing worms, some stuff fingers and others just stick to sounds. The most important thing to remember is that whatever it is that you are going to stick down that cock hole; make certain that it is smooth, clean and not breakable. I almost forgot the most important thing; can you cum with your cock stuffed? Yes, indeed, but be certain that you're not aiming towards someone or something. You wouldn't want to shoot an innocent bystander with that projectile you stuffed into your pee hole.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

King-The Missing Story Series

The missing story series- King - 20" Horse cock wrecks Analboy's Rectum

His prick was still tingling from his hot sex session in the stables as its shriveled form swung to and from beneath his leather pants. He was frequenting the stables much too often to be discrete anymore, he knew, but he didn't care. It was his and he could do whatever he liked--and what he liked was Analboy and his own official mount (which he had gotten ready for a hunting ride--some hunt).
"Damn! That horse could really fuck that Analboy!" his AssDaddy reminisced. What a show that had been!, After 50 ass wrecking sessions in 20 days, His asshole ring muscle was finally shot. Now it was time to take his rectum to the next level in looseness. Besides, his slut was now cumming from rectal abuse, so he knew he was getting addicted to his own asshole, and would do anything to cum from anal.

When Analboy arrived for the first time, the AssDaddy had known he would have a great afternoon. The young man was skinny, femmy and had bald pubes. He had been smiling when he was brought in since he had participated in, and immensely enjoyed, some of the AssDaddy's late night festivities in his home and had been told that, if he submitted to today's activities and gave as good a performance as he had been doing, he would be whored out on a regular basis.

As a horny gay boy without anything to use as a reference, he had figured that a horse cock was about the same as a baseball bat, but he didn't know that the AssDaddy's horse's prick was exceptionally large--even for a horse. He didn't realize his folly until he couldn't do anything about it--not that he could have anyway. The AssDaddy could have ordered his beefy other TOP men to force him to participate, but he had wanted the Analboy to participate on his own--the fewer people who were involved, the less likely rumors would spread if the horse cock fucked up his colon or even worse.
The AssDaddy had been sitting draped only in a robe and had ordered his deliciously corpulent victim to lie face down on a short plank. It was slanted so that the man's head would be below his waist, with his legs standing erect but spread apart. His legs were tied to the support beams of the plank and his smooth, round ass was now high in the air. He was still grinning up lasciviously at the AssDaddy when he wrapped his arms beneath the plank as if this were going to be another "pricknic" party he was going to enjoy, and the tallest dom top tied his arms under it.

The boys belly was supported by the plank and his thick, although only four and a half inch bald boy cock, was squished by the board and his nuts tied off real tight. His balls, however, hung freely, hanging over the end of the board. They felt a bit chilled to their owner due to a nice breeze blowing through the barn. He would relish that discomfort within the hour and wish it were his only discomfort.

Analboy was smiling when the broad chested stable hand began to slap his butt a few times with a flat board "to soften it up a bit for the horse," the AssDaddy had joked. A small saddle was even put on his back so the horse could "ride a man for a change." Without getting his cue from the AssDaddy, the tall stable hand had grabbed the hair of the recipient of his intentions and was crudely sliding his long cock past his lips into the mouth in a powerful face fuck, not caring that the receiver of his invasion was not ready and was uncomfortable and gagging somewhat.

Analboy was a pro, however, and quickly adjusted to the meat that filled his mouth. It had paid off to be skinny, he deep throated the mans cock. The horse was watching all of this with wide eyes and flared nostrils. He had just been cleaned and the brisk, firm brushing that the stable hands had given him had excited him, but the scene he was witnessing was getting him aroused. He knew his role in the performance to come since he had been practicing on two of the stable hands. Now he was eagerly moving back and forth in his stall, using his hoof to kick at the door now and then as if to say, "Let me out! I want to tear into that sluts rectum now!" His snorting and whinnying were increasing with each insistent effort.

The other two stable hands were quite busy, although naked themselves. One lubricated Analboys asshole by dipping a pole, the end of which was wrapped tightly with a ball of absorbent cloth, into a pail of KY jelly, Jlube and crisco all mixed together. This concoction was so slick, large objects would easily slide into his non functioning asshole. He spread this down the crack of the sluts butt cheeks as the unwary man continued to gobble the tall guy's cock. The grease man teased the pole around before he broke through the non-resisting sphincter and inserted the pole's balled end in. He stroked it in and out and even gave his target a few twists of the pole, working his rectal walls. This made boy slurp and gulp on his "meal" and he gagged a bit. But he motioned for the pole fucking to continue and, ready for the second slathering of lube, gave his oral companion quite a thrill when the pole up his ass was spun around.

The lubricant was more than just that, of course, in order to get the horse to "mate", and the AssDaddy walked behind the bound man. He reached for a club which had a broad flat end on one side covered by a padded cloth. The boy had seen him take this from the rafters and started sweating, believing this impliment was to be rammed up his rectum, too. He was wrong, however.
The AssDaddy stood behind and instructed the tall man to stop. On his signal, the stable hand shoved a soft-wooden dildo in the man's mouth and thrust his hips against it to keep it in. The AssDaddy's fingers curled around the handle of his crude device and, after watching the hanging balls stop bouncing, rammed the flat end into his rectum as hard ass possible. The 3" wide flat piece wrecked his assholealmost immediatly, sending him screaming

"Ohhhhhh my asssholeeeeeee" he screamed

They all laughed uproariously when the body stiffened, the head arching back in its stifled scream. He was powerless to escape these cruel punching of his asshole. On the second slam, his neck muscles were so taut and his head was shaking so hard to try to free himself from his bonds that he could have ripped his own head off. The broad chested stud sat his well-muscled ass on the tortured analboys back, his legs straddling the femmy shoulders and his balls tucked up against the back of suffering boy's neck. His very stiff prick moved up the back of the man's head and curls of the bound man's brown hair engulfed it.

