Friday, February 12, 2016

Machine Anal

Machine Anal

Analboy awoke in his Assmasters playroom strapped to a workbench stockade, his head and hands locked into the wooden apparatus while his body lay prone and his feet spread eagle and bound at the base of the bench. A harness was strapped around his waist. He knew he was naked as his body perspired from the heat of the room in the hot summer. His throat ached as he tried hard to swallow. How long had he been unconscious (he wondered)? That's when he realized a dull consistent ache in his anus. He tried turning his head to look, but couldn't move his neck no more than an inch or so. He could feel something moving in and out of his asshole, sliding straight through and up into his rectum with a calm steady stroke. He tried to call out, to ask who was fucking him, but no one was around. He merely groaned in frustration as the object continued to move smoothly in and out of him. How long had they been fucking him? His hole felt so numb that he could barely feel it moving in and out of him.    Analboy now awake was getting hot from the machine drilling up into his rectum and tried adjust his ass so the object would penetrate him even deeper than it was, Analboy had been getting pummeled by the machine for over 4 hours, every 15 minutes it would automatically squirt a lubricant inside him to moisten the passageway, keeping the anal canal slick. The object (shaped like a large bedpost) pumped in and out at 50 strokes per-minute. The curves and ridges rubbed consistently against Analboys prostate, and working his anal ring, keeping his cock rock hard and leaking warm precum. He tried tightening his asshole but couldn't, He had lost all anal control, his sphincter muscles lay relaxed and loose, as if given some sort of relaxer. What were these guys doing to them?  The assmaster came back in and turned off the asshole traumatizer machine and the steady hum of the motor died down.

"My ring muscle no longer functions properly, why did you goto such extremes" He asked, being lead to the exam table

"A bunch of rough bikers wanna punch fist you for hours, they paid me good money for your big asshole, and I needed the muscle to be shot, so you could take them on" He said. 

"Thats Great!, Love to see if my rectum can take the punishment" I said, laying on the table.  
The Assmster then pulled his legs high above his head and strapped in place with ropes to expose his hairless asshole. 3 men (Representing the biker gang) stood around him. One Biker stood at his head, feeding Analboy his hairy cock while another Guard sat at his asshole, slowly moving his fingers in and out of Analboys's asshole testing its looseness.  Analboy knew what was coming as the man added more fingers, forming his hand into a fist as he carefully eased it in past the relaxing anal muscles. Analboy felt his asshole stretch to accommodate the large hand. The hand slipped in with no resistance of his asshole ring muscle at all.  The machine had done its job, he sucked harder on the cock in his mouth, causing the owner to groan involuntarily. Months of being Anally abused at the hands of his asshole hungry assmasters had stretched Analboy's asshole significantly. He could feel the Bikers's fist now moving up through his colon as he concentrated on sucking. The Biker ran his fist in and out, occasionally pulling his entire hand free to add more lube and watch the wide pinkish/red rectum hang open like the mouth of a tea server before ramming back in.  The Bikers made rude comments about Analboy's gaping hole as they used his body for their pleasures. Occasionally Analboy would feel the hand remove as one of their cocks would slip into him, --they'd spend several minutes fucking his gaping hole only to pull out and reshape it with their fists. After while the third Biker joined in, sliding his hand into Analboy's awaiting asshole. Analboy could tell when the 2 men switched off fisting him as one Bikers' hand was bigger than the other. He felt his rectum open as the bigger fist pushed in, filling him more completely and overwhelming his anal track with the huge solid mass. He groaned around the thick cock pressing into his throat, his own little bald cock lying limp between his pale white legs. The Bikers face fucking him pumped in and out slowly, taking time to stretch his mouth and throat as skillfully as his asshole. When he hit rock bottom (his balls resting against Analboy's face), The Biker fisting him pushed his arm in near the elbow, filling Analboy to the brim. The added pressure from both ends was a strain on Analboy's body. He squirmed to allow greater depth in his rectum as he rocked his hips to find the right position, the biker found the opening a drove up into him hard. 

"Ohhhh gawd my rectum" He screamed out from the depth

"I like this asshole slut, he can take it, Gonna be hot once we get all the guys together" The biker said 

The hand in his asshole withdrew down to the wrist, and popped back into the rectum zone.  Analboy could not control his rectum anymore, unable to clamp down, or tighten his ring at all, just as another set of fingers started to slide into him next to the hand already invading his body. He knew it was the third Biker attempting to double fist him. He pushed his flat hand in until the stretched anal ring closed painfully around his embedded wrist. The Biker made a fist inside Analboy's rectum along with the second Bikers's. Analboy now had two fists from two different men in his asshole. When one pulled his hand back, the other forced his hand inward, creating a continuous friction, they were alternate fisting him in a good rhythem. 

