Friday, February 19, 2016

The new weapons

In the last post, I said we are gonna 'kick it up a notch on the rectum" deeper wider, more rectal destruction. Here are the new dongs we just received that are gonna do it, the rocket and the ring popper. Dimensions are on the photo, but hard to see. They devastate my asshole.  Doing a photshoot with them this weekend, Will update this post with the action pics, when complete and ready

Rectum Wreckers

Ring Popper:
 Ball 1 -2-3/4" diameter
Ball 2- 3" dia
Ball 3- 3-1/4  dia

Ripple section 2-2/4" diameter
Smooth Section 3" dia
Ribbed base 3-1/4" dia

Beer Can is 2-1/2" inches wide

Analboy Face down asshole, high-- the short stubby 2.5 inch wide dong just fell into his big asshole with no effort. The new ring popper dong was doing its job, breaking down his ass muscle, and lack of resistance of short stubby, showed it was working. It was ring popper time!

"On the bench slut, cock straight down, asshole out, we are gonna do a little ring poppin', pull your muscle out" Abuser CB ordered.

The slut took his place on the bench, his asshole was huge and hanging, perfectly conditioned by Abuser CB. 3 balls were greased up, (see picture below) as the analslut held his ass cheeks open.

"Pop my ring muscle Daddy, breakdown that muscle!!!" slut pleaded. He hit the poppers prepping for the balls. Abuser BC quickly popped the fist ball in (2 inch) , and pulled it out, two balls in (2 and 2.5 inch), as he watched the muscle dent in and take the first ball, he popped the second ball in, until the muscle gripped the shaft of the second ball.

"Hold on slut, I’m gonna pull that ring out!" he said, ripping the two balls out as quickly as possible.

"OHHHH GAWD my asshole" the slut screamed as the balls popped out, but Abuser CB quickly popped both back in as fast as they came out.
He got into a good rhythm popping the balls in and out, on the fast rip out, his asshole muscle would come out, almost forming a volcano shape before popping out of the muscle.

"Ohh Daddy the ring is breaking down nicely, its almost rocket time?" The slut moaned

"Yep deep rocket punchings on the bench, then a ruined muscle fuck to polish of the wrecked asshole he said picking up rocket, ripping out the ring popper with full force.

"Hold on for a rocket fall in" as the pointy head split the sluts ring, and it sank right past the ridges  "Ohhh gawd good depth already, Daddy, ripple those asslips out" He begged.   Abuser CB pushes deep as the muscle glides over  the smooth portion of the dong expanding his ring to a full 2-7/8 diameter, expanding the anal ring even further.

"Your going in my colon bend daddy, your gonna make me cum" the slut said, rock hard cock pushed down was dripping. Abuser CB  took advantage and started long swifts strokes, all the way out to the sharp head, then power back right up  the colon, to the smooth portion, in and out, in and out, long strokes was hammering his asshole to ruin. "Im losing all rectal control" he screamed, releasing a piss stream off the edge of the bench.

"Nice stream, keep pissing" keeping up in the long strokes, trying to make him let loose again, He started nailing the rectal walls, then found the right angle, he cored out his cavity with the 3 inch to a solid 13 inch depth, "Ohh gawd im pissing again!" He announced, Abuser CB was working his rock hard cock, "Now its time for you to come, like a good analslut" Abuser CB said, reaching around jacking his sluts cock one hand, rocket working his colon in the other.

"I can wait any more I need to fuck your sloppy donut muscle NOW"!  Abuser CB ripped out rocket and Immediately sank balls deep in his slut, his full 8 inch thickness, he pumped away, still jacking him..."Im cumming in your slutty rectum", the slut squirted off from the jacking at the same time.
“Your dick is gonna make me cum” the slut announced, as Abuser CB milked a load from him.
Abuser CB was done, worn out, the sluts asshole was mincemeat and he was done too. End of a perfect rectal abuse session.

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