"The AssDaddy wants to wreck your assring, faggot! You do agree, don't you? After all, the AssDaddy should be obeyed, Right, slut?"

"And," the stud continued, his own large nipples hard and pointed, "I'm gonna take a ride on your bucking bronco back, using your fool head as my pummel. If you jerk your fucking head around too much, I will really destroy that rectum!."

The slut was shaking in anticipating which only caused his hair to tickle his rider's cock and balls. The AssDaddy removed his own garments, revealing his raging hard prick. He carefully aimed and swung his club up, pausing so as to prolong the poor man's anticipation.

The deadened thud of the stick's padded end against the gaping asshole belied the true force of the impact. The analslut wrestled about in his bonds to relieve his pain but, remarkably enough, had kept his head relatively still, as, with wide eyes, he kept watching them destroy his assring. The rider had quite a ride and was bucked around by the man's back and shoulders quite like he might on the back of a wild horse. His cock kept rubbing against the back of his victim's head until, with a gasp and a shudder, the nauseous swollen meat threw up its contents into the sweat matted hair of his pet ride.
"Good boy!" his rider grinned as he got off, slapping his shoulder. "You make a great ride."
The AssDaddy was grinning so wide his mouth hurt. He came to the front of the bound man and lifting his head by the hair whispered, "and now for the real fun. You liked to get fucked, don't you?" He removed the dildo from his mouth. "Well, a horse fuck is the best damned fuck there is. You want to ruin your assmuscles, don't you?"

The slut moaned a sob and gasped his "yes. Ruin me so i can cum, please"

"Well give your old AssDaddy a royal show to pop his nuts off and I'll work your anus everyday"
Two of the stable hands led the excited horse out of its stall while the third grabbed the reins in front to guide the horse. The odor of the lubricant did its job and the horse's cockmeat was ready. The large stallion positioned his hoofs on either side of his fuck victim. When the horse had fucked the stable hands, they had restrained him so as not to let the whole cock into them--twenty inches of this thick cock had been too painful for them. He was restrained again so that only the tip of the massive horse cock would reach the horse's bound-mate's asshole.

Still naive, the Analboy tried to accommodate the horse. He wanted to get this whole 20 inches inside him. To do this, he believed he should attempt break down the anal bend in the colon. He wiggled and thrust his ass cheeks backwards along the head of the prize winning prick.

With a characteristic impatient animal lunge, the horse rammed his wet cockhead past the weak muscles of the sluts's asshole. A gasp and a howl of pain sent the AssDaddy and his companions into knee-slapping laughter. The horse kept trying to stroke, but this only had the effect of yanking backwards against an yielding sphincter which was no longer functioning corectly, the 3-1/2 wide prick was in him. With tears in his eyes, the AssDaddy grinned at the helpless whore, "and that's just the tip! Okay men, release the restrainst two notches."

The horse's harness and leg restraints were released and the horse shoved eight inches into the groaning Analboys rectum. He grunted and panted, the skin of his face and neck was drawn tightly and was deep red. His body shook as he tried to accommodate the large intrusion ruining him for good.

"That's less than a third of the horsemeat. Now, I'll let you know you're doing better than these guys did." The AssDaddy motioned at the three studs guiding the horse, but the boys's ears were ringing and he was trying to consciously relax his ass muscles so as to allow more depth and width. He only partly succeeded. The horse continued his excited thrusts and the bound man was jerking around so much he probably didn't hear the AssDaddy. "They made me stop with them. But I think you can handle more. Want more nice horse cock?"

Through gritted teeth, the boy hissed out his "fuck up my rectum!, the whole thing, damage it so i can cum!"

The AssDaddy bent over grinning and patted the tight, tense cheeks. "Aw. That's really nice thing. This stallion really loves you. Now let me think. Release you because you give up too easily or let my best stallion get a pleasurable treat. Hmmm. Okay boys. Release more of the harness!"

The horse jumped to take up the slack and ignored the man's screaming and writhing as it plunged and slid back its thick, long meat. Its thick shaft rough like sandapaper, tearing up analboys asshole. Its own pleasure was just too great to hold back because its partner was wriggling and screeching.
Usually, the stallion would have dumped its load by now (animal sex being usually too quick), but the artful stable hands had emptied the balls of semen twice earlier so that this time would require more time and effort to work those hot juices to the fore.

The wriggling only made matters worse for the fleshy rump roast as it twisted and bucked against the invading powerful sword. The AssDaddy was running around the two to watch everything from both sides. He raised his arm and dropped it as a signal that his rugged stable hands should let the horse free.

Surprised, the horse hurled itself into full length rammings of his enormous pole. 20 inches of shaft buried itself, fucking up the lower colon and rectal cavity The stomach muscles was rippling from the repeated jerking. The boy, however, was struggling less, now, since he was becoming progressively weaker.

With a braying cry and a snort from his nostrils, the horse shuddered and shot hot volcanic cinders deep into his partner. His hooves kicked so, that the stabled hands had to grab the chains on its legs to prevent him from trouncing all over the anguished man's body. 18 inches of shaft buried and squirting cum from analboys asshole proved to be HOT HOT!

