Sunday, December 13, 2015

Anal Advice

Blog Reader Asking many questions as other have, so Im posting for all

See my comments in RED below the questions


Hi my favorite analboy. I was wondering,how do you retrieve your prolapsed rectum after it pops out & hanging there over your rearend?

It will slip back in by gently pushing it with palm of your hand, other wise it will hang out.

It must feel good being poled like you do.

I get anal alot, and cum from it, no jacking required.

Also how do you suggest I can get a dildo to make the bend after inserting around 9 inches? I have tried but it hurts & don't want to tear my guts out pushing things in there.

Go slow and practice is the best advice, try different positions and gently find the opening, and slide in. Something small at first.

I have had my colon bend straightened out so many times, 3 inch (75mm) wide dildos and fists sink right into the bend

I have had a three inch diameter toy in there almost 10 inches. I do have a 12 inch cleanout toy in & it does make the turn but need a longer one I would love to get 18 or 20 inches inside.

18-20 inches is extreme depth work, you would be way up into the colon

Do you let guys fuck you often & how large a dick can you take? I'm thinking they don't make one big enough for you.

My asshole is mostly used for extreme dildo work and as a punching bag for closed fists, its really too loose for a top to cum into when fucking, unless he rotates his hips and nails my rectal walls for feeling, I took a big black Daddy cock 13 inches to the hilt a few times...


  1. How long have you been playing with dildos before embarking on your anal destruction journey.
    How long did it took you to get over the anal bend
    How long does it take to achieve prostate orgasm

  2. How long were you playing with your ass before stretching your ass.
    How long did it took to straighten the bend
    How do you cum from anal stimulation

  3. How long were you playing with your ass before aiming to prolaPSE it.
    How long did it took to overcome the bend
    how do you achieve prostate orgasm

  4. It took a good 2 years of regular rectal abuse to work up to prolapse and colon bend straightening


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