Monday, November 2, 2015

Bruno Devestates Analboy's Rectum


Analboy hesitated, just before he entered the boutique which specialized in the widest selection of the most obscure Fetish leather, latex, rubber and PVC items imaginable.  This store was a literal treasure trove of goodies, many of which were totally and completely unthinkable to the normal, plain-vanilla individual, and totally and completely revered by aficionados all over.

There were racks upon racks of clothing items, if you could call some of them that, rows of shelves containing objects that defied description, and all sorts of items hanging from the walls.  The selection of bondage items … was to die for.

In the front of the building was the storefront, and to one side there was a huge enclosed room with a wide array of items which were absolutely, totally, completely and purely sexual in nature.  Dildos … Vibrators … Butt Plugs … Penis Pumps … Inflatables … you name it, it was there.  The array of goodies was endless.  If you wanted it, it was there … or could be easily gotten.

On the other side of the shop, there were a series of dressing rooms along a short hallway toward the rear.  Behind the door at the end of the hallway, there were “The Rooms”, and as rumor had it, consisted of a series of split-off areas which all sorts of things happened.

This evening in the late twilight hours, Analboy was on a mission.

He had been fisted about 200 times before, his asshole was blown out and ruined, but wanted more.

When he wasn’t getting fisted by Bill, Dave or Steve, its was Belladonna’s Hand … a faux simile of a hand with outstretched fingers and part of an arm which was purchased from the very boutique, discretely wrapped in black tissue paper before being placed in the trademark black bag with gold logo, along with an offer from Bruno, the owner.

“Anytime you want the real thing, slut …” balling his hand into a fist; the intent and message perfectly clear, not lewd or inappropriate in any way … just an offer … a wide-eyed Analboy, not saying a single thing, his face flushing and getting hot … just turning … and leaving, his asshole ring spasming in lust … the newly purchased toy to be taken home and stored with his secret stash of carefully selected and treasured items at the back of his closet, with all intentions to be used later on that evening.

Analboy remembering the times he played with it, and particularly, the first time he slammed that baby home with ease … his open asshole offers no resistance to the full woman sized hand… and hard push … suddenly entering his colon with ease … not backing off … keeping up the pressure as it finally went in …causing his eyes to bulge out and him to gasp out loud … when the permanently outstretched reproduction hand finally slid inside … then doing the exactly right thing … taking his rectum to the limit for the 3rd time today.

“Oh, Fuck!, my asshole will never be normal?” Analboy thought to himself, knowing he was addicted to his asshole, and could not stop the rectal.

It was almost a week before he attempted it again, but it slide to the hilt with ease again, he new his asshole muscle was ruined, maybe permanently … he swore is body actually sucked it in … as he lay back on his pillows, holding it inside for as long as he possibly could before he quickly ripped it out and rammed it back in, feeling the incredible stretching and sliding sensation, immediately followed by the definite emptiness.  And this time, he pushed it back in, savoring the stretch, slide and fill as he held it inside for as long as he could.

The last time he used it, he fantasized that it was actually Bruno’s hand as it entered him, never forgetting the offer, by now, he was more relaxed than ever … twisting and punching the hand toy … working it deeper … then a little deeper still … the permanently outstretched fingers gently entering his inner sphincter … stretching it out … allowing it to slowly and gradually slip in just a little deeper, the sensation so intense … so unexpected … that he instantly blew his pent-up load all over himself, cumming uncontrollably all over his chest and stomach while he continued to manipulate the toy until he couldn’t handle it any longer and slowly pulled it out, leaving himself … breathless and a little bit, his asshole gaping out obscenely.

That was the exact moment that Analboy had made up his mind.

He … wanted … needed … had to have … to be fisted out on a daily basis.

Pushing the glass door open, he made his way past the crowded racks and shelves to the counter at the left, and was thrilled that the place seemed to be completely deserted.

