Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Anal Fantasy Email

Some extreme anal fantasy email sent to me..

I can't get enough of the fucking hot stories about the destruction of your ass hole! Making it into man cunt pussy. I get so hard reading about getting your Rectum/Colon Pulled all the way outside your body and your assring is wrecked to the point that you have no rectal control at all.

Is there another place to can go to read more stories?

You are not allowed to touch your prolapse and Colon. You just has to let it stay out until I shove it back in. But I don't, I would vacuum pump it even more  so that it is hanging out 10" to 12" inches, complete rectal prolapse. At this point I would rubber band your prolapse tube off at the base to make sure there is no way it might get pushed back in. Then I make you put on a pair of loose shorts. You are required to allow your colon go down the back part of the shorts leg. I will make you go out in public with your guts on the outside of his body. You have to sit on rectum for hours as you go to dinner. The whole time your insides are all the way out of his body. The inseam of the shorts is only 8" inches so as you walk an inch or more is hanging out of the shorts leg. With 10" inches of you colon hanging out of his body and banded so there is no way his rectum can go back in. I have induced a full colon prolapse of you, it will never be mormal again.

While sitting at dinner 2" inches are hanging out for everyone to see. You then push a small cucumber into your prolape slit, that the waiter brings from the kitehen. You then take other objects from the table and I make fuck rectum and the stuff it full of objects such as a coke bottle and you have to leave it in side the entire time you are at dinner. Id push the bottle all the way to the neck, then with my thumb push the whole bottle into your cavity, and youd have to push it out yourself

When we leave I cum all over your prolapse in the car for desert.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Show

The Show

The guys were ready to take Analboys rectum to the next level.
During his previously training periods he had his asshole 'trained' open.
This for truly easy access. It was made non-closing and hanging open, everybody enjoyed his looseness of his rectum for there pleasure.

This had been accomplished by the introduction of various large and larger objects and dicks inserted into his slutty rectum.

This new capability was now his. Although it took some time, Analboys asshole now could take on even the largest of the customers, with none of that unpleasant squeezing, for the customers. Some guys really liked sloppy asshole fucks, cause they don’t have to be gentle, just plow it home and come.

(Ahhh training! And that is where we again find Analboy now, acquiring a new ..Shall we say talent?? For his customers. During this instructional period, he was learning, the truly opening experiencing a vigorous 'fisting asshole' produces.  Fisted beyond normal means, totally losing rectal control right from the start.

A black male trainer was leaning over Analboy's stretched out, restrained body, smiling at his big asshole, He was mounted in the adjustable fisting bench.  The trainer's strong black fist, covered with an industrial strength yellow rubber dish washing glove was tortuously working Analboys fuck pipe open wider and wider ahead of the fists boring into his guts with no mercy

“Ohh my asshole is getting raw , Daddy” he said

The yellow rubber dish washing glove's serration's irritated the hell out of the rectum lining, despite their desperate attempts at lubrication of the fist's path. He kept coreing out his rectum with no mercy.  The fist journeyed all the way up inside him, contacted and then manually deformed Analboy's colon bend over and over Then it reversed direction and journeyed all the way down to just inside his stretched open gasping analring. The journey then was reversed, again, just inside the ring opening, as it drove back up into the colon again.

To Analboy, it was like being punched, in slow motion, in the belly from inside ... with abrading all along the way ... But the previous
administration of a stimulant and poppers guaranteed that this training period would last for a long .. long time.

To the outside world, only a gurgling noise was coming from him, with an increase in the rectal noises from all the fistings. The sound of his rectal noises filled the air.  Analboy relaxed and allowed the yellow rubber glove to devastate his rectum, so the fisting went on and on. The pace of the fists travel did not slow down at all.

"Help the trainer ... Or at least accept the training passively.. It will be easier and in the end, it will happen no matter what you do." had been repeated into his ear through his previous training sessions till he knew it like a childhood song. So he relented, and relaxed even more for him! Following the training, he just lay there passively, and endured the fists' jerky movements inside him.  His little bald cock rock hard constantly from fistings He starred at the mirror watching this black man mutilate his rectum and started getting into the anal

Suddenly, with the lust came a .. CUM SHOT! .. He did not want .. or expected it .. but it came .. And then to his abject horror, his body was building to another cum shot... It came despite his attempts at resistance, followed by ..another and .. another and .. .. ..He began to shoot dry. But the fisting kept his 4 incher hard.

After what must have been an infinite number of strokes and many, many more cumshots, the stimulate and poppers finally wore off. Poor Analboy's conscious mind finally fled from his laboring physical being.

The cuming was a sign, a good sign to the trainer. He was becoming addicted to his asshole. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he signaled for the Poppers. This reanimated the now lifeless, fucked
out, asshole slut. and the acrid fumes did their work. His asshole let loose nicely.

When he had shuttered to full consciousness his trainer again began to punch Analboy's innards to the heights of more pleasure. Again the
induced cumshots began, but no cum, they had milked him dry.  The trainer looked at the clock. As he withdrew the yellow gloved fist from the now stretched out, relaxed fuck hole. He took out the chart on this trainee and noted the time. Analboy sweat soaked body had managed to endure his fist fucking for a very respectable time. Now to save the results!

