Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Looking Inside John

The Missing Stories:  Looking Inside John 

My first two months in greater Cleveland found myself rather lonely and by myself. Part of my new job was to pass a physical exam. I reported to the clinic and went through the standard physical exam as most males experience. The doctor was a good looking in his mid 30's. First he checked my balls, and with a smile told me everything seems fine. My gaydar and his must have been working fine as he winked and told me he wanted to check my prostrate. He put on a rubber glove and inserted on finger up into my ass. He had noticed that my ass was shaved and that I had no problem with his finger up my ass. He must have been a TOP because I could see he wanted my ass for other purposes. And me, a horny bottom would let him do things to me. "everything's fine, John, although Id like you to make another appointment for that rash you have on your bottom". He pointed out a small patch, which I never noticed before. I wondered why cant he just do it now, but reluctantly agreed to return. My appointment was for 7:00 pm which seemed late.
I returned a week later to find no one in the office, and soon he opened the door and asked me in. All the rooms were dark as he lead to the back of the building. "this is were I take my patients for late night appointments" he said. He opened the door to reveal an examining room that was equipped much like a room for examining women. It had stirrups for examination on the table, various medical instruments I did not recognize, but a large amount of adult toys. "I noticed that my finger slid in your ass quite in easily and I know your gay. I love ass play, mind if we try to get something a little larger than my finger this time?" I was shocked, but horny. I needed a ass fuck bad, but if this guy was going to use toys and fingers that would be fine to. " Ok" I agreed, not knowing what I was in for, and what he called large.
"Drop your pants, and take off all your clothes, climb up on the examining table on you hands and knees, lets take a closer look at that Hot shaved ass" he said. I did as told, and noticed the doctor removing some lube form his doctor bag. "Hold still while I lube your hole". One greasy finger entered followed by two. I turned around to see him studying my asshole carefully as he proded me. "yes, you will do fine. You know the human asshole can accompany a 3" round object if you loosen the victim, er patient properly" I felt another finger and more lube enter. I began to groan. "You like that dont you?". He was swirling all three fingers in me, really turning me on "Yes, that feels great" I said. "Relax, as I squeeze the forth finger in" He started to cram all four fingers in, "ohh that hurts". With that he pulled out. "Here I brought some wine". I turned over on the table as he handed me a glass. He had brought a liter of wine, as he opened it he kept his back to me. He then filled my glass will I quickly drank it down. He filled it again and I drank about half. It must have been strong, cause my head got dizzy already. "that should relax you and loosen you up, you see I spiked it with a little Valium and the drug we use to relax sphincters during surgery" I was upset and mad, but the valium in combination with the wine, I did not care. "Now lay back down like a good boy and put your legs in the stirrups". I lay down as he helped me raise my legs. They were placed in the stirrups and strapped in. He then pulled on my hips toward him, that pulled my legs high fully exposing my asshole as my bottom was near the edge of the table. He then sat on a small stool, face level with my well lubed hole. "Now lets stretch that asshole!"
I watched in a drunken stupor as four fingers of his hand swiftly entered my hot hole. "ohhh, yea, I am loose" I thought. He worked my hole with all four fingers, straining to get his fist in. "ohh shit, Ive never been fisted before" as I watched, the fist enter and quickly exit. "No not yet bitch, I like my toys first" he said He pulled out some enormous toys ranging from a 1" thick by 8" dong to a 18" x 3" dong that I've seen on those fisting websites. He grabbed the smallest first and crammed it all the way up my ass "ohhh goddd, that feels good, get the bigger one" I think this pissed him off, because he wanted it his way. He greased the largest one. "lets see how you can take this bitch!" pushing the head in I grunted "unggggh" as the head slipped in and 10 inches quickly sunk deep in my ass. "Oh, Oh, Oh", he worked the dong in and out watching my facial expression and carefully studying my shaved ass. "hey, thats it suck that dong in, I'm pulling it out, oh, are you hot" he kept on repeating. He pulled the dong out. "now thats a gaping asshole!" he said "Id love to stretch you to the limit, but have nothing bigger". He eyed the wine bottle. Without warning he filled it with warm water and shoved the open end neck right in my ass. Warm water filled my bowels. He unstrapped me " now go release in the bathroom". I returned, "bend over across the table, spread your cheeks for me. He took the bottle by the fat end and shoe horned it in my ass until my ass hole was just about to take the 4" diameter, and with a little more pressure the bottle went in!. "relax I cram this deep in your ass then pull it out" The bottle sank deep in my ass, stretching me to the limit "Fuck yea, fuck me with it, Im a slut!"
He worked the bottle a good ten minutes, until he was tired and tried to pull it out. My ass must have tightened around it, as when he tried my ass would not yield only pulling my hole away from my body. "its beginning to hurt" I said, coming out of my stupor. He placed his hand on the small of my back and grabbed the bottle tight and pulled. At the widest part, I thought he was ripping my asshole, but soon it escaped. After a final inspection of a gaping hole, "its ready for a good ass fuck with my cock". The doc dropped his pants revealing a very stiff 9" cock. He grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him, sinking his cock immediately to the hilt in one big push. "Shit!, yea, that feels great, I love a nice loose ass" Continuing with his thrusts, "Oh, you are hard as a rock, I never felt any cock that hard in my ass, Ahhhh, slam it in, yes!" The doctor thrusted mercilessly into my ass I could tell he was ready to come. "wait until you see how far I can shoot my load!, I cum hard and fast like a race horse" I looked down just as he was ready to squirt, he pulled out and aim his cock at my open asshole, jacking it hard " Here it comes , slut, AHHHH". A thick stream shot out hitting my balls from nearly a foot away, the second wave sent shudders through his body, thick streams of cum it the target the center of my open hole. Wave after wave filled my ass, the warm cum filling my ass causing me to orgasm too. He lay on top of me, we both exhausted from the hot anal session