“What can I get for you today, slut?” Bruno asked, looking up from the computer screen, recognizing the slut and mentally registering his prior purchases, mostly clothes, including the ones he had on at this moment, and … some other items … one of particular interest if his memory served him … and it did. He new his asshole was huge and puffy even in the store, you could see that faint impression of a donut shaped ring in the back of his shorts, he needed in his rectum badly.

“I’m not here to buy … I-I-I want to take you up on your … offer …” Analboy stammered out, avoiding all eye contact with the burly guy, hoping that he knew what he was talking about.

“Well then!” Bruno exclaimed after a second of hesitation, obviously surprised, “Let’s have a go at it!”, immediately getting off his high stool, rounding the counter and walking across the store and in one motion, flipping off the lights, locking the door and turning the sign to ‘Closed’, because that’s what this place was like.  You never knew when it was open or closed because there were no real posted hours, and when it was closed … it was because Bruno was probably … busy.

“First of all, we need to outfit you proper” Bruno stated in a matter of fact manner, eying the slut up and down, clearly already knowing what he was going to do, as if he had already planned this, wanting to get his new subservient out of his snug-fitting black bondage pants with the array of straps, buckles and zippers and hoodie and into something more appropriate for what was going to happen.

“Follow me” he said to Analboy and quickly moved up and down the aisles, grabbing various items off the racks and shelves, Analboy nervously following behind … wondering what he would be wearing … and more … why … because this was now happening so fast … faster than he ever expected.

“Into the room and get dressed” he said, directing Analboy to the dressing area and handing him the pile of various items, pulling back the curtain to the spacious dressing room.  “There’s talc on the shelf to help them on” he continued, pulling the curtain shut once Analboy entered the spacious changing area as he was deciding what he was going to wear.

Analboy emerged fifteen minutes later, after standing in front of the tri-fold mirrors for more than a couple of minutes … staring at his image … not believing what he was seeing … that he was there … and wondering … just … exactly … what … the … fuck … he … was … getting … into, and now wondering if he could really handle it, knowing Bruno wanted to make mincemeat of his asshole.

And now, it was going to be happening to him.  This evening, he was going to be fisted so hard, his asshole would never functioning normally for a few days … right in his own big asshole.

Bruno looked him up and down like the absolute eye-candy he was.  The transformation was amazing.  The whore was a hot one, all right.

Watching Bruno checking him out … dressed the way he was … at this point, he knew … there … might … be … no … turning … back for the rectal destruction.

Analboy was now decked out to the max, sporting a pair of tight black latex shorts and a matching tight black latex top, with a pair of black rubber combat-style lace-up boots.  The skin-tight top displayed his shoulders and flat stomach.  The shorts showed off his nicely rounded ass in the back, and gave a generous bulge in the front; which was only enhanced all the more by the almost non-stop erection he had seemed to have since pulling on the exquisite garments.

Bruno was now also outfitted as well.  In the time it took for Analboy to get into his outfit, Bruno had undressed and slipped into an extremely snug … almost skin tight … pair of well-worn black leather pants with various zippers in the front and back mostly located at his crotch and ass, topped off with a multi-strap leather harness on his bare, muscular upper body and finished off with a pair of black leather boots.

“This way” Bruno stated, turning down the hall and reaching for the doorknob of the much-rumored closed door at the end, and after entering another short hallway with multiple doors, as he turned and opened the first door on the left.

Flipping a light switch, Analboy caught a glance of one of ‘The Rooms’ for the very first time.  It was light brightly, mostly from the use of two spotlights on long poles, aimed toward the middle of the room, which was clean and functional with a hint of disinfectant in the air.

Most prominent and located in the center of the room, was a simple work-out style bench with some serious modifications.  The back half of the black padded wide surface was angled severely upward, and there were bracketed arms at with long posts at each corner.  Hanging from the crossbars at the front and back of the bench was a pair of adjustable leather loop-end straps … dangling … waiting … to be put to good use.

“Get on and make yerself comfortable” Bruno instructed, moving the short wooden stool out of the way before placing a fresh towel on the end of the padded surface and another on the floor just under the edge of the metal structure, standing aside so Analboy could get on to the bench.

