Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Looking Inside John

The Missing Stories:  Looking Inside John 

My first two months in greater Cleveland found myself rather lonely and by myself. Part of my new job was to pass a physical exam. I reported to the clinic and went through the standard physical exam as most males experience. The doctor was a good looking in his mid 30's. First he checked my balls, and with a smile told me everything seems fine. My gaydar and his must have been working fine as he winked and told me he wanted to check my prostrate. He put on a rubber glove and inserted on finger up into my ass. He had noticed that my ass was shaved and that I had no problem with his finger up my ass. He must have been a TOP because I could see he wanted my ass for other purposes. And me, a horny bottom would let him do things to me. "everything's fine, John, although Id like you to make another appointment for that rash you have on your bottom". He pointed out a small patch, which I never noticed before. I wondered why cant he just do it now, but reluctantly agreed to return. My appointment was for 7:00 pm which seemed late.
I returned a week later to find no one in the office, and soon he opened the door and asked me in. All the rooms were dark as he lead to the back of the building. "this is were I take my patients for late night appointments" he said. He opened the door to reveal an examining room that was equipped much like a room for examining women. It had stirrups for examination on the table, various medical instruments I did not recognize, but a large amount of adult toys. "I noticed that my finger slid in your ass quite in easily and I know your gay. I love ass play, mind if we try to get something a little larger than my finger this time?" I was shocked, but horny. I needed a ass fuck bad, but if this guy was going to use toys and fingers that would be fine to. " Ok" I agreed, not knowing what I was in for, and what he called large.
"Drop your pants, and take off all your clothes, climb up on the examining table on you hands and knees, lets take a closer look at that Hot shaved ass" he said. I did as told, and noticed the doctor removing some lube form his doctor bag. "Hold still while I lube your hole". One greasy finger entered followed by two. I turned around to see him studying my asshole carefully as he proded me. "yes, you will do fine. You know the human asshole can accompany a 3" round object if you loosen the victim, er patient properly" I felt another finger and more lube enter. I began to groan. "You like that dont you?". He was swirling all three fingers in me, really turning me on "Yes, that feels great" I said. "Relax, as I squeeze the forth finger in" He started to cram all four fingers in, "ohh that hurts". With that he pulled out. "Here I brought some wine". I turned over on the table as he handed me a glass. He had brought a liter of wine, as he opened it he kept his back to me. He then filled my glass will I quickly drank it down. He filled it again and I drank about half. It must have been strong, cause my head got dizzy already. "that should relax you and loosen you up, you see I spiked it with a little Valium and the drug we use to relax sphincters during surgery" I was upset and mad, but the valium in combination with the wine, I did not care. "Now lay back down like a good boy and put your legs in the stirrups". I lay down as he helped me raise my legs. They were placed in the stirrups and strapped in. He then pulled on my hips toward him, that pulled my legs high fully exposing my asshole as my bottom was near the edge of the table. He then sat on a small stool, face level with my well lubed hole. "Now lets stretch that asshole!"
I watched in a drunken stupor as four fingers of his hand swiftly entered my hot hole. "ohhh, yea, I am loose" I thought. He worked my hole with all four fingers, straining to get his fist in. "ohh shit, Ive never been fisted before" as I watched, the fist enter and quickly exit. "No not yet bitch, I like my toys first" he said He pulled out some enormous toys ranging from a 1" thick by 8" dong to a 18" x 3" dong that I've seen on those fisting websites. He grabbed the smallest first and crammed it all the way up my ass "ohhh goddd, that feels good, get the bigger one" I think this pissed him off, because he wanted it his way. He greased the largest one. "lets see how you can take this bitch!" pushing the head in I grunted "unggggh" as the head slipped in and 10 inches quickly sunk deep in my ass. "Oh, Oh, Oh", he worked the dong in and out watching my facial expression and carefully studying my shaved ass. "hey, thats it suck that dong in, I'm pulling it out, oh, are you hot" he kept on repeating. He pulled the dong out. "now thats a gaping asshole!" he said "Id love to stretch you to the limit, but have nothing bigger". He eyed the wine bottle. Without warning he filled it with warm water and shoved the open end neck right in my ass. Warm water filled my bowels. He unstrapped me " now go release in the bathroom". I returned, "bend over across the table, spread your cheeks for me. He took the bottle by the fat end and shoe horned it in my ass until my ass hole was just about to take the 4" diameter, and with a little more pressure the bottle went in!. "relax I cram this deep in your ass then pull it out" The bottle sank deep in my ass, stretching me to the limit "Fuck yea, fuck me with it, Im a slut!"
He worked the bottle a good ten minutes, until he was tired and tried to pull it out. My ass must have tightened around it, as when he tried my ass would not yield only pulling my hole away from my body. "its beginning to hurt" I said, coming out of my stupor. He placed his hand on the small of my back and grabbed the bottle tight and pulled. At the widest part, I thought he was ripping my asshole, but soon it escaped. After a final inspection of a gaping hole, "its ready for a good ass fuck with my cock". The doc dropped his pants revealing a very stiff 9" cock. He grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him, sinking his cock immediately to the hilt in one big push. "Shit!, yea, that feels great, I love a nice loose ass" Continuing with his thrusts, "Oh, you are hard as a rock, I never felt any cock that hard in my ass, Ahhhh, slam it in, yes!" The doctor thrusted mercilessly into my ass I could tell he was ready to come. "wait until you see how far I can shoot my load!, I cum hard and fast like a race horse" I looked down just as he was ready to squirt, he pulled out and aim his cock at my open asshole, jacking it hard " Here it comes , slut, AHHHH". A thick stream shot out hitting my balls from nearly a foot away, the second wave sent shudders through his body, thick streams of cum it the target the center of my open hole. Wave after wave filled my ass, the warm cum filling my ass causing me to orgasm too. He lay on top of me, we both exhausted from the hot anal session

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