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Dog By Nathen

Mans Best Friend By Nathan Harvey It was nice living in the country

The missing story series---Mans Best Friend By Nathan Harvey for Analboy

It was nice living in the country. All through my childhood years on the south side of Chicago I'd dreamed places like this existed. This small estate was like an enchanted cottage set in a garden paradise. When I'd got older and streetwise I saw the world as it really was. The older I got and learned more about the world I knew if I ever wanted to have a different kind of life I had to make a lot of money. I knew first I had to break out of the slums. It was by accident that I got into the hustling business. Coming home one night from a show downtown I was standing in front of this bar waiting for my bus. I'd noticed this big expensive car circling around the block several times. Then it stopped in front of me. When the window rolled down on the passenger side this middle aged guy leaned over asking me if I was interested in making a little extra money for showing him a good time. I knew damn well what he wanted. Some of the guys in school had talking about hooking on Clark street to pick up some extra money. Getting into his car I told him I'd never done anything like this before. Nodding like he believed me drove to a motel on the north side. I had always known what men did together but that was the night he taught me what sex with men was really all about. I learned to suck my first cock. Then when he wanted more I knew I had to put out to get paid. When he shoved that cock up my ass he was ecstatic to find I was still cherry. He said he'd be gentle but he was so excited about fucking a virgin he felt like he was going to tear me in two. As my body began to accept him I really began like that basted fucking my ass. As he pumped he was chewing on my back and I was really having all these shivers running through my body. When he started shoving those poppers under my nose I went wild. Then I really started to buck and squirm and he began riding me like a stallion. The more he screwed me the better I liked it. We went from the missionary position to the dog position until final he had me up on my shoulders ramming his cock up my ass and all the time I was begging him for more. Finally straddling my body he sank down on my cock and began riding me. As I pumped up into his ass he reached out and began pulling and twisting my tits like they were the reigns of a horse until I shot my wad. Bending over then our lips and he gave me a rich deep kiss. As he dismounted me he told me sex between men should always be beautiful. As I was dressing he gave me a hundred bucks and cab fare saying I was worth every penny. Giving me one of his calling cards he told me to call him when I had a weekend free and we could meet at the motel again.

Then as an after thought he asked me if I was into group sex. He said he had a couple of friends that would really like to fuck me. All I said was I'd give him a call sometime. When I left that motel I could hardly walk. But the next week I did call him. That was how I learned to make a lot of money with my body. Through his sex parties and introductions I soon had a good clientele. I was on my way out of the slums. It took a lot of weekends but I finally made it to a good trade school after a lot of fucking and sucking. Now after two years of computer training I only had one year left to go to finish my training. For the summer I'd taken this temporary job as a domestic for some guy named Warren Robertson. Mr. Kirshbuger our student counselor had posted a job and asked me if I was interest in applying for it. He said it really paid very well for a domestic. Going on he told me this eccentric a Mr. Robertson was letting his regular boy go home to Mexico for the next three months to visit his parents. He needed someone as a temporary to work as a domestic for him just for the summer. Mr. Kirshbuger told me he'd thought of me right away for the job. He knew of the man and he was nice enough, he was a rich eccentric that lived in the country with just his houseboy and his dogs. The only disadvantage he could see with the position was I wouldn't be around any people my age or allowed to have guests. Robertson was a recluse and preferred to live alone in the country with just his dogs. When I told him I wanted the job he arranged for a call where I could talk to Mr. Robertson personally.

When I talk to the man I had to ask him to arrange to pick me up telling him I had no transportation and very little money. All he said to that was he would arrange a limousine and a driver to pick me up on Saturday morning at ten and it would all be prepaid and he would deduct it from my salary then he hung up. I was put out by his abruptness and his cheapness. It didn't take long for me to pack. I'd managed to live the last two years with a worn-out winter coat, two pairs of jeans and five shirts. I had never bothered with little extras like underwear and dress up clothing. I was on the street with my stuff in a box at nine Saturday morning waiting for the Limousine. Stowing my stuff in the trunk we were off. As the Limousine pulled through the streets of Chicago and onto the express way I was glad to be out of the city. When we began moving through green lawns past tree lined estates I was in heaven. Slowing the Limo passed through a stone entrance of a walled estate into heavily wooded area. Slowly he through made his way up a long winding cobblestone drive. When the limousine reached the clearing at the top of a hill he pulled up in front of this small elegant stone cottage. I could see this middle aged virile looking man standing on the steps waiting for us. He was dressed simply in a white silk shirt and faded denims. Two beautiful animals played around his handsome figure. I was struck by their beautiful color and there smooth glossy coats. When he moved they followed him staying close to him at all times. I guess money could buy anything even high breeding. When I mentioned there color to Mr. Robertson told me that rusty color was called Brindle. Mr. Robertson had given me a little room just next to his saying it was his house boys room. It was quite stark and unlike the rich furnishing of the rest of the house. It had only a tiny bed, a small chest and had a tiny bath. There was only a little niche in the wall where were a little shuttered window. Someone had run a makeshift rod across it to hang clothes making the room very dark. It was a far cry from the lushly furnished rooms of the rest of the house but at least it was clean and a lot better than what I'd been living in. I'd struggled for two years trying to make ends meet to pay for my school tuition and room rent. By the end of my first year I had to go back to hooking at night on the street just to keep the rent and tuition. This summer this summer was going to be a snap. My duties here were simple. Just keep the place clean and do his personal laundry and some light cooking. I found he was a kind and gentle man with few desires and simple wants. The only thing that seemed to matter in was his dogs.