Analboy took another deep breath before he got on the bench, uneasily sitting on the edge of the towel-covered padded surface, seeming to be waiting for the next instruction, his exposed loose asshole starting to spasm in excitement.

“You’ll need to put this on” Bruno told him, handing him an item which Analboy quickly discovered was a series of nut isolator rings.
“Really?,” Analboy softly inquired, the first few words he had spoken since he entered the shop.

“Go on …” Bruno urged him, waiting patiently while Analboy separated his nuts and snapped the series of rings isolating off his nuts nicely.

“Good … real good … this will be  great compliment to you big asshole whilst I film ya” Bruno said, going over to the boy and working his isolated off nuts before gently directing the lad back until he was lying against the bench and then grabbing his left foot, slipping it through the left-side loop strap, and repeating this for the right foot, leaving Analboy reclined back against the bench, his legs up in the air, spread widely apart with his knees slightly bent, his asshole expanded out naturally, almost obscenely big.

Analboy, was now becoming excited, his asshole spasming and starting to cream itself with mucus, like it was ready to be ruined … and the filming … he didn’t know anything about that … and didn’t expect it in the least … his pulse rising … his breathing getting heavier … and did absolutely nothing but submit as he felt himself being pushed backward until his body touched the upright padded surface, and then felt his feet being lifted up and placed into the straps, and just lay back, ready to be rectally devastated.

“Ok then! …” Bruno declared, reaching under his new submissive, grasping one of the two-way zippers built into the seam of the latex shorts and … slowly … carefully … pulling it forward, watching the relatively tightly stretched shiny material spreading apart until he got to the base of the lad’s balls, creating a nice-sized opening and exposing a portion of Analboy’s smooth ass … and more importantly … his hanging loose asshole.

“Well done, your asshole is loose and well used, then” Bruno said, eyeing the worn out asshole … the very one that he guessed had already handled the Belladonna’s hand … a good starter toy, for sure … and very, very soon … to be taking his own good-sized fist.  He hoped to the boy had an idea what he was truly in for, total rectal destruction.  Bruno turned, and pulled on a long pair of black latex gloves … ones that almost went to the elbow … snugly fitting on his hands like a second skin, and then picked up something else.

Analboy let out the breath he was holding for what he thought was the longest time … knowing … it … was … actually … going … to … happen … feeling the cool, clammy sweat building up under the tight latex and the cool air from the room on his exposed asshole, feeling almost dizzy at how fast everything had transpired to this point, his asshole spasmed again in delight.

The next thing he knew, Bruno was handing him a tiny bottle.  “They’re Poppers” he explained, as if Analboy didn’t know.  He did, but it was almost completely unexpected, and something he would have never considered as he held the small vial in his hand, it would be essential to taking his rectum to the next level that they wanted.

“It’ll help you along … at the right moment …” Bruno explained with a big knowing wink as he picked up a large plastic container of liquid and coaxed a good bit of the thick, stringy fluid on to his fingertips, twisting the bottle around his hand to catch every last long tendril of the slick stuff before sliding his thumb around and spreading the thick, extremely slippery over his covered fingers.

“Ready for some rectum wrecking?” he inquired, the big bottle of J-Lube in one glove-covered hand, his other hand … shiny-slick with a generous coating of the extremely slippery lubricant.

Analboy nodded slightly at best "Ruin me", then closed his eyes … and … waited.

Moments later, he felt the cool, slick fingers running along his ass-crack from bottom to top, sliding right over his gaping asshole as Bruno slathered a layer of lubricant on every inch of his exposed flesh, causing shivers to run up Analboy’s spine, and his pucker to twitch reflexively in reaction to the touch, feeling the extremely slick lubricant coating his asshole.

Seconds later … Bruno sank 3 fingers to the hilt with ease… sliding right in and then back out, the incredible slickness of the lubricant allowing it to enter with an ease not imaginable.  Once started, Bruno kept it up, pushing the 3 fingers in and out, and quickly adding a 4th … twisting … and going in and out before adding his thumb, going in and out … twisting … twisting … twisting … going in and out … adding more lube as if there wasn’t enough already.

