Thursday, December 31, 2015

Analboy Prolapsed Suggestion

From incoming email---

I can't get enough of the fucking hot stories about the destruction of an ass hole! Making it into man cunt pussy. I get so hard reading about Pulling a boys Rectum/Colon Pulled all the way outside his body and he is wrecked his assring to the point that he has no control at all.
Is there another place to can go to read more stories?

 He is not allowed to touch Colon. He just has to let it stay out until you shove it back in. But you don't, you pump it even more so that it is hanging out 10" to 12" inches. At this point you band his colon off at the base to make sure there is no way it might get pushed back in. Then you make him put on a pare of loose shorts. He is required to allow his colon go down the back part of the shorts leg. You make him go out in public with his insides on the outside of his body. He has to sit on rectum for hours as you make him go to dinner. The hole time his insides are all the way out of his body. The inseam of the shorts is only 8" inches so as he walks an inch or more is hanging out of the shorts leg. With 10" inches of his colon hanging out of his body and banded so there is no way his rectum can go back in.
While sitting at dinner 2" inches are hanging out for everyone to see. You then push the fork, spoon, knife handles in his hole. You then take other objects from the table and make him fuck rectum and the stuff it full of objects such as a coke bottle and he has to leave it in side the entire time he is at dinner.


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