In the few weeks of living and working with Mr. Robertson I knew I was falling in love with him. It was something that was hard to hide. I was always blushing when he talked to me and I seemed to always have a half hard-on just looking at him. He never seemed to notice me as a real person. I was just the kid in the white coat and ratty blue jeans doing the cooking and cleaning. He seemed to only care for Luther and Duke his dogs. Well now at least I was in a real job now earning money for next years tuition. It would be just a few months until I was back in school and I was saving everything I was making here. Living in this beautiful place it seemed like my old life was finally behind me at last. I just loved this place. I would do any thing if I could live and work here. One thing for sure was I didn't miss the city one bit. I did miss having someone to have sex with but hell now I just beat off a lot. After my duties of cleaning and laundry and dishes were finished in the early evening Mr. Robertson had started asking me to join him and keep him company in the den. I looked forward to these times. I began loved sitting with Mr. Robertson and his dogs, I would pretend we were a family. The two of us would sit by the fire in those wonderful overstuffed leather chairs talking or reading. His dogs Luther and Duke would lie at his feet. Some nights he would get some brandy out and he would tell me about his growing up in the city. Sometimes I would lay a fire and just sit there on the floor next to the hearth with the dogs looking up at him. I thought he was the most handsome man I'd ever seen. I was lonely whenever Mr. Johnson was away from the house. I'd become so accustom to his being here most of the time. Twice a week he went into the city. Just like clockwork the big limousine would always be waiting for him in the front of the house at nine in the morning.
Then one after noon after lunch he said something had come up and he would be gone most of the afternoon on business. He suggested I take a breather from my household duties for a change and make use of the pool. I was rather surprise when I saw him drive around to the front of the house in a big Lexus. I knew he had a car but somehow I never thought he drove. Luther and Duke were playing in front of the house as he drove off. They were staying close to the house as if they were waiting for him to return. Mr. Robertson had told me many times that I was free to use the pool and I decided to relax a little, maybe even take a swim and a sun bath. Climbing the back stairs toward my room I got a few magazines and a towel. I didn't own was a bathing suit, I'd never needed one. I thought my skinny-dipping shouldn't offend anyone around here. Besides I'd been here weeks now and I'd never seen anyone around but the pool man. Mr. Robertson guarded his privacy and I wasn't surprised he never had company. Passing by the kennels in the back of the house on the way to the pool I stopped fascinated that a man would spend so much money on such elaborate kennels since he kept the dogs in the house with him so much time. The kennels or I should say cage was built of massive smooth chrome bars along its sides. The top had those chrome bars forming a roof over it. I suppose it was because the dogs were so big it was to keep them from jumping the fence. Not thinking any more about it I moved quickly to the pool. The pool area was like a fantasy with its big oval shape and little cabanas. Diving into the water it felt glorious. I loved the luxurious feeling of swimming naked. Doing several laps in the pool I was exhausted and crawling out of the water it was all I could do to get over to the lounge. I was really out of shape. Laying there with the warm sunlight beating down on me I put my towel over my face and slipped into a deep sleep.
Suddenly I was awakened by this terrible howling from one of the dogs. Running toward the sound as I came into the driveway I saw this old car with a bunch of teenagers speeding away. Luther standing over the fallen body of Duke howling. I had just reached the dog and was kneeling and lifted his proud head. He wasn't breathing and in seconds I had my mouth over his snout trying to breathe some life into him. That was the sight Mr. Robertson saw as he pulled into the drive, me naked kneeling there trying to resuscitate his dog. He watched as I put my mouth over the dogs nose giving him mouth- to- mouth resuscitation. Slowly Duke began to stir then starting to breathe began struggling to get up. Looking up then telling Mr. Robertson's he was alive and that some car had pulled into our drive and must have hit him. Picking Duke up he told me to get in the back seat of his car and hold the dog. He didn't even seem to notice I was naked. Then putting Duke in my lap he drove like a madman. It has a hard fast drive to the vet. When he carried the dog in I was left just sitting there naked in the car. I wished I had something on so I could go in with them. As it was Luther and I just sat there waiting out the car window. When he came out he was carrying Duke. He had a few bandages on his leg. Laying him in the back seat he drove back saying Duke was going to be a very groggy dog for a couple of days. The vet had checked him over and except for a lot of bruising he was OK. They gave him a lot of medication for the pain. When we arrived home Mr. Robertson carried Duke into the house. Turning at the door he told me to put Luther in the kennel. Then looking at me standing there naked, for the first time he smiled at me. He said I was a very attractive boy. Luther had become uncontrollable in those next two day since the two of them were separated. Mr. Robertson had confined the dog to his cage to keep him from running off or getting into trouble. When I went down for as swim the next day I came over to the cage to see him. Throwing my towel on the gate I leaned over a little and slipped my hand through the bars. He was glad to see me and eager to let me pet him. He began licking and sucking on my hand. Pushing him away then I was surprised when he suddenly pushed his big nose through the bars and began licking at my cock. I was surprised that this stupid dog was trying to put the make on me. Giggling and grabbing my towel I went off to the pool for my swim saying I wasn't any dogs bitch. Somehow it just wasn't any fun swimming today. Pulling myself out of the pool I lay down on the one of the lounges to get some sun. It was a hot afternoon and spreading my legs I reached down lifting my balls letting the feeling of the sun warm my body. Warmed by the sun and