With a smile at the results of his work, the trainer noted on his chart that the results were within acceptable limits. The sluts was coming along nicely. Non closing asshole had resulted. Now while the rectum was essentially wide open and waiting, the trainer slipped a rigid pipe like sleeve around his hand and twisted it's resilient length into the unconscious man's gaping open asshole. (Elsewise it might just close up and spoil this sessions results.)

A few more sessions, like this, with ever increasing 'fistings' followed by larger and larger sleeves, and this rectum would be ready! Ready .. for .. his jaded customers ?? Or something else?

During the next period Analboy again found himself on his back, legs stretched out wide roped to a frame. Ankles high, mutilated asshole totally exposed for more abuse.  This time a new larger fist.. actually the same fist rapped around a small solid rubber ball .. again encased in a new yellow rubber dishwashing glove .. was being introduced to his now stretched rectum. The sleeve had been removed. Now the new larger fist, would added an increase the diameter, and a whole new world of width for the stretched fuck chute ...stretching it out again ... further ..

This session too went on and on. This time Analboy's Nipples were being stimulated, keeping him hot for anal and helping to induce the cumshots early in the session .. Again he hit the poppers, getting into the anal. He was, after an appropriate time, left there stretched out, and allowed to have another troubled short rest, with the insertion of a larger sleeve inside him.

It was time for some inline fistings!!!. The trainer turned the height adjustment wheel and the fisting bench started raising up and a noisy squeaky manner. He wanted his ruined asshole at should height standing, so he could drive into his rectum at full force.  Not only giving him great leverage at this position, but also line him up, so he could drive right into his colon and re-arrange his guts. Once at proper height, he removed the fisting sleeve and the coarse yellow rubber glove was replaced with a smooth black elbow high glove, and generously coated with lube. He got into position.

“Nail my colon bend Daddy, ruin it even more so I can cum” he pleaded

The trainers open hand slid up his rectum with ease, not even a grunt from the slut, but his cock jumped and got rock hard. The trainer was please with his initial results for his rectum. He pulled out, then back in, out, in , out, in over and over conditioning his ring as his open hand turned to closed fist, he started driving into him hard.

“Devastate my rectum Daddy, Im gonna cum from it again” he screamed,a s the trainer pulled back and drove into him hard, finding the colon bend opening then plowing up to the elbow in one smooth push.

“WAAAAAAAAAA, Im cuming from anal” He screamed, his bald 4 incher shot off from the deep fisting.

“Hold on a little more slut, Im going to drive your colon bend straight now” he said. Long deep elbow length depth fisting ruined him quickly.

He thought maybe he was getting to ruff with his rectum and decided to stop for now..

After three further sessions, with larger and larger fists and sleeves, Analboy found himself dragged, bowl legged, half prolapsed into the thickly carpeted, blue room. There he was made to kneel on the steel frame. Analboy's stretched rectum, now stayed open with a large sleeve holding it to it's last largest size.

With his down cast eyes, Analboy was stunned to see, there in the mirror, a hideous gaping open .. asshole .. there waiting ... for something..

Remaining open that way, it appeared to be hungry .. as if waiting .. for
something .. or someone  to damage it even  more..

The sight Analboy perceived was hot, he loved his asshole this way! As his mind pondered his situation, the door behind him opened. The same little old black man, again dressed in blue, entered the room.  The old man circled Analboy and began to smile. This time the man paused behind Analboy and looked down at the mirror reflecting the asshole area right away. His smile increased. It said he liked what he saw in the mirror, a half prolapsed rectum and a huge anal ring, all puffy and slightly purple fro abuse.

In the all seeing eye of the floor mirror, the stretched out asshole offered itself as a highway to the inner self of the asshole slut.

The old man muttered something to himself, and began to finger Analboy's right, unringed nipple. The nipple stiffened immediately.

"Nice! .. Looks almost ready for 'Thunder'." the man muttered.  What is THUNDER Analboy wondered?


The next training period found Analboy again stretched out, on his back, but this time a black male approached his gaping asshole with a 20 inch long 3 inch around black dildo like device. It's cumbersome weight and length were supported by a web of black nylon straps joining it to the trainers belly.

Never the less it bobbed and weevil along like an anaconda snake growing from the trainers belly.  “This is gonna ruin your rectum for good” he said

It was huge and black and appeared to be made of some kind of skin.
The new trainer affectionately rubbed a lot of smooth KY into the leathery surface in Analboys sight.

Immediately Analboy began to plead to destroy his asshole and the cruel long thing had found his enlarged, weakened rectal grommet.
As he screamed and pleaded the trainer pushed slowly forward till almost none of the thing remained outside the gaping rectum.

Even though he was prepared Analboy felt hardly any resistance as the 'thing' bottomed out, when it punched into his colon bend. The trainer reared back and the huge heavy thing began it's slow journey back
down the asshole.

Analboy tried the Poppers again, and soon his rectum lost all control, The trainer started punching the heel out of his colon. determined to ruin him for good while he was poppered up and didn’t care.

