Saturday, October 17, 2015

About J Lube

I often get asked "Which lube is best for dildos and large object insertions?"

Its Jlube

J-Lube is a concentrated lubricant that comes in powder form. According to the bottle, it is manufactured for Jorgensen Laboratories in Loveland, Colorado and consists of 25% polyethylene polymer (polyethylene oxide) and 75% dispersing agent (sucrose, according to the MSDS). When mixed with water, it produces a thick, clear, extremely slippery lubricant whose intended purpose is to aid in gynecological examinations for farm animals and to assist in cases of dystocia, or abnormal/difficult labor during childbirth. However, it is, without a doubt, the best lubricant I have ever encountered. It is inexpensive (around $10 for two to six gallons of lubricant, depending on the recipe), easy to mix (just add water!), and contains no extraneous chemicals or preservatives (unless you put them in when mixing it). And since it's water based, it's fully latex condom compatible as well as being safe for use with silicone toys.

Ill use this and KY jelly both mixed together, and take huge objects into my rectum.

Here is a link to more information on how to mix and use.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Non Stop Fisting

Non Stop Fisting

John twisted the large zucchini left and right. It was like there was no resistance at all. Analboy's anus just sucked it right in to the hilt. John left the cucumber embedded in Analboy's ass and began to put on the yellow gloves.

While he was putting on the gloves the zucchini slowly sank into Analboy's ass disappearing from sight. John watched in total amazement!

"Wow!!" John spoke before thinking.

"What? What do you mean wow?" Analboy asked.

John answered calmly, "Um, nothing. I'm just going to slide my hand inside just like before, ok?"

"Hmmmmmmmm.... That sounds nice!" Analboy responded moving his hips slowly from side to side.

John slid his hand inside Analboy's hole very easily. He touched the tip of the zucchini.

"Hmmmmmmm... I love it! That feels so amazing. You are such an evil man doing these naughty things to my slut hole. Fuck me now. Fuck me like you fucked that man in the movie. Fuck your whole arm up my asshole!" Analboy moaned in a horny but determined voice.

John slapped Analboy's ass hard. "Take it bitch! Take my fist up your hungry white big asshole!"

Analboy thrust his ass back onto John's arm. John felt his hand slide around the cucumber. He thought he better let Analboy really get into the anal before he tried to grab hold of it.

Analboy began to thrust his pelvis up and down humping his asshole onto John's arm. "Yes, oh Lord that feels so good!" Analboy exclaimed.

John slapped Analboy's ass hard and grabbed hold of the zucchini. He pulled firmly and his hand slid right out with the cucumber wrapped firmly in his grip!!

"FUCK!! Oh God that felt good! Do that again, oh God do that again!" Analboy gasped!

John stared at Analboy's ass in total amazement. Analboy's anus gaped open a full three inches and stayed open quivering for more action!

John grabbed a handful of Crisco mixed with Jlube and slid his hand inside. He twisted his hand all around coating the inner walls of Analboy's rectum with the thick white lube.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhhhh... Yeahhhhhh.... That feels sooooooo goood!, ruin my asshole!" Analboy moaned.

John withdrew his hand with a loud slurp! He quickly grabbed another handful of crisco and this time pressed his hand back inside balled into a fist. His balled fist slipped right inside with almost no resistance.

"John, you are so naughty! That feels so nasty!!!, Your ruining my asshole" Analboy moaned.

John slowly opened his fist and felt his way around inside of Analboy's rectum until he found the turn into the large intestine. He gently pressed the crisco onto the tender inner sphincter, the magical door that opens into the large intestine.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! I can feel you going deep! Ohhh! That is so amazing I love it! Go deeper! Please!, colon fist me out!" Analboy begged!

John pressed against the tender sphincter and his fingers slid right past! His whole hand slid right past!

Analboy lowered his head to the kitchen table resting it on his arms and began to breathe heavily. "That feels soooooo Good! Keep going, keep going! Please fuck me deeper! Fuck my ass with your arm!, ruin me for good, straighten out that colon bend!"

John looked at Analboy. His nuts swinging in rhythm with the colon fisting  , his ass was perched up as high as it would go. His creamy white ass cheeks glistened with baby oil. John looked at his arm. It was embedded into Analboy's ass at least 15 inches. He could no longer see the yellow dishwashing glove.

He slowly pressed his arm, not knowing for certain which direction to steer his fingers deep inside. His arm just kept going in deeper and deeper!

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" Analboy moaned in total pleasure.

John felt his elbow slide into Analboy's rectum, his ring was stretched so wide it was about to tear. He could feel the pulse of Analboy's heartbeat. He was not sure exactly where his arm was going but there seemed to be plenty of room up inside. He slowly began to pull his arm back out.

"No! No! Not yet! I need more! Don't take it out!!, Stay in my colon, im gonna Cum, " Analboy pleaded!

John pushed his arm back inside, this time going even further. He twisted a little back and forth. He wiggled his fingers a bit. “Your rectum and colon wont be normal for a while after this” He said

"Oh GOD!! Yessssss! Yessssss!" Analboy moaned as the twisting and turning arm made all kinds of slurping noises.

Then John felt something deep inside of Analboy as he begin to relax. His arm sank in another seven inches! John's arm was embedded so far up inside Analboy that John's armpit was only three inches from the edge of Analboy's battered asshole!!

"Oh my God!" John exclaimed. Out of fear he quickly withdrew his entire arm with one steady pull making a loud slurp!

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!" Analboy's whole body quivered until John's fist popped free.