cooled by the breeze I drifted off to sleep. I was having these wild dreams about Luther and Duke. Suddenly I had this wonderful sexy feeling around my balls. I woke with a start when I realize it was an animal. Sitting up I was more startled than scared. Luther was laying there between my legs licking at my crotch. Looking at me with those big intense eyes of his I knew damn well what he wanted. I had to wonder how the hell he got out of the kennel. Then I remembered pulling my towel off the gate of his cage and hearing a click. I knew I must have sprung the catch on the door of his cage. The dog kept nudging playfully with that great head trying to crawl up on me. I kept pushing him down. Then I saw that big dick of his coming out of its sheathe. He was hotter than hell and I knew I better get him back into his cage before we both got into trouble with Mr. Robertson. Suddenly Luther was licking at my cock again. Letting him lap me with that course wet tongue I realized this damn dog was putting the make on me. Spreading my legs wider I giggled as his tongue worked my balls. I began to wonder how many men had been screwed by dogs. On a lark I rolled over on the lounge and sliding off let my knees rest on the cement. My ass was now just about the right height of a bitch. I was horny as hell now after his licking my cock and balls. It wasn't that I never been fucked before but to be screwed by a dog was something else again. There was no denying he was probably better looking than some of my tricks and he was such a big beautiful brute. Getting fucked by a dog would be a first for me and it might be one damn wild thrill. When Luther started sniffing and licking at my asshole I began to crawl towards his cage. He was eager to mate with me and he followed right along behind me. He just kept licking at my ass as I moved. Every time that rough tongue of his would take a swipe at my hole I would tremble with pleasure getting even hotter. When Luther would try to mount me I would move out of his way by crawling even faster. We were both having fun. I'd never been chased by a dog in heat. Luther thought this was a big game and he was determined to get my ass. Even stranger I was beginning to want him to catch me. I had been a ball playing with him and teasing him but it had been six months since I'd had any sex and I was ripe for a good fuck. Swinging the door wide I scurried into his cage. It was too low to stand in the cage so I just stayed on all fours. Wiggling my ass to entice him to come to me then he was in the cage like a shot. He kept pawing my back trying to position himself. I thought the damn dog was going to rip my skin off of my back with his big paws. Bending over further with my head touching the concrete I tried to make it easier for him. Then I began spreading my legs so he had a better shot at getting his cock into my ass Now that he was on me and I could feel his cock begin to work its way into my ass. I kept telling him to work harder at it and get the damn thing in me. I was as hot as the dog was now. He worked his cock into me just so far and he then he began this humping like a machine driving himself into me even deeper. This dog was a born stud. As he worked all of himself into me I began to feel something beginning to swell up in my ass. To my surprised and horror his cock just kept expanding getting longer and getting bigger. I was really in great pain now. The dog was now bigger than most of the men that had fuck me and he was still swelling. Suddenly we seemed to be locked together. His cock felt like a fuckin horse cock up my ass now. I was scared now and trying to get him off of me. When I tried to pull away he let out a mean growl letting me know he was not through with me yet. Frightened I stopped struggling. He was now in complete control of me Now that we were locked together like that he just kept humping my ass. Then I heard this metallic click of the gate closing. Then Mr. Robertson's deep voice telling me Luther wouldn't release me until he'd shot his load. Looking it was Mr. Robertson was leaning over the cage watching us with a big grin on his face. Then he told me to just relax that it would take a little more time and it would all be over. Just let Luther have his fun. I was mortified with him just standing there watching me being fucked by his dog. To make matters worse he told me I made a real handsome bitch. Sighing he said that maybe Luther would be less excitable now that he had me to fuck. I was thankful when Luther finally dismounted. He was friendly now and came around licking at my face. He was a friendly playmate to me now. Mr. Robertson then told me Luther would now always consider me his bitch. Looking up to say something to him he put his fingers to his lips shushing me. Then saying, "Roger you might as well call me Warren since you're my dog's girlfriend now. Blushing I was too ashamed to talk. Crawling over to the gate I ask him to let me out. Smiling this evil little smile he said Luther would want to fuck me a couple of more times tonight so he really preferred I stay in the cage. Then he said he would check on Duke and if he was well enough he would bring down to the kennel for me to service. As an afterthought said he'd been looking all over the country for good bitch for his dogs but with no success. Now it seems Luther had found his own Bitch. Coming back to the cage and leaning over he reached in petting my head telling me not to worry that he would add Luther's and Duke's stud fees to my salary. As he moved away told me he would come back at suppertime with our food. He said if Duke was up to it he would bring him so he could get in on the fun. As he moved away I started wondering just how much the stud fees were going to be that he was going to pay me. I hated to admit even to myself I had become a bitch for two dogs. Then thinking I did love Warren and I did like Luther and Duke and in a way he would now be my master. Suddenly it began to seem more reasonable. It was hours later Warren returned carrying a tray with three dishes and leading Duke on his leash. Sliding open a little service gate in the cage he slid the dished into the cage. Then walking around to the main gate he opened it and let Duke in. Then saying, "eat up now fellows I fixed it special for the three of you. I added that stuff the vet gave me to get you and the dogs all sexed up. I know it works on the dogs now we will see how it works on a human". Hearing that I begged him to let me out. Shaking his head all he said was you're the one that crawled into the cage and let my hound fuck you.