"Take it slut, we are gonna demolish your asshole" The new fister said. 

Analboy started to buck to adjust to the width as the hands bore deeper into him, the double wrists stretching his anal ring further than anything ever had before. He watched in the mirror, pointed right as his asshole, as the 2 Guards moved in and out against one another. As they pushed in further, Analboy could feel their forearms stretching him even wider. Occasionally they would pull both fists all the way out of him before plunging back in, punching their dueling fists into the battered canal and useless rectum. Analboy was getting hot from the extreme anal, and his little bald cock, got rock hard Sticking up a fill 4 inches. 

"This boy was well trained, look at his little bald cock...!" exclaimed the Biker working his asshole.  

Analboy tried concentrate on his rectum as two fists punched through his asshole. When they weren't punching him separately, they punched him together, both removing their fists only to ram them both in simultaneously.   Analboy did not struggle or resist as the fists punched through him, snapping his asshole open as they continuously bore straight through his thin body. As he screamed and moaned from the anal, it only fueled the guys arm to punch fist him harder and faster  "Fuck, man...! He's got me rock hard for his big asshole...!!" yelled the fister, as the fists gut punched him again and again. Analboy felt like his asshole would never return to normal again, unable to catch a decent breath as his body was taken and pillaged by the Bikers. When they were done punishing him with punches, they rammed their dicks into him, fucking him like bandits until they unloaded inside him. When one finished cumming the next one pushed in and followed suit, shooting his own cum alongside his friend's.  When they removed their cocks, Analboy's asshole hung open like fish's mouth, drooling warm cum and lube as his pale legs burned for release which would never come. 

As the biker finished up and left, Satisfied that we could take on the whole gang punching the shit out of his rectum. Assmaster lead analboy back to the rectum wrecking machine and Strapped him in, and prepped the machine for more work. It hummed and grew to life punching up into his rectum again, with an even steady rhythm  Just then the door to their playroom opened. Analboy knew he was in for more rectal when they saw 4 male figures walk in, Strangers, Biker Strangers. One of the men (a tall pale red head white man) reached down and grasped Analboy's little hardon, stroking it back and forth in his rough hand. Analboy's eyes fluttered as his sensitive dick started to throb again. The man picked up the pace of his stroke as the machine continued to pummel Analboy's asshole from beneath. Analboy squirmed in his seat, his bare ass fitting through a large exposed hole in the bottom of the seat. His hanging asshole distended down in a pronounced cone shape from overabuse.  The man stroking him recognized the alarmed look on Analboy's face as another climax hit upon him. His bottom lip quivered as his balls tightened and contracted. 3 gushes of sperm shot from the tip, coating the man's palm as he continued to stroke. Analboy groaned in despair, his balls aching from cumming once too many times. 

"I think this one's ready, He cums from anal, fucking slut!" said the second Biker as he reached under and turned off the machine. The piston slowed to a stop as the dildo exited his asshole, leaving Analboy's asshole a gaping useless meat hole. The Bikersmen unstrapped Analboy from the chair, dragging him over to an wooden horse where they draped him across like a dead carcass. Analboy was too far gone to fight back, his arms and legs like jello as the blood slowly re-circulated into his stinging limbs. One of the Bikers unzipped his trousers as he stepped up behind him and shoved his erection deep into Analboy's already lube slick asshole. Analboy felt the dick plunge into his wet rectum as the other Bikersmen stepped in line to get a shot at his meat hole. Sloppy asshole fuck the guy could not get any traction to make him cum in his rectum  The man quickly sank into Analboys asshole, pushing all the way in until his balls made contact. He ground himself in deep, loving the loose Analboy groaned and grunted with each thrust, his body being invaded as he was helpless to stop it. His only resource was to milk their dicks, make them cum off quickly against their wills. He loosened his throat muscles as he plunged his head down on the white cock before him, trying to bring him to a premature climax. Then he tightened his anal muscles as he squeezed the hard white cock in his ass. Both men found themselves humping harder, driving themselves in deeper as they began to pant for breath.  The man in Analboy's asshole came first. He couldn't resist the super slick velvety feeling surrounding his cock as he plunged in and out with wild abandon. He shoved himself all the way in after only 5 minutes of serious fucking and came with a resounding roar. The man in Analboy's mouth fucked into his throat with vigor, then pulled out and went for his empty asshole. He sank to the hilt in one push.  balls slapping repeatedly into Analboy's nuts. He fell over the edge as the cum came pouring out of his cock, creaming up  Analboy's asshole. Both men emptied their loads in him, their satisfied dicks falling limp long before they intended. 

He was ready for the biker fisting gang – That’s gonna be part II of the story…

  to be continued..  

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