Then … another finger … 4 slick fingers … really stretching him out … working on opening him up in an almost never-ending pushing, twisting motion, Analboy feeling the fingers slipping around inside of him, the web of the thumb and pinkie finger running along the outside of his rim, the outer fingers sliding along his slick, exposed flesh, Bruno occasionally slipping them out and adding more J-Lube … pushing them back in …continuing his in and out twisting game … then …

… “OH Fuck!!!” … Analboy moaning out when Bruno slid his whole hand in … his breath hitching at the slick, sudden intrusion … feeling himself getting stretched out … yet a little … ok, a lot more … as the ass-play game continued … the hand sliding in … twisting … twisting … slipping out … sliding back in … then out and in with a slightly harder push … and then, another even harder push.

Analboy groaned out, “ooooowwwwwwOOOOOHHHHH!!!”, when he felt him poking at the colon bend opening … slipping into his extremely experienced sphincter, stretching him out all that much more as they quickly popped into place as his sphincter stretched out and snapped shut around the meaty part of Bruno’s forarm.

Bruno had just buried his knuckles with a twist and push, the sharp, pointed edges slipping through Analboy’s stretched-out ass-ring with a no difficulty  … sliding into the worn out band of muscle which was now very much well on its way to being permanently loose.

The twisting and pushing continued, Analboy totally at Bruno’s mercy as Bruno continued to work Analboy’s cavity into being as warmed-up and stretched out as possible before he closed punch fisted the asshole for his very first time.

“OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWOOOOOOHHHH!!!!” Analboy gasped loudly, when Bruno hand slide into his colon bend opening … seeing just how far he could get them in, stopping as far as the knuckles would possibly go in … the size of all five fingers … Bruno, twisting his fingers back and forth, testing the colon bend opening.

Suddenly, Bruno backed off his hand a tiny bit, leaving his fingers inside and filled his palm with a generous squirt of J-lube, his fingers forming a funnel and allowing some of the lubricant flow into Analboy’s stretched-out asshole before putting the container back down and with a series of twists and hard pushes, began the process of straightening out his colon bend, the very first hard push causing Analboy to groan out loud … the next hard hand twist … making him yelp out even louder.

Bruno backed his fingers out, picked up the container of J-Lube, and pushed the entire top into Analboy’s slickened, slightly gaping hole, slipping in with a tiny pop before giving it a huge squeeze, forcing a good amount of lube into his tunnel, Analboy feeling the rush of cool-ish lube flooding his insides then the end of the bottle slipping right out, followed by a trickle of excess lube drooling out of his lube-filled rectum, the long, clear strings of lubricant reaching the towel on the floor.  Bruno squirted a huge amount of lube into his palm, and after circling the excess tendrils of lube around his hand, before he turned his attention back to the slut.

“You might want to take a puff or two” Bruno said, eyeing the bottle in Analboy’s hand, indicating with a nod of his head as he pressed his five slick fingers up against Analboy’s readied hole and slowly pushed them as far in as far as they would easily go until the the hand slipped up to the wrist with very little resistance.

Analboy unscrewed the top of the tiny bottle, the effect was almost instantaneous.  He felt the rush immediately going to his head, while a warm sensation flowed throughout his entire body as he felt it completely relax … and suddenly, it seemed like his asshole just lost all rectal control …or got opened up … because that was the exact moment Bruno went for it and with a single steady motion forward, slowly drove his entire forearm into Analboy’s well used rectum.

The second Bruno felt Analboy’s asshole give, he made his move, holding the slut steady with his left hand wrapped around Analboy’s left thigh, and giving one long hard push, feeling none of his the sphincter muscle around the width of his hand and finally sliding right over the slick glove covered surface until it settled right almost at the elbow.

"Your rectum is ready for some more intense work, Loose sloppy rectum" he said

Analboy sucked in his breath and let it out in a huge whoosh, because it had driven faster into his colon than he could have ever imagined.  By the time his slightly numbed brain registered that Bruno went for it.

