Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Technique #0: Proper Cleaning for Extreme Anal

Proper Cleaning and Rinsing techniques.

If you dont clean out properly, a couple of things will happen, First is the MESS, Yikes!. Second is you wont be able to achieve your rectal goals because you will tend to cramp up and not enjoy extreme depth or width if you were perfectly clean.  You rectum will open wider and deeper if your properly flushed.

1 hour before your asshole gets invaded, start to clean out..this will ensure the whole cavity will be flushed and has some time, to move around to ensure you are completely clean.  You dont need a complicated shower shot or expensive enema equipment, a simply enema bottle or bag will do.

Use as very warm but not super hot water, as warm as your rectum can take. No chemical or soaps will be needed just use pure water, this will reduce irritation that any soaps may cause. You will need to do 6 enemas, the first will be the nastiest, then you will slowly start to squirt clear.

2nd enema: Here is the key, on your second and following enemas, squirt it in and do not run to the toilet, HOLD IT IN AS LONG AS YOU CAN, AT LEAST 10 seconds. This will give the warm water time to do its job.

Continue doing this for 6 enemas and you should squirt clean.

Another hint:  Cleaning out will drain the energy out of you, people may tend to rest there elbows on there knees when sitting on the toilet, this may cramp your guts and trap water in your bowels, so occasionally sit up straight on the pot, your back vertical almost touching the tank. This will move around your guts, and release any extra water.

I hope this helps, You will know if your not clean enough on the first deep insertion, you may have to do another rinse.  Analboy

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  1. Thanks for your enema tips on your blog----I just use my hand held shower head-- take the head off and shove that tube right up me but u r right on being cleaned out and relaxed---also luv the discharge u get later.hole really feels like apussy when you finger yourself long after u play--- just the moisture from the enema- no lube used---my hole tightens up -- then a little finger fucking and i open up like a moist pussy---- with a soft rosebud---- luv your blog --please keep it up!!!! joelhwood


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