An exhausted horse finally removed its withering penis from the perfect man-rectum it had so enjoyed. Had it been able to, the horse would have gone for more rounds, but it was showing its exhaustion and was quietly led to its stall. The boy lay panting, horse cum dripping from his swollen hanging asshole. He held most of it in since this was what he usually was commanded to do with the AssDaddy's jizzm. The AssDaddy patted his shoulders and told him to expell the contents in his bowels. He pushed his colon muscles and huge gobs of cum shot out and splattered on the floor, his rectum prolapsed severely from the massive fuck. Red meat swing like a ball sack covered in horse cum.

Although the pain had been excruciating and although he was still quite sore, the boy quietly admitted to himself that he had liked it. If he had been able to, he would have asked for another horse to be brought in! He liked the very stuffed feeling deep into his insides that the horse had given him. Despite the risks, he wanted more. He knew that, once he was going to be his whore, he would get horse fucked alot.

The tall animal trainer reinserted his long cock into the mouth of the still bound victim. With renewed strength, the whore sucked at it mightily, bringing it to climax sooner than usual. All four men were treated to this oral delight while the waiting others washed the tortured asshole clean. The broadchested man who had ridden his back, released his bonds from under the plank but quickly shackled his wrists behind his back. After his other retraints were removed, he was hauled before the AssDaddy where he was shoved into a kneeling position. The AssDaddy was getting dressed and was preparing to leave. It was a long ride back to the house.

"Well, you should thank your AssDaddy, don't you think? Not everyone gets to entertain as well as you did. And you did a fantastic job, I must admit. Don't you agree, boys?" He was still beaming and glowing from the day's entertainment. "Thank you, master," came the hoarse response. Judging that the AssDaddy was now in a benevolent mood, he ventured, "Am I your whore, now?"

The AssDaddy raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Well, ... a AssDaddy's promise is sacrosanct. If you can't trust a AssDaddy, why who can you trust?" He winked at the man.

The AssDaddy was about to give another order and, indeed, one of the stable hands had already reached up for one of the implements from the rafters. A small nagging voice inside the head, however, stopped him. He vaguely recognized the voice and even had a vague image of the person to whom it belonged, but he couldn't quite place either the voice or the image. Reluctantly, he listened to the little voice and shook his head "no" to the stable hand who replaced the weapon. "But then," the AssDaddy sighed as if he were in pain himself, "a AssDaddy must make important decisions everyday. Decisions like who to enslave, who to let go, and who to ruin anally. Hmm. Okay," he smiled benevolently at the whore. Turning to the stable hands as he mounted his riding horse he said,

"Take him away. I want to repeat this again in weekly sessions. Return him to the the home.

Giving his horse a kick, he road off, his penis still tingling from the slaves rectal destruction.

The End

Rectum Destroyer

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Abuser BC Session 4/20/16

Abuser BC- "Ball Popping Specialist"- 4/20 session

Abuser BC was pleased with the development of the sluts rectum and muscle. Its breaking down nicely now into the sessions. The new idea was to set the Ball popper dong (see pic below), on a bucket, so I can constantly ride up and down over the 3 inch balls, until the muscle breaks down even more., Then pop into his colon bend with the third ball to really ruin the muscle. Abuser BC setup the basement for the rectal abuse session, Today would be the ultimate in asshole expansion. If he could get his ring so loose on two balls, his gloved hand would sink in his cavity rather easy.  His asshole looked all stretched out and big from lots of abuse, as he aimed stubby dong and the loose opening., it slide to the hilt with no resistance, he pumped his loose asshole, trying to concentrate the head right on the ring. Ball Popping specialist BC decided stubby was to short, and in order to get the third ball in, he would have to conditioned his colon bend straight. He picked the longer starter dong and snaked it into him, slowly he entered the sluts colon bend.

"Good depth Daddy, your way up into me, work that colon" He said, He pumped his colon for a few minutes before announcing, "I Need some ball popping action NOW, my cock is hard, and im gonna need a muscle to orgasm in soon too" He announced, and the slut got prepped to impale on the ball popper dong.

"Wait wait wait, we need to break down the muscle with some rocket punching, this will lead to nice ball insertions, up on the bench, lets punch that muscle a little" He demanded

"ohh assdaddy you know i love rocket punching on the bench" The slut said, he cock got rock hard at the thought. He took his position and pushed his hard cock down in front, Abuser BC powered the rocket right into the muscle with no mercy.  "Oh yea, ruin me on rocket" He moaned  "Ass soon as you lose rectal control we goto the balls" Abuser BC, now in a good punching rhythm, longs swift strokes rippled his ring over the ridges

"Ohhh Daddy, Im starting to lose all rectal control" the slut announced, "Ball time" Abuser BC said. The sluts big asshole hovered over the Ball popper dong and abuser BC lined up and steady the monster. Impale down on the ball now, its ready"
The first ball sank into his rectum with relative ease, he pulled off, pulling the ring out, repeat, deeper, approaching the 2nd ball width, "Pull out, Again!"

The second ball popped in "Now  start ball popping your muscle over and over both balls". His slut rode the balls like a champ, Abuser BC watching the send balls on the pull out, you could see it was really working his muscle, It would pull it out forming a small cone befre the muscle let loose. Itw as so hot for abuser BC, he was rock hard and leaking from.

"On the bench, I can stand it and need to orgasm in your muscle right now" He said. The slut quicky took his place on the bench, well seasoned slut new just how to make his daddy orgasm over and over from his big muscular donut. it wasn't 2 minutes and he felts his ass daddies big cock expands inside his rectum.. Assdaddy orgasmed in him over and over for about 5 minutes...