Bruno held his hand inside of Analboy’s hot loose rectum for a good minute, feeling the incredible rectal walls of the folds and muscles enveloping his hand, the even looser analring sloppy around his wrist before slowly and carefully backing it out, knowing that Analboy was still under the effects of the poppers, watching the blown out ass-ring stretching and pursing outward around the girth of his hand as it slipped out, leaving Analboy’s now not-so-puckered opening gaping open, his stretched out ass-ring … pulsing … twitching … uncontrollably in an attempt to close back up … unable too, the slut, breathing heavily, head back, eyes closed, mouth open.

His balled fist swirled in analboys rectum "Work those rectal walls AssDaddy" He moaned

"I think your rectum is ready for the elevated sling work" Bruno said while continuing his swirling technique watching the anal ring muscle gape open naturally. He placed his left palm on his butt cheek, Balled his fist, and ripped it out os his asshole as quickly as he could

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Ohh my asshole!!!!" he screamed, looking down to see his battered non closing asshole...

"Hope into the adjustable sling, time to trash out that ring good" Bruno gestured toward the sling. Each corner of the sling was adjustable up or down to get the best leverage for power fistings. Analboy climbed in and adjusted himself so his flabby asshole was fully exposed. Bruno started adjusting the sling, higher and higher until the sluts asshole was at armpit height.

"At this height, I can get great leverage and power into your rectum with full force, you'll love it...see if i can get that little bald cock to shoot for me"  He said, snapping on a new set of rubber gloves.

“Ready?” Bruno said, dumping even more J-Lube on his hand and quickly slipping all five well-slickened fingers into the center of Analboy’s gaping opening, feeling him reflexively relax his ring muscle from the touch and the cool lubricant … then slowly flower open … as he pushed his fingers deeper his asshole almost instinctively let loose.

“You might want a couple more puffs …” Bruno stated, continuing, “… and grab on to the handles on the edge of the bench …” because he was now about to give Analboy the experience he so wanted, his rectum brutalized.

Analboy barely tilted his head forward, unscrewed the cap and took two huge whiffs of the sweet-smelling solution, instantly feeling the rush slamming into his brain and surging throughout his body, just barely able to get the cap back on the bottle and grasp the handles before Bruno pushed his entire closed fist back into his asshole for the second time, and this time smoothly sliding all the way in to the colon bend with a big, slick push and ending with a nice popping sensation as it was ripped out.

“Ohhhhh … Ffffuuuucccckkkk …” Analboy hissed out as the big fist slid all the way in again, feeling the stretching … sliding … filling sensation instantly taking over his asshole.

And this time, Bruno left his hand inside the colon bend opening.

Not waiting more than what seemed to be only a couple of seconds … ten at the most … he slowly began to twist his hand back and forth, causing the slut to moan at the very motion, now squirming in the sling, beginning to moan louder and louder, holding on to the handles with white knuckles as Bruno started to twist his hand a bit more aggressively and began slipping it back and forth inside the slick, massive tunnel, stretching out and warming up the devastated anal muscles in preparation inline punch fistings.

After working the insides Analboy’s hole for some time, in a continuous, almost non-stop twisting, thrusting motion, occasionally pulling back and teasing his hole with some huge stretching sensations, Bruno pulled way back … almost to the point of completely pulling out … then curled his fingers when he pushed it back in, forming a full punching fist inside.

Analboy gasped out loud at the sensation … not exactly in pain … but more of a mix of slight discomfort and somewhat totally unexpected pleasure … as he felt the balled-up hand inside of him … really stretching out his tunnel and gradually slipping deeper than he could ever imagine … arching his back … splaying his legs further apart … to make more room inside … his entire body shuddered at the first violent twist, the knuckles working into his colon that he never imagined existed as he hung on and … totally … completely … taking the colon bend fisting.