Now be a good bitch and eat The dogs are going to want another fuck. I was hungry and crawling over to the dish I began to eat. I was a lot slower at it then Luther and Duke but then my mouth was smaller than his theirs. Then I noticed Warren was returning with his video camera. Filling our water dishes with fresh water he smiled when he saw the empty dishes. He said he had a feeling I was going to make a real fine bitch. As soon at that hormone kicked in he wanted to get the show on Video. Curling up into a fetal position and laying there I pretend to sleep. I was damn if I was going to let him Video me getting fucked by dogs. It wasn't working, Warren could see my cock was getting harder than hell. That's when Luther began to sniff at my ass again and when that wet coarse tongue began at me I was so damn hot I had to have him up my ass again. Rolling over and up on my knees I spread my legs so he could lick my ass. It was just seconds later that Duke joined him. Whatever was in that dog food was making us crazy. I was so hot I began to eat out Duke ass. I had become a sex crazed animal. Warren was there with his camera recording our every move. I was so hot now I was panting. Spreading my legs even wider I felt Luther's paws on my back as he mounted me. Not to be outdone Duke was trying to mount the front of me. Finding my open mouth he shoved his cock down my throat and I eagerly let him fuck my mouth. Kneeling there I felt Luther's knot forming in my ass and this time I liked it. Begging him to tie me I began pushing back on Luther trying to get all of his cock deeper into me. Not to be outdone Duke had found my mouth hot and eager and was pushing his cock into me humping my mouth. They got it off real fast this time. Still hot and hard I began rolling over on my back like a dog reaching down getting myself off. As soon as I came splattering cum all over myself the dogs were all over me licking me clean. Finally it was over. As they stretched and lay down I crawled between my two lovers and laying there naked in the night air I was cozy and warm. Luther snuggled next to me on one side and Duke the other keeping me warm with their body heat. These dogs really seemed to have bonded to me as their bitch. Laughing Warren said I put on a great show and he went into the house. Without thinking I put my arms around the dogs and strangely felt emotionally tied to them. Licking at their snouts we all drifted off to sleep contented. We all woke about the same time and in seconds they scrambled up on all fours again pushing their noses to get me up. I knew now what they were after again and just thinking about it was getting me hot. Now shameless I really wanted them both to fuck me. Getting up on all fours Duke mounted me as Luther watched. I really liked being their bitch. This time as Duke plummeted my ass I was moaning and groaning in pleasure. Duke was really quite a stud and as I told him he had one hell of a cock on him for an animal. As he pushed into me I pushed and wiggled my ass trying to help him get it all in. Then I felt that swelling of his knot inside of me and we were tied. Now he really began to pump me full of his cum. Not to be outdone Luther had mounted my shoulders and I was sucking his cock. It seemed to slide down my throat forever. His cock, warm and long snaked down my throat all slick. It felt like it was going to work its way all the way to my stomach. When he unloaded in me my whole body responded in pleasure. I was sorry when he dismounted. Warren was ecstatic saying, "Great action with that ass of yours kid and you letting the dogs fuck your face was just beautiful. Your going to love seeing yourself putting out to the dogs on the screen and getting fucked at both ends at the same time." Looking up there he was standing in at the kennel gate with his digital camcorder getting it all again. Struggling to get up he reminded me I was locked to my lover and it would take a few minutes for him to release me. As he stood there recording everything he said he'd kept records of all the bitches Luther and Duke fucked but I seemed to be the one they liked best. Kneeling there with this huge dog up my ass there was nothing I could say or do. I had been a bitch for his two Great Danes and nothing would ever change that. It was then I notice what Warren was wearing, or shall I say wasn't wearing. He was standing there with his hard cock sticking out of his robe. He was getting hot and horny as hell watching me getting it off with his dogs. Animal sex must be a real turn on for him. As Duke finally dismounted from my ass and I could move Warren began shutting down his camcorder. Walking over to me and laughing he said he knew I was having a good time with my new lovers. Opening the gate then he told me if I was going to be his animals bitch I would half to service there master.
Looking up and nodding I eagerly crawled out of the cage telling him I would be happy to service him in anyway he wanted me. Kneeling in front of him and shoving my face in his crotch I began licking and sucking on his cock and balls. Leading me over to the pool area then he pushed me down and rolling me over on my back pulled my legs over his shoulders. Spreading my legs wide for him he shoved his cock up my ass. All he said was, "Great lubricant that dog cum" as he sank his deep into my body. As he worked me he seemed to get even hotter calling me his beautiful little bitch. Bending me almost in two as he forced himself all the way into me up to his balls he leaned over pressing his lips to mine. Slipping his tongue into my mouth he sucked the very breath out of me. Now in heat I surrendered my body to him completely. As he ravaged my body he ravaged my mouth. I'd though Luther was big but his cock was enormous. As he worked my ass he told me that he, Luther and Duke had needed a hot bitch like me for a long time. Quickening his stroke he began making little grunting noises. Suddenly I felt this explosion of hot fluid filling my body. What a fuck that man gave me. As he let my legs down I ran my hands over his hard strong body thinking for middle aged man he was wonderful, hell for any man he was wonderful. It was now apparent he considered me one of his animals. Sliding up my chest I felt his enormous body weight on me. He was one damn big stud. Then as he lifted himself up on his knees and I felt his hot moist cock resting on my lips. He didn't ask, he took, and with one lunge his cock was buried deep in my throat. Struggling for air I tried desperately to take all of him. He stayed over me and in steady even strokes piston my mouth with his cock driving himself deeper with each thrust until his cock was fully embedded in my body. With each thrust his pubic hair filled my nostrils with his manly smell. I could only get snatches of air as his cock pumped me but I was in ecstasy. He was an animal and the more he pumped the hotter he got and the more I wanted him. Then he began working that cock of his with a steady staccato rhythm like a dog in heat. Soon he had my throat stretched like a holster fitting his cock perfectly. Fucking me like a sex- starved animal he kept as my mouth and ass until late into the morning. Finally gratifying his lust he stood kissing me as he pulled me to my feet. I was in a daze with what had happened to me the last two days. I knew I was in love with Warren and if it pleased him I would be their bitch. I loved it when he watched his dogs screwed me because I knew it excited him and than he would want me next. He stood there holding me tight saying he'd never felt like this before. He had to have me as his bitch. Suddenly becoming playful with me he pulled me to the pool pushing me in. Diving after me we played and frolicked in the water for what seemed like forever. I knew that he was a man playing with one of his animals and I was more than willing to accept that. Finally exhausted we pulled ourselves out of the pool he led me to the house. He said he had prepared my breakfast for me earlier. I told him I would run up and dress but in a harsh commanding voice he ordered me to stay naked. Then softening his tone he said he liked to see me naked. Calling the dogs I followed him and the dogs into the kitchen for breakfast. Luther and Duke ran over and sat by their dishes of dog food.
Seeing Luther and Duke sitting at there dished waiting for his command to eat I saw another dish with my name smartly lettered on it. Looking at Warren as he nodded I accepted his silent command and got on my knees and crawled over to my dish. Looking up at Warren we all waited for his command. Then as he gave his permission we all began to eat. Finishing my food I lapped at my water dish. Kneeling there on all fours Luther was at my ass sniffing again, He was ready for another round with his bitch. This time all I did was to hunch down spreading my legs and let him take me. In seconds I had Duke mount my shoulders. Warren watched us approvingly as the dogs humped my ass and face. I could see he was enjoying watching me as he had his second cup of coffee. Looking up all he said was he liked to watch his animals fuck. As Luther finished with me we stayed locked together for he longest time. He had really had a lot to pump into me this time. Not to be outdone Duke was on my ass wanting his fuck. All Warren said was "you really are a hot little bitch". When Duke was finished with me Warren called me over. Sitting there on his chair he spread his legs and I crawled between them. He said I was a good dog and he was pleased with me. With all that praise I began to licking and sucking his cock. He was delighted as I worked his cock deep into my throat. Holding me tight to his crotch he shot his load. Kneeling there I sucked all his hot cum down and continued to suck on him. I just didn't want to stop.. He continued to pet me calling me a good bitch. When I had finished cleaning him up he lifted my chin asking me if I wanted to belong to him and be one of his animals. When I told him I wanted him to be my master standing he pulled out a leather collar and slipped it around my neck. Then taking a small golden bone shaped tag out he fixed it to the collar. Lifting it I read the words, `Roger property of Walter Robertson.' Then saying "Now you know how things are going to be from now on with us. You belong to me now and your are my bitch. The only thing there was to say was "yes master." As my mouth went around his cock again and I worked him he patted my head. I knew how right this was for me. From that day forward my life was going to be quite simple. My nights were belonged to my master satisfying all his sexual desires and my days belonged to Luther and Duke. They considered me there bitch now and came to me for sex. I was playing with Luther and Duck in the kitchen before breakfast when Warren came in to the kitchen to fix our breakfast. He told me he was having a surprise made for me. All excited I ask when would I able to see it. He said tonight at supper and rubbing my neck he said nothing was to good for his dogs. I was hardly able to stand it I was anxious to see my surprised. Finally the trucks were gone and as we walked to the kennels the first thing I noticed was my gift. He had a new sign placed over our kennel. Just under the gold lettered name of Luther and Duke was my name, Roger. I knew now I was home now. It wasn't long after that when Warren was out walking Duke, Luther and me that he told me Garcia was just back from his trip. Then pulling up on my leash and leading us to the kitchen he went on to remind me that Garcia his housekeeper and was now back from Mexico. He would be fixing our food and doing the cleaning for us. As we entered the kitchen Warren unhooked our leashes I saw this little Mexican house standing watching us. With clasped hands he said he had the animals food all ready. Bending down he placed our three dishes on the floor. Garcia just seemed to accept me naturally as one of the dogs. When I got on all fours to eat he petted my head saying I was a fine looking bitch. Giggling he looked up saying maybe now he could get a dog as his pet now that they had a good bitch for the dogs. Warren sipped his coffee and thinking just a few minutes called me over and asked me how I would feel about having another dog to service. Licking his hand and nodding I told him he was my master now and I would do anything he wanted. I belonged to him now. With that he gave the command for us to eat. And I hurried over to my dish. I wondered what kind of dog Garcia would get as I finished my breakfast.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The BIRTH of Analboy