End of another successful muscle breakdown session...

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Asshole abuser BC Session 4/8/16

Rectal Abuser Bill sank the 2" wide short stubby dong right to the hilt on the first push in, Indicating the Analboy sluts asshole was well conditioned, He pumped his asshole ring muscle doggy style, but got little moans and little rectal noises, and decided more severe rectal abuse was in order, So the 3 inch rocket dong was prepped for launch.  Plenty of JLube plastic lube would ensure a nice insertion doggy style.  He wanted to loosen the muscle doggie style before more severe abuse could happen on the weight bench.  The slut hit the poppers just as he was pushing the rocket in...

"Good fall in slut!, Nice and loose" Abuser BC said, getting a good grip on the end.  "Up on the bench, cock down in front, spread those ass cheeks, we are gonna launch your ring muscle to the moon on rocket until you loose all rectal control, then we will polish off the ring muscle with some ball poppin fun" BC said...He sank the rocket home in one push, producing a large groan from the slut from the bench position.  He got into a steady rhythm right away, long swift strokes breaking down the muscle fast.

"Ohhh yea daddy ruin my asshole for good" he pleaded  "You got it!, Your muscle is breaking down nicely already, its time for some ring popping on the balls" He said, picking up the ring popper dong, greasing it nicely, Fist ball was 2" and popped in no problem, but the muscle met some resistance and he tried ot force the second ball in at 3", but it sank home too.

"Ohhh my ring" he screamed, as abuser BC went right to work with the two balls, popping them in and out of his asshole quickly 2 balls in, 2 balls out, over and over pulling on the muscle, soon the asshole even let loose around the second ball.  Sluts rock hard cock was dripping forced down in front on the bench, He started stroking the sluts cock and he continued the 2 ball attack on his muscle.

Soon the slut announced his cum shot was gonna cum" Bald cock is gonna shoot from rectal abuse Daddy soon" he screamed

"Not yet, I wanna feel the muscle convulse and spasm around my dick when you cum" He said, ripping the two balls aout as fast as possible, He mounted the slut and sank to the balls in one stroke. He started fucking him, enjoying the big muscle
He reached around and jacked his sluts cock as he fucked, trying to induce a hard spasming cum shot.

"Ohhh fuck Im cumming" the slut said as his massive cum shot hit, sending his destroyed muscle into a series of hard spasmings and convulsions milking his cock..."Ohh your muscle is making me cum too!" He said, enjoying the nice muscle fuck for a Friday, he squirted balls deep several times, then pulled out....

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Severe Rectal

The Missing Stories series- Severe Rectal

Having been picked up at the hospital by Mr. Kelly and Tom, Analboy was taken back to Tom's house. Once there he was made to bath himself and and jack the cock as he lathered himself up. As Mr. Kelly sat quietly watching Tom instructed Analboy on how to bath himself. Telling him to play with his asshole in the water then handing him an 18" x 2" thick, long black rubber dildo he instructed him to slide it in his asshole slowly. Following Tom's instructions Analboy inserted the large black toy into his rectum slowly sliding it in under Mr. Kelly's closely watching eyes. Having masturbated himself with a dildo, over 500 times, Analboy tried to find the right tempo as he slid his rubber lover in and out. Seeing he had worked it in several inches Tom ordered him to get on his hands and knees in the tub. Analboy wanting to follow his instructions started to pull the rubber phallic free from him in order, to comply with his orders. Tom told him to "Stop leave it in and get on your hands and knees Slave." He demanded. Doing as ordered he awkwardly sat up and got on his hands and knees moving slowly troubled as the remaining twelve inches of the dildo flailed about from side to side slapping his thighs as he moved. After lifting his ass out of the warm water, Analboy felt the cold air touch her sphincter as Tom grabbed her ass and pulled her checks apart. Ordering Analboy to continue to stroke the dildo in and out of himself. Tom began to insert his index finger into Analboy's exposed winking anus. Feeling the anal ring, he began to work it, it pleasured himself, Analboy began to pant and moan as he was forced to masturbate himself in front of his dominent Daddies. As Analboy began to get into it, Tom began to drive his finger in more rapidly. After sensing the loosening of Analboy's sphincter, Tom inserted another finger into him and worked it in and out,"Were gonna fuck up your asshole ring, boy!" . Splashing some water over Analboy's ass with his other hand he continued to thrust his fingers into his slaves asshole. Finally. working his third finger into Analboy's ass he began to spread her fingers apart while stroking in and out of her hole, "Fuck yea!, Work that assring, Daddy" Analboy cooed. Analboy now shivering from the chill as most of his body was out of the warm water being forced into this position. Forced to stroke the phallic in and out of his asshole for twenty minutes now, constant hammering of the bend in his colon, started to break down that inner muscle. Analboy began to fell a warm felling beginning to build deep in his rectum. Another long thrusts, and the dildo slid past his bend and way up into him, almost a full 14", Throwing his head up as his orgasm first struck him, he opened his eyes to see the disturbing sight in the mirror.
Enjoying the feeling of power he got from thrusting his fingers in his slaves assHOLE, he always attempts to rosebud him, he slipped in his ring finger. Now having four fingers in Analboy's stretched out sphincter he started to thrust harder trying to loosen him up more. "I want your rectum to come out of your asshole", as he inserted his fifth finger into Analboy's ass he began to spank the boy's ass with his free hand. "Fucking, Anal Whore, Slut" He yelled. Feeling that he had loosened him up enough Tom began to try to push his wrist into Analboy's abused asshole. 'Hold him still, I want to go way up into his colon today!" Between the pressure from Tom trying to shove his hand in his asshole and the desire to escape the slaps on Analboy's ass, Analboy fell forward falling onto his right elbow. Forcing his hand in past the knuckles Tom forced an outburst from Analboy as the fist drove through him. Driving in and out of Analboy's asshole several times Tom squeezing his hand into a fist inside Analboy's ass began to thrust in and out as roughly as he could driving his arm in almost to his elbow. Tom would always pull his hand completely out on the out stroke, trying to get some of his rectal cavity prolapsed. Impaled on Tom's arm Analboy screamed feeling his bowels being ripped apart, and drop down into the sphincter region. As he thrust his left arm into the poor boy, huge asslips formed around Tom's wrist. Tom wanting him to be quite and told him to shut up, Analboy continued screaming. "Oh your prolapsing my rectum, ohhh gawd!" Fed up with the noise coming from Analboy's mouth Tom using his right hand reached up and forced a ball gag into his mouth, still thrusting in and out with his left arm. Holding down the struggling Analboy, Tom continued his viscous fisting of Analboy's rectal cavity.
Mr. Kelly quietly stood and walked out of the bathroom, not able to watch his friends actions afraid he was going to damage his asshole for good,,, the poor boy. Tom still holding Analboy's Hips tight and still having his arm shoved up the boy's ass felt Analboy go limp. Tom severely prolapsed his rectum. As Analboy started to come-- to his head held up suspend by his hair Tom took several more thrust into Analboy's ass. "I ruined your asshole, boy!" Laughing as Analboy began to groan and Tom's fist still balled up in Analboy's ass was pulled free from Analboy's tortured bowels. The ass work was too much for the still recovering boy, he shrieked as the rectum cavity prolapsed out again. As Analboy went limp again his head still suspended by his hair as Tom held it up preventing him from falling back into the water, now freed of the obstruction in his ass began to shit lube as he was held there suspended, his swinging rectum hanging like a ball sack. It was a Hot sight Analboy's limp body held up, huge rosebud.Mr Kelly could not help but to bring analboy to another come shot by sliding the 15" dong all the way up is colon for the final climax. Yelling for him to return Tom had him help carry Analboy to the shower and clean him up. This one caused some permanennat damage to his rectum, that would never really recover again.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Deep Ruff