He was getting ready to cum from anal, he pushed his bald cock straight out in the sling, about ready to shoot off from  anal

“No cumming yet, Im gonna ruin your asshole, Take another puff …” he heard Bruno off in the distance, completely lost in another world, Analboy unscrewing the cap with unsteady hands and taking a massive whiff, again barely getting the cap back on before Bruno slowly pulled his hand all the way out … then quickly rammed it right back in, closed fist … and pulled it back out of the sluts extremely slick and extremely loose asshole.  He was loosing all rectal control quickly.

“Fucking Hell!” Analboy exclaimed out loud as his ass-ring got brutalized and popped … twice … once on the way in and … again … on the way back out … the sudden smooth, sliding motion catching him completely by surprise, feeling every bit of the huge hand entering and exiting, Bruno smiling … almost leering as he added yet more J-Lube to his already slick hand.

“Hang on …” was all Bruno said as he pressed his closed fist into Analboy’s gaping opening with a nice twisting motion, then pushed his entire hand right back in … Analboy’s breath hissing out at the sudden, intense penetration when he got instantly stretched out and completely filled up.

Then Bruno did it … again … and again … and again, constantly punching the hell out the sluts rectum. Arm pit high, he was driving into him with full force trying to ruin him for good.

“That’s’a boy, you love your asshole destroyed don’t you? …” Bruno whispered as Analboy hissed out at every pull out and grunted at every push in, sliding his big hand in and out of the slick, battered asshole, smoothly riding along his extended fingers then up and over his protruding knuckles and thumb bone, Analboy has lost all rectal control at this point.

Knowing the he probably couldn’t take any more for much longer, Bruno used his balled up his hand and fisted Analboy for a while, twisting his fist back and forth, and thrusting it harder … and harder, the boys breaths huffing to the rhythm of his pounding, Analboy grunting out when Bruno really hit bottom right into the colon.

“Hang on …” Bruno said with a huge smile as he thrust his fist forward until it hit bottom … then … slowly … deliberately … pulled … his … full … fist … out, Analboy feeling every bit of the incredible stretching sensation as his ass-ring slid over the impressive girth of the balled up hand, Analboy wailing in surprise at the enormous stretch and slide when the full fist suddenly crested and then popped out.

Finished, Bruno pulled off his gloves and inspected his work, taking great pride at the ruined abused asshole, gaping wide open, the soft rectal meat puckered folds, extremely puffy and deep red … trickles of thick, stringy J-lube leaking out … his entire ass coated in a thick, slick, gooey mess, making the latex covered cheeks gloss  in the bright spotlights before Bruno lifted Analboy’s legs up and back, slipping his feet out of the leather loop straps one at a time, letting the slut finally rest his feet back on the floor.

Analboy just lay there and didn’t move for a couple of minutes, trying to fathom what had just happened to him … before finally sitting up on the bench, worn-out and exhausted, feeling every bit of the session throughout his entire body.

“There’s a shower down the hall” Bruno said as he started to clean up after Analboy stood up on his own two feet.

“What about the clothes?” Analboy inquired

“Keep them” Bruno said with a smile, “You bloody well earned them” he continued.

Wobbling unsteadily out of the room and down the hallway, his head throbbing slightly at the beginning of a headache from the poppers … his asshole … throbbing even harder … from the fist … swearing he could feel his pulse deep inside, feeling his lube covered thighs sliding against themselves in the tight latex shorts, he found the shower and closed the door.

Analboy slowly and carefully peeled the tight-fitting rubber-like top off his body before attempting to sit on the small bench and unlace the boots, not knowing what to expect when he sat … surprised that it really didn’t hurt as much as expected when he gently placed his lube-slickened butt on the towel-covered padded surface, bending forward, taking a deep breath and untying the high boots one at a time, pulling the laces loose and slipping his feet out of the tight, rubbery footwear.

Standing, he slipped his fingers under the waistband of the extremely snug latex shorts and … slowly … gently … slid them down over his hips, then slipped them down his thighs, slowly working them down his legs and finally able to get them to his ankles, stepped out of them.

Placing the top and shorts on the counter he looked at the garments … awesome pieces of clothing he could never possibly afford, especially with his meager wages … now his to keep … not believing for a second that he actually did it.