The missing stories series : The BIRTH of Analboy:

I had come home from work, ate dinner and took a leisurely bath. I put on a shirt that covered my ass, no undies and decided to go to bed. Not to sleep yet, but to masturbate again, working my asshole. Masturbation relaxed me before I went to sleep. There is nothing more comforting than an orgasm with my hole just huge.

I lay on the bed and reached into the drawer to retrieve my dildo. It was huge, for my loose asshole, but was just enough to feel stuffed and to satisfy me. I put my hands into my panties and began to gently stoke my cock. I closed my eyes and began to drift off into my fantasy world. I moved the dildo further back deeper in my asshole. My body shivered as the dildo played across my loose anus. I ran it around and began to push it in. The tip slowly entered until I pulled it back out. This always happened. I wanted to be anally ruined, until I could get fisted daily with no resistance. I slowly began to fade off into my fantasy world.

I felt hands take the large dildo from my hand and turn me over so I was lying on my stomach. My hands were grasped and I felt rope being tied around each wrist. First one wrist was tied to the bed rail, than the other. The knots were tied tight.

"Who are you, what do you want?" I cried, suddenly afraid.

"My name is Michael and you know what I want."

"No I don't, untie my hands and get out of here before I scream for the police" Johnny said.

"You wouldn't do that because it will not do any good. I am here to fulfill your fantasy. I am here to wreck your asshole".

"Please don't hurt me, I only dream about that, I don't want to really do that. Just let me loose" Johnny begged.

"Sorry, but you made up the rules for this game. The only way you can stop me is when you cum. Until that time, you are mine to play with," said Michael. "Let's get you into a better position".

Johnny could feel him slide his hands under his stomach and push him up until he was on his knees. His short shirt now just barely covered his asshole,. He felt him tie more ropes around his thighs and he began to pull his thighs open.

"Please don't, no more ropes," he cried as his thighs were pulled open. He felt him first tie one rope under the bottom of the bed, pulling his leg wide open. He went to the other side of the bed and began to pull the other rope, pulling his other leg wider and wider. "No more, you are spreading them too far," he yelled, but he continued to spread him open. He could feel his asshole begin to spread open, his big asshole totally exposed for abuse. He tied more ropes at his ankles, tying them to the corner of the bed.
He felt totally exposed as he imagined how he looked. His arms were bound to the top of the bed. He was on his knees, his ass invitingly open in the air, his legs spread and tied to the bed. He never felt so vulnerable before.

He watched as Michael began to undress. Soon he was naked and Johnny trembled in fear when he saw his cock. It was over 8 inches long and 1-1/2 inches in diameter. "Yes, it is very big isn't it, but this is your fantasy and you have a big asshole to take it"

"Please, what are you going to do?" wailed Johnny.

"I am going to fuck you in the asshole, then fist out your asshole until its ruined, just like in your fantasy. I will start by sticking my fingers deep into your anus and rectum. I will than begin a slow but painful fucking of your anal tract. You will be forced to take all eight inches of my cock. Once I manage to stretch you open, I will begin to forcefully fuck you. As I fuck you harder and deeper, I will begin to play with your nipples. When you are ready to cum, I will start fisting out your asshole, then I will cum at the same time, shooting my hot load deep into your asshole. Only then will your fantasy end and your asshole will not return to normal again."

"No, please, your two hands are too big to stick in my asshole for a double fisting. Fuck my asshole instead" he begged.

He moved onto the bed and began to run his hands down his back toward his ass. His body trembled in fear. He knew that soon he would be stripped naked. He moved his body over the top of his asshole and he felt his hands move down toward his nips. He sank 3 greasy fingers into Johnny ass working is pink shaved asshole. The kneeling position he was bound in allowed him free access to his balls, cock and asshole.

"OHHHH, yea, open up my asshole, please not so hard, be gentle."
"You will soon learn that with pleasure also comes pain. My cock and hands will force your cavity open allowing me to pleasure myself in your asshole. As my cock is squeezed by your silky insides you will be stretched wider and deeper than you thought possible. Then my huge hand will be forced into your asshole.  This will cause you exquisite pain until you lose all rectal control. Eventually the pain will mingle with the pleasure and you will cum with my hard cock or hand up your asshole, milking the hot cum from my cock."