The missing stories series- Deep Ruff


Analboy, a slim 31 yr old bottom, went to a house in Reno, a house that specifically centered on analism, or in this case anal fist fucking! To be admitted, he had had to fill out a long form and sign it saying that he wouldn't hold this company responsible for anything that went wrong. Once accepted, Analboy went there and filled out yet another long form after which he was tied, hands behind his back and taken upstairs to a room where there was a Master who already had a young boy in bondage. The Masters name was Peter who had come over from Germany just two years ago. He was huge, almost 6 feet tall and weighed almost 250 lbs.

After tying Analboy to an iron railing that ran along one wall, the male guards went over to Peter to help him tie the young boy up. First they stretched his arms out so they could fasten them to the bed posts. Next they took a wooden bar any placed it across his stomach before folding his legs back up over his head. The wooden bar was pulled down tight and fastened in place. In this position the boy couldn't move much at all other than just wiggle. Finishing the tying, the guards came back over to Analboy and introduced him to the two men on the bed. First, naturally there was Peter, the German master. The man, whose name was Bobby, was no more than 19. He could have weighed no more than 200 lbs. Bobby had come to Reno from England for this very act. As the two guards were leaving, they told Bobby that he could go over to the bed so he could see everything Peter was doing to Analboy, because the tether would reach that far. Then the guards left, closing the door. Peter turned around and looked at Bobby. "Come on over here and see exactly what I will be doing to you. I want you to see everything so you will know exactly what is coming for you. I'm not easy, if that's the way you have had it before. Come on, get over here." Bobby shuffled his feet over to the bed and sat down on it. "That's a good cunt. Watch close now." Peter reached for a tube of KY which he inserted into Analboy's ass and began to squeeze it into his ass. When the tube was empty, Peter picked up yet another and began to smear it all over his hand and arm. Laying the tube aside,

