Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Sessions-


I got my on my knees in front of Master Frank. He put a collar around my neck and said: “Ok , slave, the rectum wrecking takes three extended sessions. The first session I call HOLE PREP, which I prepare your anal ring muscle to get broken down. This session climaxes with some anal fisting using the fuck machine. The second session is called RECTUM DESTRUCTION, this is when I start breaking down your ring muscle and prolasping your rectum. The final session is called "ANAL RUINER" where your prolapsed rectum and rectum muscle is abused until everything gives out, the horse speculum will be spun in your asshole, Now lets go see the room" He said. He took me by the hand and opened the door to the room. The fisting bench was fully functional including writes and ankle restraints. The fuck machine looked scary and powerful. "Fist, go to the bathroom and clean out, when your ready come back, I need to get ready too" he hurried off, I cleaned out as instructed returned to the room, before he got back. The video camera light was on. I assumed it was running. He returned hall naked with a ram full of obscenely huge dildos, plug and lube. Bigger than my toys. "Ready for session 1: HOLE PREP, Slave?" he said. Im ready I said.


Master Frank, helped me onto the fisting bench, I draped myself over it, my cock and balls were pulled thru the hole in the seat. It was like laying over a barrel on my stomach. He adjusted my body, tied me securely , now I was helpless, unable to move . My ass was high and fully exposed. He turned on the ceiling light and shined it on my butt, He spread my ass cheek "Nice shaved hole!" he cried. He fastened my ankles and wrists to the chair, with the restraints. Rubber hood was placed over my head and was blindfolded. Two rubber tubes were placed in my nostril, feeding me with Poppers at the press of a buttom under the bench, where the master could operate it with his feet. I was under total control. A device that looks like a rib spreader was placed between my ass cheeks and cranked open. This split my ass cheeks open exposing my hole to the light. Master Frank snapped on latex gloves on both hands and greased up his right hand. "Ok lets start the probing" KY jelly was spread on my hole and two fingers slipped into my asshole. I could hear him groan. "I love assholes!, Man Johnny your hole is loose!, been abusing it I see. Well boy, your asshole is going to be huge, never closing when Im done" with that 3 fingers then four were worked in my hole. I relaxed and my hole loosened. "Fuck yea, I found your ring!, work it babe!". Master Frank was getting worked up. Now time for some dildo work, then a good fisting. A massive beer can thick dildo was pointed at my hole, he slammed that thing home "Ooohhh my gawd!" My whole body shook as he pummeled my hole… "oh yea open that ass up for Daddy, Im going larger with the fuck machine soon" he sunk the massive dildo to the hilt and strapped a 3" wide bam dildo in the machine. The machine sung to life with a whirring sound as the bam spun around at an eye blurring pace.. "This should start breaking down that ring". Ohhhh gawd, my asshole!" I screamed as the big dildo sank into me….. Aaaiieeeeeee!!!!, wow!, the machine sprang to life, the dildo hammered my hole like a well oiled jack hammer. "hey, lets leave this baby do its thing to 15 minutes or so, then I can fist out your asshole, then the prep session should be complete. He left me to the menacing machine, he crank the thrust rate to 1 thrust per second, the a spinning rate of 2 times per second. The spinning dildo gripped my anal ring and twisted it severly. I could feel my asshole starting to let loose. He returned 15 minutes later and shut off the machine. The dildo remained deep in my bowels. "I would fist out your asshole personally, but so much enjoy seeing the fuck machine fist you out, much more intense and better destructive results. Master Frank then placed a latex fist and arm in the machine. The rubber fist went into my hole with little resistance. "Oh yes!, your ring is letting go already!" The machine was turned on "oooh shit!, my asshole, its fisting out my asshole!, oooooooo" the machine punch fucked my asshole raw.Master realized my ass was getting tighter again, so he supposed a fast track to relax me. “Slave, if you agree, I will inject you with 0,2grams high quality crystal, made with sterile water and filtered. “I nodded my head. I felt the syringe entering a fat vein on my forearm. “Ready for lift off, boy”. “Yes Sir,” cried in both lust and pain. In three seconds the warm rush was all over my slave body. And my hole opened up again. “Wonderful, boy, let´s increase the spin”
‘Oh its going to make me come" I cried " Master Frank quickly reacted "No cumming I yet" he tied off my balls tight, hanging a weight on the end, stretching my sack thru the hole. " I need to fuck that asshole, your getting ruined all ready: The machine was turned off and the fist removed. Look at that hole, Gaping!" he sunk his hard cock into my asshole, I could not even feel him as he humped away on me. He jacked my cock, Ok slut, cum when I shoot!" I was ready to shoot already. I shot of right afterward… "Good boy, now insert this 3" butt plug and lets rest for 2 hours then session 2 can commence.