"Analboy, that is so freaky! I have never had my arm so deep inside of a man. It almost scares me." John exclaimed.

"John, you can't leave me like this! Fuck me! Shove something in my asshole! I need to cum!" Analboy begged.

John looked around the kitchen. He grabbed a long wooden rolling pin, with a 4 inch diameter pin, he slathered it with crisco and pressed it against Analboy's hungry asshole feeding the slender handle in easily first, and then wedging the 4” girth of the roller against the edge of his anus. He began to press.

"Oh wow! That feels big!" Analboy remarked. He got up on his hands and looked back over his shoulder. "Oh my God your shoving a rolling pin up my rectum! You perverted AssDaddy!"

Analboy rested his face directly onto the table and reached behind his. He grasped his ass cheeks and spread them apart for John.

John slapped Analboy's ass hard. "Take it you fucking whore!", “Shove it in me, Daddy ruin me so I can cum from anal as usual” he said

Analboy relaxed his ring muscle. The rolling pin slid home embedding into his rectum a good 12 inches.

"Ohhhhhhhhh... FUCK!!" Analboy exclaimed humping his asshole up in the air for more!

John grasped the handle and began fucking the rolling pin in and out with both hands. "Take it Bitch!"

Analboy began humping spreading his knees farther apart. "Oh yeah! Harder! Harder, ruin my rectum!"

John pushed three fingers alongside the rolling pin easily. Analboy's asshole was still not totally challenged by the girth of the rolling pin!

John continued to fuck the rolling pin in and out while he looked around the room for a larger object. He saw a magnum wine bottle sitting on the counter. It was at least 4-1/2  inches in diameter. This should almost tear his ring, he thought

He pulled the rolling pin free and grabbed the wine bottle. He slathered Vaseline on the rounded bottom of the wine bottle and placed it between Analboy's wide spread cheeks. He pushed hard.

Analboy groaned, "oh now that feels like it! That feels like it!, My ring is as tight as a drum, ohhh fuck, ruin me!!!"

Slowly the large base of the wine bottle sank into Analboy's rectum!!! One inch at a time!

It came to rest about four inches deep and seemed unable to go further. John recognized this as the point in fisting where the inner rectal sphincter stops and must relax. He began to rotate the bottle in a slow stirring motion.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Analboy groaned as the bottle worked past the relaxing sphincter. It slid home dipping into his colon 10 inches.

Analboy clinched his ass together and laid down on the table with his legs together. John slapped Analboy's ass hard.

Analboy's fingers found there way down to his rock hard 4 inch bald cock and began to hump his asshole up and down in short small strokes.   He started rotating his hips in circles to allow the bottle to work his colon walls.

"Oh God that feels amazing!" Analboy mumbled. He was in another world now. He was building to his 2432 times to have another true anal expansion orgasm. John recognized this and pumped the bottle in and out brutally.

John climbed onto the table and sat straddling Analboy's back facing his feet. He grinded the bottle in and out of Analboy's rectum with both hands fucking his asshole for all he was worth!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Analboy yelled as his toes clinched tightly and he had a violent cum shot, and didn’t even touch his cock, he came from anal again.

"OK OK OK! Take it out, take it out!" Analboy yelped!

John had finally found Analboy's limit. And how amazing it was, because they had done this so many times and it was still exciting to make his little bald cock shoot from rectal abuse!  John withdrew the tightly wedged bottle slowly until it finally popped free.

"Wow Analboy! That is unbelievable! You are a total fisting natural!! Hurry come into the bathroom so you can see this amazing gape!

John helped Analboy up and they went into the bathroom and turned on the light. Analboy bent over in front of the mirror and spread his cheeks. He relaxed his anal ring as much as he could.

His aasshole opened four inches at least! He looked just like the guys in that fisting movie!

"I want to see your arm going inside my colon! Come on! Shove your arm in so I can see!" Analboy begged. He turned and held onto the shower curtain rod and stood up on the side of the tub. "Here I can see in the mirror!"

John went into the kitchen and got the can of crisco. He lathered up his yellow glove. "Ok slut watch this!"

He violently shoved his arm up inside Analboy's rectum and colon until his armpit was just an inch or two from Analboy's balls!

"Good Lord, would you look at that!" Analboy exclaimed obviously in no discomfort at all.

John began to twist his arm around and tug it back and forth, "Most men would be passing out right about now if I were doing this!" he explained working his colon, creating a huge caverned rectum

John withdrew his arm with one big slurp!

"Wow! That is amazing." Analboy exclaimed.

"I think maybe you were born for anal kink!" John commented. One thing is for certain, you will end up with a big prolapsed meat tube for sure.

The guys cleaned up and heading out for a burger, before the big fisting party tonight where Analboy would be the main hole to attack and ruin.
Analboy was getting excited to show off his new found talent at the party. He tried to imagine the men gathered around watching John's arm disappear up inside his rectum, then each man getting there chance to invade his colon too

When they got home it was late. They both got ready for bed and said goodnight.

Sometime during the evening Analboy felt John slide into his bed next to his. John began to suck Analboy's  cock.  Analboy moaned and pretended to sleep through it wondering how far John would go.

Before long John's face was pressed between Analboy's ass cheeks and Analboy could feel John's tongue probing his asshole. He pretended to be sleeping for as long as he could. Then he could take it no longer.

Analboy rolled over and pushed his ass up into the air giggling. He heard the slap of latex gloves and the squirt of lubricant. Within minutes John's hand was probing the depths of Analboy's ass for the fifth time in the past 24 hours!

After 30 in and out punches of his rectum, he quit, snapped off the glove and left.

The End