Peter jabbed two fingers into Analboy's ass. "Yeeeoooohhhh," Analboy yelled out. "You'll think yeeeeoooobhhh when I'm through with you. I don't go in for those short anal fist fucking scenes most of you boys have been receiving. At the minimum, this will last for two hours!" And he thrust his third finger up into Analboy's ass. "Two hours," Analboy began to pale. "Why so long?" "I figure that is the length of time a cunt like you wants in the first place. Especially you, Analboy, who came all this way from Cleveland. Look down at my arm, Analboy, check out those dimensions. Thick isn't it? I've measured the thickness of my forearm and it's 4 inches thick! Beyond my elbow, my bicep is 5 inches thick!" "I can't take but your hand only, I swear," Analboy was gazing down at Peter's arm. "Well my little girl, you are going to take a lot more than that today. You came all the way over here for this, so I'm going to give it to you. You're going to get a lot more than just my hand," and Peter pushed his fourth finger in. "No! No! I'm begging you, please don't get beyond your wrist." "Little boy, these walls are soundproof. What I do to you is beyond hearing. And you signed that form saying I wouldn't be responsible for anything. So I'm going to give it to you up your ass. Much, much more than just my hand and wrist!" Peter began to work his hand in now, twisting and turning it back and forth until his entire hand slid into Analboy's asshole. "Oh, that feels wonderful," Analboy cried out. Now I know for certain that you're going to get a lot more than just my hand and wrist." "Oh no. Please no," Analboy begged again. Peter began to move his fist back and forth, each time going a little deeper. "No, no. Don't go any deeper!" "Oh you're going to get it. "I'm now halfway to my elbow, but you are going to get a lot more. Do you hear me? A lot more. When I get through with you, you'll be able to have a log truck drive up your ass. Does that sound exciting?" And Peter pushed his fist even deeper, stretching Analboy's asshole out a full three inches. "That's too much!" "Ha, ha, ha! You'll think that is too much," and Peter drove his fist in even further stretching Analboy's asshole even wider. "You'll be nothing but a big hole when I get through with you," and Peter drove even deeper. "Oooohhh, stop!" "Stop hell, I'm going to go way in. In a couple of minutes your asshole will be stretched out that 4 inches of my forearm. That will be bigger than this asshole has ever stretched. and Peter slammed his fist in up to his forearm. "There, cunt, do you feel all that! You *should* feel that, I have your asshole stretched out 4 inches now." "I never thought that I would have my poor asshole stretched out that far." Peter drew his arm back and slammed it back in again. "Ooohhh my gawdd!!" " "Help me Bobby, he's tearing my asshole up," Bobby turned to the man on the bed. Analboy noticed the lust in Bobby's eyes and did nothing to help him. Peter reached over and grabbed Bobby by the hair and pulled him down to Analboy's ass. "Thank you Master, thank you for stopping this. You've got my asshole stretched open so wide now." "I'm not through with you yet. I have a few more tricks for you. Then I'm going to go in clear up to my bicep, maybe my shoulder." "Noooooo, please no. You'll kill me," Analboy again started begging. "You just get behind me Bobby. Give me a good rim job," Peter had driven his fist into Analboy's ass up to the 4-inch wide section of his forearm. Dragging his arm back, he again drove it back into Analboy's rectum, further this time. "Does that feel good, little boy?" "You're killing me!" "Oh, you've got lots of room up there yet, and I intend to use every last inch of that big hole of yours," and Peter drove his fist in till he went to his elbow. From there he began pushing and shoving even more until he had pushed his arm in up the fattest section of his bicep. "Now little boy, you should really be able to feel that. I know your asshole is stretched out a full 5 inches now. Here, let me get you a mirror so you can see for yourself," and Peter reached over for a mirror which he placed in a position so Analboy could see. Analboy looked down into the mirror and couldn't believe how big his asshole was now. It was huge! Really huge! "I'm going to make it even bigger. I'm going to stretch it out at least another inch. Maybe more. Bobby, hold this mirror for Analboy." "How are you going to stretch it further? You've already got your arm in to its fattest section!" Peter held up his other hand. "Oooh no. You can't." Peter didn't reply, he just started pushing more fingers into the big orifice. "Want to try for my thumb?" "Oh no, please no. I can see my asshole is right at the bursting point." Peter laughed and began working his thumb in. Peter had to really work, but suddenly his whole second hand pushed in. "Damn! That's big! I've never done this to a man, let alone a boy like you. Your asshole has got to be stretched out a full 7 or 8 inches wide now." "I can see blood!" Analboy screamed. "So it is, but that is only a little blood. I want to go in a little deeper, just to see how much you can take," and Peter shoved even deeper and began to saw his arms back and forth. "You're not going to do that to me, are you?" Bobby asked. "Naw, Im just going to ruin analboys rectum" Peter said as he continued shoving both fists in and out of Analboy's asshole. He finally pulled his second hand out but kept the first one in and began using big long strokes in Analboy's ass. Peter continued doing this for another 45 minutes before he pulled his fist out of Analboy's ass. "Damn that's big! It must be four inches across right now. I doubt it will ever return to it's original shape, nice and tight!" Analboy was looking down into the mirror and was amazed at the size of his asshole. "I'll never be able to shit right again." "You'll be right back in here tomorrow for another anal assault. Mark my words. I've seen a lot of men and boys, but I have never seen one take as much as you have, you really like your asshole ruined!. You're remarkable! Simply remarkable! I think I'll go right back in there again and see just how much more I can stretch your asshole out. Would you like that, cunt?" "Let me go now.