He twisted his nipples, making him gasp as he pulled her coral aureoles and forced his stiff nipples to become erect. He tried to move to escape the cruel fingers but the tight bondage only allowed him to sway his balls back and forth. Michael began a 3 and 4 fingers insertion, gasps coming from Johnny's mouth as he manhandled his asshole. His fingers began to unbutton the shirt, allowing his hands access to his naked Tits. He pulled his shirt up over his back. Johnny turned red in humiliation as he looked at his bound body, his naked balls hanging down, waiting his punishment, Johnny's rapist tied of his ball sack..
"No more, I am so embarrassed. You are stripping me naked as I am bound here". He felt him cut his shirt from his body, He was now naked from the waist up and only his undies covering his ass.
"What a nice ass" and he again moved over his body so he could begin again to tease his nipples. He could feel his erection resting in the cleft of tight ass cheeks. He began to pinch and pull his nipples, Johnny gasping in pain.
"OOOOWWW, that's too hard, Ouch, stop" he cried reacting to a cruel pinch of his delicate nipples. His nipples grew harder and longer from his insistent torment. He began to buck under him, her face flush with shame and humiliation. His ass moved sensuously against his cock, his panty-covered ass caressing his cock, making it grow harder and longer.
His 4 fingers tightened in a ball and entered his asshole and Johnny winced in pain, closing his eyes and crying out in pain as it became unbearable, the thumb entered his asshole next. he cried out, "please, that hurts so much" only made Michael tighten his grip harder and he began to twist his hand in a counter clockwise motion. Johnny trembled violently in Michael sadistic grip. If he could only endure the pain for a while longer, he might stop.
All of a sudden the pain in his stretched asshole diminished. He looked down in the mirror and saw his asshole stretching out over Michael's fingers, yet the immense pain he felt before was almost all gone. He realized that he was beginning to enjoy sexual pleasure from the pain. He turned red in humiliation as he began to enjoy the pain that was only a few minutes ago, sheer torture.
Michael was watching Johnny's reaction to his asshole torture and noticed the change in his demeanor. He released his hand from his asshole and began to insert a huge 3" wide x 11" dildo.  Soon he was working it and then began punching his hole, Johnny moaning and crying out little gasps of pleasure from the manipulation.
"I told you that with pain, comes pleasure," said Michael, Johnny's ass rolling sensuously against the dildo punching. He released his grip on the massive dong, forcing a groan from Johnny as he felt empty. He got off his back and kneeled up behind him. He began to regain his composure and he trembled at the idea of Michael staring lustfully at his now gaping greased asshole.

 "Please no more" he begged. His hands moved over his cheeks, squeezing the flesh between his fingers moving lower between his legs to grasp and squeeze his thighs. Johnny cried out in anguish as his hands moved toward his asshole again. He would soon feel how aroused he had become when he felt his anal button. His hands gripped the bed rail tightly as his hand moved over his asshole. Johnny turned red in shame and humiliation as he imagined how he looked, bound face down, naked with his legs spread wide and his cock and anus opened for Michael to see. His hands spread his cheeks wider and wider opening his anus to his gaze. He held him open for long minutes, staring at his pink anus. He wasted no time in continuing his ruthless ravishment of his body and he could feel his breath on his anus and then suddenly he jumped in surprise as his tongue began to bathe his naked anus.
His tongue began to bathe his body from his anus, down to his cock, lapping up to grasp his cockhead with his lips. His body shuddered and attempted to escape the rasping tongue, but the cruel bondage held him in his grasp. His hand grabbed a 10" x 2" dildo and  reached under his belly and slipped up slammed the dildo to the hilt. Again, his fingers began to grasp the butthole lips and  began the milking and massaging the forming asshole lips. Johnny's body trembled in shame as he began to react to his personal degradation at the hands of Michael. His tongue continued to move from his anus, to the cockhead. Johnny was sobbing small cries as his ass undulated to the oral caress of Michael's tongue.
His tongue left his body and again, Johnny again felt empty. He kneeled behind him, bathing in the sight of this beauty, naked and bound before him.

"It is time to open your ass up, BIGTIME!. I am going to start with planting the Bam dildo, its 3" across and 12 inches long, then with my fingers. I am going to stick one finger in you dry, alongside. It will hurt, but I want you to bear down on it and let it enter you. You must get used to the pain. Your anus will have to open very wide to accept my big fist and cock, but it was you that decided this.  Johnny's body shivered as has fingers moved over the cleft in his ass and moved toward his exposed anus. He attempted to clasp his cheeks closed, but the spread of his thighs prevented it. A sudden fear shot through Johnny as he realized the pain and humiliation of being ass fisted to ruin would entail.

His finger began to push against the clasping huge opening of his anus expanded around the bam dildo. The lewd anal contact with his fingers made Johnny groan and attempt to squirm away, but his finger followed him limited movement. Johnny gasped at the sudden invasion of his anus, struggling in his bondage to escape; however the tight ropes held him tightly. Johnny soon realized that there was no escaping the cruel fisting of his ass. Finally, he relaxed his internal muscles, hoping to ease some of the pain he knew he would be subject to.

His finger pushed in, probing forcefully against his elastic huge anal sphincter. Johnny moaned as the pressure increased and suddenly his loose anus opened to the finger and his finger pushed relentlessly into his willing asshole right along the bam dildo.

"Oh no, Oh God, Not that wide please, its ruining me!!!!! Aaaaahhhhhhhh" he screamed as second finger rasped dryly up his anal tract. His cries had no effect on Michael as he continued to plunge forcefully into his rectum. His fingers reached swirled deep into his rectum and began to twist him open.

The retreat of his fingers slid right out. As soon as it reached his clasping ring he teased it, forcing it to open wider. "OOOOWWW, it hurts, please" he cried.

