Friday, January 29, 2016

Technique #1 Width

In my previous post, I said I would reveal some tips and techniques for rectal work, here is the 1st of a series of posts


My guys can stretch my asshole to almost 4 inch width with Dongs and Objects, If you want to expand your ring too obnoxious widths, it will have to be properly conditioned.  Think of your analring as a thick muscular donut muscle, and just like body builders working the muscle will build its size and muscle tone, but wont get tighter, just more sloppy and muscular.

In the beginning- Start expanding your asshole out slowly at first, this was you will feel more comfortable, Once you start loosening up, you can bring in your helper.  You should try to expand and hold the ring to your widest width with your favorite toy and hold for 10 minutes or so, if you feel your asshole expand out and loose, you should pump that dildo, so your asshole gets used to it.

Keep doing this every three days, and you start to loosen up bigger and bigger, once you think your getting it nice. Its time to get ruffer with the muscle, Just like body building, "no pain no gain" you have to punish your ring.  The best thing to do is get the biggest head dildo you can take.  The head should be sharp and triangular like the dong shown in the pic below. We call these ring popping dongs. Loosen up like you normally do.  Then, ease the big triangular head just past your ring. It will feel stuck, as the ring grips the smaller shaft, Now your set for some serious ring popping action that will start to break down the muscle.

The best position to do this is doggy style with your fuck buddy OR if your working it solo, do this-

Get a wooden Kitchen chair, and sit on it backwards, and hang your asshole off the end. Now, grease up your ring popping dong and sink it past the ring as described above, now either you or your buddy grab the dong and rip it out of your asshole as fast as you can, then quickly power it back in hard.
Once your asshole starts to loosen start punching the ring and ripping out fast over and over.  We usually count of 30-40 rip outs, and then inspect for a puffy ring muscle, repeat again unless your are sore.

Try this technique a 3 or more times a week, for a good month, your muscle should start getting big and muscular looking (Don worry, muscular does not mean TIGHT, its just the opposite).

Soon you will find it easier to go wider and wider during your regular sessions, this is how I developed and easily fisted asshole, and my asshole doesnt close up real tight anymore.  Keep up the muscle training and you-ll be sinking big things in your asshole with ease.

I hope this helps, please post comments if you have questions


PS: This is two of our ring popping dongs, The sharp triangular head (2.88 diameter) on a skinnier shaft (2.25 dia), ruins you in no time. For extreme ring popping abuse we use the ruiner post shown in the other pic.

Normal Analboy Ring Popper Dong

Extreme Analboy Ring Popping Wood Shaft

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Upcoming Tips and Tricks

Some upcoming rectal tips and techniques posting. You can email your requests to


  1. Achieving Extreme depth (Colon bend work)
  2. Butt Plug Techiques-Learn how to breakdown your anal ring fast with plugs.
  3. How to finally take a fist.
  4. Prolapse methods- Get some red meat to come out.
  5. Extreme Width- How I got to a 3.5 diameter expansion-width only, not depth
  6. Pee Hole expansion- If you want your other fuckhole big like mine.
  7. Pissing from ANAL- How to let go and piss from anal, usually prolapses follow if your loose- Equipment needed and techniques discussed.
  8. Nut Tying techniques- Hot to properly isolate off your nuts for anal. Ropes, Rubberbands, Silicone donuts.
  9. How to cum from anal!- This is gonna be hard to explain.

Stay Tuned, I might add to this list

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Technique #0: Proper Cleaning for Extreme Anal

Proper Cleaning and Rinsing techniques.

If you dont clean out properly, a couple of things will happen, First is the MESS, Yikes!. Second is you wont be able to achieve your rectal goals because you will tend to cramp up and not enjoy extreme depth or width if you were perfectly clean.  You rectum will open wider and deeper if your properly flushed.

1 hour before your asshole gets invaded, start to clean out..this will ensure the whole cavity will be flushed and has some time, to move around to ensure you are completely clean.  You dont need a complicated shower shot or expensive enema equipment, a simply enema bottle or bag will do.

Use as very warm but not super hot water, as warm as your rectum can take. No chemical or soaps will be needed just use pure water, this will reduce irritation that any soaps may cause. You will need to do 6 enemas, the first will be the nastiest, then you will slowly start to squirt clear.

2nd enema: Here is the key, on your second and following enemas, squirt it in and do not run to the toilet, HOLD IT IN AS LONG AS YOU CAN, AT LEAST 10 seconds. This will give the warm water time to do its job.

Continue doing this for 6 enemas and you should squirt clean.

Another hint:  Cleaning out will drain the energy out of you, people may tend to rest there elbows on there knees when sitting on the toilet, this may cramp your guts and trap water in your bowels, so occasionally sit up straight on the pot, your back vertical almost touching the tank. This will move around your guts, and release any extra water.

I hope this helps, You will know if your not clean enough on the first deep insertion, you may have to do another rinse.  Analboy