I promise that I'll come back to you tomorrow if you'll just let me go now. I swear I will. You can have me tied up in my room for the night." "I don't know. I was having too much fun. Oh well, I WILL be able to have you tied up tonight for your next assignment. Party pooper!" Analboy was untied and he left the room all stooped over, but he didn't care, he was leaving that torture. he felt sorry for Bobby though. No telling what Peter would do to him.... Peter came into the room that Analboy was in, attached to the wall with a long leash and neck collar. Peter had brought Bobby as well as two guards with him. "Have you been enjoying yourself here? I have let you have an extra day here just so you could heal up some. Is your asshole all nice and tender again?" "I don't think I'll ever be able to squeeze my asshole shut, not after that punishment you gave it," Analboy squirmed on his bed. "Your asshole will stay open like that for some time to come, to give master's like me a beautiful chance to open it up again. Now are you ready for another anal assault?" "Not like last time," Analboy replied. "My asshole is still sore." "Fasten him down like you did last time for me. This bitch is really going to get it this time." The two male guards began to tie Analboy down again. "Did you clean yourself out this time?" " I came over here just for an anal fist fuck, but you plowed my ass real deep, with two hands!" "When I get through this time, I'm going to place a big open tube up your ass so you will be expanded to 4" at all times when you remain here." "Oooh no! Please no!" "Now, let's see how strong that big hole is - Oh, it's almost back to it's original shape. That's good, now let's see just how much it fights my finger," and Peter inserted a fore finger full depth. "No resistance at all. Your tight little asshole is not so tight anymore." "How can it be tight after what you did to it last time?" Analboy cried. "Here's the second one. Wow, it just slides right in! What a big hole you have. It must have really took a stretching last time, so here comes number three. Now I felt some resistance that time. Bobby, squirt some lubricant right into the palm of my hand. That's enough for now, now smear it all over the back of my hand and arm, clear up past my elbow. This little boy is really going to get his butt-hole screwed this time." "You're not going to go in past your elbow again, are you?" "For sure, Analboy! I want to really butt-fuck you with my fist. Here comes number four." "But I'm so sore from last time." "You'll be sore for many days when you leave here." "Bobbyy, don't let him do this to me again!" Analboy noticed Bobby's eyes, they were shrouded in lust. Peter folded his thumb over and began to push it forward, a little at a time. Peter shoved his whole fist inside. Analboy moaned slightly but widened his thighs as best he could. "You really want it, don't you bitch. I saw you hunch your hips down. Well, I'm going to give it to you. Like this," and Peter drove his hand up into Analboy's rectum at least halfway to his elbow. "Tell me you love it, cunt! Tell me!" "Yes! Yes! Yes, I love it when you stretch my rectum out like that!" "The little bitch has my arm in his ass to the four inch wide section now and he's telling me that he loves it. Grease up my arm now BObby, all the way to my shoulder, and grease up my other hand too, I think he's wanting both of them, don't you honey?" "Yes, put both your hands in my ass, but don't go all the way. Give my ass a real good screwing that it won't forget," Analboy rolled his head back and forth. "Don't you worry, sweet cunt, I'm going to start putting my other hand in now." "It feels so good I want to pee!" "Don't you dare piss on me," Peter threatened. "If you do, I'll give you more fist than I did the last time." "I can't help it," Analboy rolled his head back and forth. "It just feels so good it makes me want to piss all over your arm," Analboy mumbled and piss began to flow from his cock all over Peter's arm. "You asked for it now. I'm going to give you more than I did last time." "Oh no, please no!" "Oh yes, bitch," Peter shoved his hands in deeper. "Pissing like that all over my arm. That was unforgivable." "No, no. Don't do that to me again. My poor asshole can't take another pounding like you gave it last time." Peter remarked and drove on a little deeper, spreading Analboy's asshole out to a diameter of six inches. "Now you've really done it, bitch. Now I'm really going to open up your rectum so that you'll never be able to take a normal shit again," and Peter shoved his other hand in even further, stretching poor Analboy's asshole out till it reached a point where he had been two days before. "There cunt, that's about where I was the other day. Feel good? It better because you're going to get more. Your asshole is stretched out about 7 inches right now. I don't think I can go any deeper than I am with my shoulders being so far apart, so I'm going to pull out and grease up Bobby so he can go in real deep and then I'll be able to go in with both my hands too. What do you think about that, smart ass cunt?" Peter began to drag his arm out. "Now Bobby, grease up your arm good and really give it to this slut Bobby greased up his hand and arm and drove it up into Analboy's ass right up to his shoulder. "It feels so warm with my arm up his ass," Bobby reflected "It's going to get a lot warmer by the time I'm through with his ass," and Peter drove his hand up into Analboy's ass right along side of Analboy's arm. Deeper and deeper he worked his hand until he too was in to his shoulder right along side of Bobby's hand and together they linked fingers and began to pummel Analboy's ass. They would pull back a few inches and then drive their fists back in to their shoulders. "Does that feel good, twat?" "It hurts but at the same time feels good," Analboy's face was etched in both pleasure and pain as each man continued driving their locked fists in and out of Analboy's rectum. "Do you think it is time for me to add my other hand?" Peter asked. "Please no. Look how you've got my asshole spread out now." "It's only about seven inches now because Analboy doesn't have much of a fist or arm. I want to drive my other hand up into your rectum until you are just begging for mercy." With that, Peter began working his fingers right along side of both his and Bobby's arms. For the time, both Peter and Bobby kept their arms completely buried and still as Peter was pushing more fingers into this enormous rear opening. "Did you ever see an asshole this big before, Bobby?" Peter asked. "No, never. This is about twice I have ever seen a boy take before," Bobby remarked as he stared at the stretched hole. "Please, I'm begging you to not put any more in my ass. Oooucchhhh! Just don't put any more into my ass!" "Don't be telling me what I can do or what I can't do," Peter remarked. "My rectum is splitting, it's splitting open!" Slowly both Peter and Analboy began pulling their arms out, that long trip back down Analboy's dirt-road. Analboys asshole ring gave up and a huge rosebud formed, now his asshole is permanently ruined, never to shit right again

Corncob Torture

The missing stories series- Corncorb Torture

Halfway down to my friends house, I found myself in the country, on the side of the road, my car was dead and it was dark. All I could do was just wait for the next car to come by…

After he finished untying his unconscious former boyfriend, he left and didn't look back. He won't be able to shit for about a month without thinking of me, he thought as he pulled into the drive-thru convenience store. The 40-oz. beer was going down smoothly as he cruised the back roads thinking about where his next piece of asshole was going to come from now that his steady relationship was over. One thing was for sure, however: He vowed silently that he would never beg and plead with a man for anal sex again. It was what he liked best, and if they wouldn't give it up willingly, then they weren't qualified to be his bottom boyfriend. And just maybe he'd take it anyway, even if they weren't willing. Off in the distance he could see the 4-way flashers of a car pulled off to the side of the lonely country road. He rolled up behind the vehicle to offer assistance. The driver was a brown haired man in his early thirties. "Do you know anything about car engines?" he asked pleadingly through the one-inch gap in the window of his locked door. "I know enough to leave them alone." he responded with a smile. "About all I can offer you in the way of assistance is a ride to a phone. And as you can see your a few miles from anywhere." "Well then, it looks like I have no choice." he said, getting out of his car and walking toward his.