Reaching into the shower, he turned on the faucet and waited for the hot water before he entered the tiled stall and soaked himself, feeling the jet-spray needles of water caressing his exhausted body.

Guessing the shower probably had a camera … or two … or more … and now not really caring the least at this point … he began to stroke his cock … finding the excessive amount of J-Lube coating his crotch and ass giving him a degree of exquisite slickness that he had never felt before with his own palm and fingers as he wrapped them around his long, thick, slick shaft … sliding his hand up and down his cock with a slippery ease not imaginable as he slowly jacked himself … feeling his cock getting harder and harder by the second … gradually picking up speed … going faster and faster … feeling his hand gliding up and down and seeking the relief he just so needed at that exact moment.

It was only three or four minutes before he approached his orgasm … as he felt his groin start to tighten … his balls constricted up in his loose sack … his cock got harder, his head swelled into a huge deep purple mushroom-shaped cap and suddenly … he felt an electric jolt course throughout his body when his recently abused ass muscles clenched tightly … released … and then began to pulse as he started to climax … the sensation deep inside like nothing he ever felt before.
Suddenly light-headed and weak-kneed, barely able to stand, with the hot water spraying his back he let his pent-up load go, cumming harder than he had ever cum before …  seeing jet after jet of thick cum blasting out of his throbbing cock, splattering against the side of the tile wall while he continued to stroke himself … moaning out loud as the huge explosion crested then slowly receded, gushes of cum still spurting out of his cock, running down his hand … splashing on the floor at his feet … Analboy barely able to stand it at this point, thinking his knees were going to buckle as he had the biggest, most intense orgasm of his life.

“Damn …” Bruno said out loud, watching the entire event in the video monitor.  Not only did the  guy have boy sized bald cock … and decent set of balls … he could shoot a load like nothing he had ever seen before, not able to peel his eyes off the screen as Analboy blasted his load and kept going until he was completely drained.

Finally done, Analboy quickly soaped and rinsed off, needing in the worst way to sit and dry off, he exited the shower stall and found his own clothes on the counter, folded in a neat pile, and the latex items among the missing.

Slightly concerned, he quickly toweled off… pulling his small undies out of the pocket of his pants … holding the tiny, black, stretchy thong that he worn to the shop in his hand … thinking about that ass-strap …  nestling snugly between his cheeks … rubbing against his swollen, abused pucker … shuddering at the very thought … stuffing them back into the front pocket … getting dressed, going commando, the tight bondage pants, snug black t-shirt and leather ankle boots feeling nothing like the tight fitting latex items he wore earlier … just too loose … and way too boring.

Wishing he could wear the latex home … imagining the looks on the street … definitely in the tube … fucking hotness, he thought to himself … imagining what it would be like ... suddenly snapping back to reality and picking up his hoodie, knowing it would never happen … well, maybe the top at least, he thought … thinking he could probably could get away with that … and only that … feeling every bit of the fist that was inside of him as he moved toward the door … knowing there was only one place he could wear the latex and use it for what it was meant for … here.

“I scrubbed your garments … and gave you a bottle of cleaner and shiner … and a tube of balm for yer bum”, Bruno said with a huge smile when he spotted Analboy coming down the hall from the shower room.  Then, Bruno held up a very large rippled black butt plug.  “This is for practice … and to keep you in good shape for next time …” he said with a wink, wrapping the new toy in tissue paper and placing it in the bag along with the latex goodies, adding a new bottle of lubricant … one that was really good and slick, not the cheap stuff he had been purchasing.

Analboy thanked him, picking up the bag and leaving the shop, Bruno watching the lad out the front window … wobbling down the sidewalk a bit unsteadily … just knowing he’ll be back … because most of them always returned for more … and this one … he just knew.

It was well after midnight when Analboy walked toward home … slowly … feeling like a different person … now that asshole had been permanently distorted … and knowing he would definitely be back and keep up with his new rectal conditioning.

Analboy's large asshole and nuts are prepped for Bruno

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