Sunday, January 10, 2016

Upcoming Tips and Tricks

Some upcoming rectal tips and techniques posting. You can email your requests to


  1. Achieving Extreme depth (Colon bend work)
  2. Butt Plug Techiques-Learn how to breakdown your anal ring fast with plugs.
  3. How to finally take a fist.
  4. Prolapse methods- Get some red meat to come out.
  5. Extreme Width- How I got to a 3.5 diameter expansion-width only, not depth
  6. Pee Hole expansion- If you want your other fuckhole big like mine.
  7. Pissing from ANAL- How to let go and piss from anal, usually prolapses follow if your loose- Equipment needed and techniques discussed.
  8. Nut Tying techniques- Hot to properly isolate off your nuts for anal. Ropes, Rubberbands, Silicone donuts.
  9. How to cum from anal!- This is gonna be hard to explain.

Stay Tuned, I might add to this list


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  2. Hope you do the colon bend soon. I'm having no luck. Going passed that point

  3. Hi, I also train my ass , and I want to dilate more , can you help me ?


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