"Beg me to grease up your ass and fuck it with my big fist. If you don't I will stick 4 dry fingers in you."
Johnny moaned in shame and humiliation but he knew he must comply. The dry fingers hurt terribly and he knew that 4 fingers would be extremely painful. "Please grease my ass".
"Beg me to fuck you with my fist up your ass," he said.
"Grease up my ass and fist with your balled up hand," he complied.
Michael took Crisco oil and dabbed it on Johnny's naked ass. He began to run crisco over his cheeks, spreading the lard. His fingers moved some of the lard between his cheeks and over his anus. Johnny cringed each time his hand moved over his naked anus. The next time his oiled fingers pushed quickly and deeply into Johnny's gaping anus. His 4 fingers began to ream and probe his rubbery, used channel.
"OOOOOWWW, that hurts, OOOOHHHH" he cried as 4 fingers burrowed deep into his rectum. His body shuddered from the cruel ravishment of his ass. His fingers withdrew He balled all 5 fingers tightly together and again sank deep into his rectum, drawing gasps of pain from Johnny. The next time the entire hand sank deep into him, stretching his huge anus to spread wide. "OOOOOOW, that's too big, take them out, it hurts, OWWWWW", cried Johnny.
His hand pushed deep into his rectum and stopped. Johnny trembled in pain. He waited for the inevitable. He knew that he would open them deep in his ass, stretching her open for the ultimate rape of his ass by his cock and a double fisting. He felt the hand opening deep in him, spreading his rectal walls. He screamed in pain but Michael's hand continue their ruthless stretching, fisting out his asshole in rhythmic pulses. His breathing became shallowed as the balled hand began to withdraw, stretching him open as it withdrew. They clasped together when they reached his grasping anus, stretching the ring to the max, but again expanded his anal tract as they forced deep into his body. Johnny shuddered in pain.
Michael withdrew his fingers from his ass and stared at his open anus. He fisted his cock and pushed forward, resting his hard cock on his Huge hole. It looked like it would never fit into his tiny body. He knew that Johnny would feel a lot of pain before he managed to force the whole eight inches of cock deep into his ass.
Sue looked over her shoulders and saw that Michael was readying his hands to double fist his asshole to ruin. He gripped the rails tightly, waiting for the initial tearing of his anus as he was forced to accept his big balled fists. Michael began to push a fisted hand into his anus, using all of his weight to force his hand into him. Michael braced his hand on his back to brace him and Johnny's gaping asshole began to open to the crown of his mighty fist. With a giant thrust, his fist entered his gaped rectum.
The pain overwhelmed Johnny. Michael's rough anal entry forced a cry of agony from Johnny's lips as his body tossed about attempting to escape the cruel rape of his ass. "OOOH, no, not in my ass, take it out, it hurts too much" he cried. He gasped as his anal ring began to ache and burn as he forced into him, stretching his ring even wider.
"Now that's better, you're nice and loose. Try to relax or else it will rip up your anal tract." He groaned and his body shuddered as Michael forced his arm deeper into him. Slowly it rasped into him. He felt his bowel spasm and throb as it forced his rectum to accept its big size. His body jerked in pain as his hand ruthlessly inched deep into his body. He eased back out and than pushed back in, sloppy sounds emanated from Johnny's hole. He tried to escape his hand as it slid deeper into his rectum, making his belly ache and cramp, but he grabbed his shoulders, forcing his down on his hand, and fisted him out with brutal thrusts.
Johnny buried his head and grasped the rail as he rammed his hand deeper and deeper up into his cramping bowels, with each thrust completely pulling his hand out, then punching it deep back it. He had never felt such agony and He begged and pleaded with Michael but he continued to fist deeper and faster into his body. He was really fucking up his anal ring.  His ass farted and squelched obscenely as he continued to fist out Johnny's ass.
"OOOH God, please stop, I need to go to the toilet, stop please" his bowels cramping as he forced himself into him again. As he pulled his hand almost out of him, he was afraid he might shit himself. He arched her back as he rammed back in with a punching motion
Johnny looked over his shoulders and saw that Michael was readying his cock to deflower him anally. He gripped the rails tightly, waiting for the initial tearing of his anus as he was forced to accept his big cock. Michael began to push into his anus, using all of his weight to force his cock into him. Michael braced his hands on his back to brace him and Johnny's mutilated huge asshole began to open to the crown of his cock. With a giant thrust, his cock entered his clasping rectum.

Michael grabbed his hips and began to push his cock in and out of his ass, watching his stretched anus grip his cock as he spread his cheeks wide. He forced him to roll his buttocks, massaging his cock with his silky insides. "OOOO, UUUUHH" he moaned. Michael relaxed rectum throbs and spasms milking the head of his cock.
Johnny grunted with exertion and reclenched his cheeks to stop him but he began to push back into him.
"I'm going to force my cock deep into your ass now and began forcefully fuck you." He watched his pain wracked face as he began to push his cock into him. Each thrust pushing deeper into his ass chute. Johnny thought it would never end. He pushed back, feeling his ass burn as his cock opened his ring even further. He cried out and his body jerked in pain each time it slid home each gut-wrenching stroke. His head shot up and his back arched up in pain as his cock stabbed deep into his bowels. He grunted and moaned with each thrust, as he took him harder and harder. He struggled to accommodate his big cock. His body went rigid as he speared him viciously as he felt his cock pulse deep in his rectum.
His hands reached under her ass and began to rub his cock  His fingers found his cock and started jacking it,forcing a groan from Johnny. "I'm going to make you cum.'
"Ohhh, please, don't be long, it hurts so bad, I can't stand it, cum in me and get it over," he cried.
"You're going to cum first or I will fuck you all day" and his fingers continued to manipulate his cock. His ass began to push up into his cock, forcing it deeper into his unwilling ass. Johnny grunted and strained in pain as his cock rammed deeper into him.   He began to fuck into his ass with rapid deep strokes, making him wince in pain with each unmerciless thrust.
Johnny began to feel the change in his body as his fingers continued to masturbate him. Even with the gut-wrenching thrusts deep into his rectum, his cock began reacting to pleasure. He now began to fuck back, driving his hips back into a slow circle as he shoved his cock up his ass hard. His head threw back as he began to feel the first contractions of an orgasm. Suddenly he cried out and jerked rigid, his body exploding into a shattering cum shot. He rammed back against Michael's cock, forcing it deep into his ass. He could feel his cock grow bigger and stretch his anal tract wider as it began to cum deep into his ass. His body shuddered and he let out a deep groan as he shot an enormous amount of cum deep in his gaping rectum. He felt his colon quickly fill with the hot cum. Cum poured from Johnny's throbbing anus, soaking the bed.
Johnny lay there exhausted, his rectum aching from the cruel punishment. Michael's pulled his cock from his anus. He no longer had control of his anal ring. He had been anally destroyed. His fantasy was now complete.