I waited in a cage, chained, for two hours with the 3" plug firmly planted. My asshole ring was beginning to feel funny, kinda like when your pushing your asshole feels like it open, this felt similar only bigger. "Ok lets head to the room and DESTROY that rectum!" I was lead by the hand and propped over the chair again, I was bound then my balls tied off, just like before. He popped the plug from my hole. "How does your anus feel slut" he asked. "It feels funny" I described to him the open feeling "Yup that’s it!, let the anal destruction start!"He snapped on the gloves greased his and slid it up my asshole… "Ohhh gawd, not again" I murmured. He filled about 2 liters of J-lube into my hole, lubing every spot of my ass. "oh yea, I feel that ring, its HUGE" he balled his hand into a fist and pulled out, it left my hole with a pop, and then he punched back in, faster and faster he picked up the pace "Fuck yea, wreck that asshole" I screamed "Take it slut!, Ill ruin your ring" a punch went elbow deep and I screamed loud, "RUIN ME!!!!" he punched me for 30 straight punches, twisting his arm, grabbing my anal ring I could feel my asshole being destroyed before my eyes. In, out, in, out, in, out his fist entered and exited me, "Im gonna cum again!" I cried during a brutal punch and twist "Eeeeeiiiiiioooooorrrrrr" I let out a huge screaming moan as the rectum wrecker placed both hands together and attempted a double fisting as I shot my load. My asshole spasming violently, and when it spasmed open, both hands entered "Oooh gawd my asshole!" I cried. ‘Hold on, your just about there, your rectum should prolapse and distend soon" As he worked my anus hard with both fist, I bit my lip and screamed as my orgasm subsided and the double fist ripped my asshole to pieces. He could not get into a good position for the double fisting . He would leave one ahnd in and fist in and out with the other. "got to keep working the asshole ring" he said. " I think Im going to blow again!" I screamed "wait not yet!, here it cums, you inner ring is coming out, he punched deep twisted and pulled out. My rectum prolapsed a 3-4 inches came outside my body, cum shot from my cock, as the deep red rectum hung out. " I DESTROYED YOUR RECTUM!" Now I fuck it" he fucked my ass meat hanging out and the pushed it back in. Taking a 4" wide butt plug, he tried to insert it, it popped it stretching me to the limit once again. "Great session, lets take 15 minute break, then your newly destroyed anus will be mine once more, Yummy"


My asshole felt totally fucked up, I really never went to this extreme before, and thought I went to far. Master Frank assured my that after 30-40 days my hole MAY return to normal, As I was placed across the inverted chair and bound tightly. The plug was removed as my asshole hung open, 2 inches across as his hand slid right up my asshole "Ohh gawd, Ill never shit right again" MY asshole let out a huge sloppy air fart, as he started back at the fisting. "Work you back to last time, then we go even wider with the horse speculum" he grinned. "No , please no more width, you’ll ruin my asshole!" I pleaded. Shut up and take it slut, and I could feel a needle entering my shoulder. “Here´s some K, slave. Have a good flight” My body and mind began to relax as the drug slowly entered my brain, and he deep fisted me hard and pulled out. He took 4 fingers from each hand put them back to back inserted them into my gapping anus "I found your ring, man!,is it huge" he pried my anal ring as wide as possible, sending me screaming… your ruining me!!!", his fist sank back in, "hey fuck up that asshole!, now lets take you a little wider" The horse speculum had some massive blades the size of large cooking spoons and has cable of a 5" wide stretch. He inserted it into my gaping anus and cranked it to 3" inches, my asshole was gaping as he kept on cranking at 4" inches my asshole was about to rip.. "oh that’s it no more!", "Ok boy, lets let that hole expand to that size for a solid half hour. The speculum was big enough that he could insert objects into my rectum thru the opening of the speculum, he would plow in dildos, but being stretched wider than any shaft that went in the only thing I could feel was the maximum depth of the dildo, and boy was he working on depth. Deep 12 and 13" thrusts hammered my colon….After ½ hour my asshole was cranked open to 4.5" as my anus split and some blood began to form… Oh my gawd, you wrecked my anus…. "Ok boy, you had enough". All devices where removed and I was released from the bench. My rectum was never the same again, it took the entire month to return back to normal size.

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