Analboy and the stranger proceeded for a while in his car. Analboy new this guy was bad news and said, he wanted to get out now, there was a farm house ahead.

"No problem," he said, turning the car off the road onto a turkey trail that ran off at an angle between two cornfields. "I think I'll get out too." He checked the mirror to make sure that the car was out of sight of the main roadway, then locked up the brakes suddenly, causing Analboy to pitch forward and lose his grip on the door handle. He then opened his door, hit the power locks, got out and slammed the door shut. By the time he managed to get his door open, he was waiting to help him out. "Let's take a little walk in the field, babe. You're about to get corncobbed!"

Analboy was stripped naked and bent over and greased, he loved anal and so he did not resist. He was about to make a big mistake. He was suddenly gagged.

"Have you ever wondered why they call anal sex 'cornholing'?" He asked as he broke off and shucked a large ear of corn from one of the stalks. "Let's see how well this fits up there." He pulled one buttock to the side and pressed the ear of corn firmly against his puckered anal ring. He had no strength to struggle, and was powerless to resist. "NOOOOOOOO!!! OH GOD!!!!! STOP IT! IT HURRRRRTITS!!!! He screamed into his gag as the corn was forced relentlessly into his butt. As soon as it was almost all the way in, he reversed directions and pulled it back out to the tip, the loose muscle bumping over each kernel along the way. He pumped it in and out for a while until he sensed that his pain and humiliation from the depraved act had diminished considerably, then he reached for the drill in his toolbox. It was a Black & Decker variable speed reversible model with a fully charged battery pack. He locked in a 3/4 inch bit and held the corn cob tight as he screwed the drill into it until the bit was buried all the way and the corn was turning as he reved the drill. Then he re-inserted it up his ass and pulled the trigger. Slowly at first, it began to turn in his hole, causing him considerable discomfort. What was he doing? Analboy wondered as the corn spun deeper and deeper into his body; deeper than before because he now no longer had to grip it with his hand. He sighed with relief as his hole closed over the big end of the corn and he released the trigger for a moment, causing the slow spinning to stop. Then, with a sadistic grin, he pulled the trigger all the way. His mind exploded in shards of agony as the corn spun at top speed in his clingy bowels. His body convulsively pushed outward and the big end of the corn emerged from his rectum. He then clenched his buttocks tightly, and actually succeeded in slowing the revolutions of the instrument of torture. This act ruined his anal ring. When his body involuntarily pushed the foreign object outward, it gained speed and was able to screw back in. But when he clenched his buns tightly around it, he could almost stop it from spinning. As soon as he realized that he was gaining some control over his situation, he pushed his legs farther apart, spread his ass open with his free hand, and rammed the twisting phallus in and out until the yellow corn was beginning to turn pink from blood. He stopped at that point, not wanting to splatter the blood all over himself. "Well bitch, now that you're not so tight-assed anymore, I think Ive wrecked your anus!, I'm gonna give you the ultimate in anal penetration. Ready for a fist fuck?" He felt his clenched fist pressing between his buns and pushing hard against the sore gaping hole of his butt. He wanted to clench his sphincter shut to deny him entry, but his muscle control was gone. Analboy groaned in pain as his fist forced its way into his tortured body through the rear entrance. As soon as his anus squeezed around his thick wrist, he began to twist it back and forth; pull it in and out; adding to his suffering. Then he unclenched his fist, opening and closing his hand inside him. Although he wanted to prolong his plight, his dick was hard and ready for some action. He punch fucked analboys asshole to ruin, then he suddenly yanked his hand out of him, causing him to yelp in surprise as his damaged anal ring stretched to release the thickest part of his fist. The welcome empty feeling only lasted about a minute as he shucked another big ear of corn and rammed it deep up his ass. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and dropped his pants. He scooted under him roughly until they were chest to chest, his throbbing pecker straining toward his asshole like a heat-seeking missile. He pulled the gag from his mouth and kissed him roughly as he struggled to insert his dick into his asshole The passage was made particularly loose and did not take long for him to bury himself to the hilt. Gripping his right ass cheek and pulling it to the side, he used his right hand to thrust the corn dildo in and out of his sore bottom along side his cock. He could feel it rubbing against the sensitive underside of his penis. He groaned into his mouth and pulled his face away, breaking the kiss. He jammed the cob in all the way and let go as his ass ring closed around the big end. He grabbed a hand full of his hair and pressed his lips angrily back to his asshole. His tongue slithered into his oral orifice as he moved his hand to his left ass cheek, gripping and massaging both buttocks as he began thrusting in and out of his now dripping asshole. Then he rammed deep, squeezed hard, and sucked his tongue into his mouth as his cum exploded deep in his bowels. He was still sobbing softly as he dressed and gathered up all his things, including his belt which had held his arms tightly to his sides. "You should be able to undo the rest yourself. You don't have to thank me for the ride, I'll just take your cash for gas money."