Analboy screamed till he was hoarse. And then he went on coughing and wheezing .. The crowd of onlookers seemed to truly enjoy the terrified look on Analboys face as the black leather device sawed in and out or his rectum, each time straightening out his colon bend and up into the colon.

He was ready perform for the crowd, show off his big asshole. The guys prepared his red costume and coated his asshole in red paint.

Today though their was a new pussyhole to their 'act'. It was RED!

Analboy was coated with red body paint and hooded with a red stocking, was lead after them to a slanted platform also behind the curtain.  He was forced back over the platform spread eagled and secured there with his asshole higher up than a normal fuck would require. In this exposed position his asshole gaped out obnoxiously.

Between his spread legs was a large 'V' shaped slit in the platform and on either side of his were heavy supports jutting out. Beyond the curtain the noise level increased as the audience began to arrive. At a signal from 'Long Dong' two of the trainers cracked their whips and ordered the Analboy 'present' his ruined asshole. He squatted down, facing the curtain Now with massive asshole hanging out .. the curtain arose and 'Long Dong' from his box, in the front row announced,


Analboy looked on a sea of faces beyond the foot lights and shuttered.

"Tonight I am proud to show you'll something you done never seen before. Something you gonna be telling your grand children you done seen, and you done seen it here, at'Long Dong's'. "

"I'se gonna give ya some of my prime stock, a nice prolapsed rectum, as you'll can plainly see. Here on my spacious stage..
Tonight, they gonna do the dirty with ...a special guest"  "Guys- prepare his rectum."

The trainers each produced a bucket of lubes with a special additive, kinda smelly Each trainer went back to Analboy and informed
him in a soft whisper, "You better deliver him to his asshole or the scent will draw him to you and you're likely to get trampled."
The trainers withdrew. The house lights dimmed..

"BRING ON THUNDER" Long Dong shouted.

Issued from the right side of the curtain, followed a large black
Stallion stomping into the stage lighted area.


Confused . he shook his massive head and sniffed the air. He turned his head to eyeball the confused source of the scent. his big sclong hung down like meaty post.  Analboy still present position at the front of the exposition and then as he turned the sight of the large black animal... instilled horror in his mind..”My colon will never be right again” His asshole convulsed uncontrollably.   Now he knew what the lube had been scented with .. trying to cover his asshole, he sought to crawl to the side to escape the stage. A trainer, beyond the lighted area, held him from moving.  He knew his asshole would never work right if the horse entered him.

The crowd was going wild!!

The Stallion,  was drawn to the frantic actions and scent of Analboy. He lopped off in his direction. Analboy's scream was not even heard above the roar of the crowd! The huge black head rammed Analboy in the stomach and when he fell he lowered his head and tried to bite the source of the scent driving him on...Analboys protective hand was bloodied..

But now all his stretchiness made sense ..he was horrified!, but something was driving him to be permanently ruined, so he lay submissive for the horse fuck.

This was not possible .. but I want the horse meat slamming my colon straight..But he finally realized that he could only just wriggle
there all spread out like a worm about to be hooked and scream..If he could rotate his hips as the horse entered that would help with the depth

They got the horse to the platform! Once there the scent, and the tugging encouraged him to start to climb the slopped platform that led to the red
scented asshole stretched just for HIM!!.

The horse dick was unsheathing as he climbed. The monster cock swing and throbbing as is got close to the prolapsed rectum of analboy His asshole was right there .. gaping open .. defenseless ..

He was gonna get .. (Well you know!)

The crowd was going wild.

Well naturally every dick and clit in the house hardening ..It seemed that every sex in the audience was being stroked at that going's on, up there on that stage..

Both trainers immediately reached down and handled the
extending horse dick. But it was stiff like iron. Try as they
might they couldn't get it back to where it was supposed to go.

Thunder responded.

Finally the trainers got the hose like end down to the
vacate gaping asshole, that had been intentionally stretched
for just such a thing.

Analboy came unglued!

He screamed his lungs out, but their was no stopping the inexorable path of this dick to his open prepared hole. Thunder whinnied and reared back from the loose asshole. But then he shoved forward again .. again his dick advanced, this time further into the gaping asshole .. prepared for him..Slowly the huge animals' dick found the depth prepared for him.

He liked it!, The massive 20 inch long x 4 inch thick monster cored him out like never before, like a bed post fucking his colon..

It was warm .. and wet. And guys it was loose and warm like a blanket! Not like one of those old fucked out mares he had before. And so he began
to try to fuck the now whimpering Analboy for effect ...

Analboy went into a cationic state. He knew he was going to be
split .. maybe in half .. but in pieces. He knew it would damage his rectum!!

Each thrust seemed to be going to tear his rectum canal out of
his body.  “Ohhh gawd my assssshhhooollleeee” he screamed during the deep plunges the horse was making.  The merdian ring of the horse halfway down the shaft, is hen it started getting really thick, and the merdian ring, just popped past his sphincter muscle, with a loud plop, Analboy felt that!!

“Oh gawd my asshole ring muscle is about to tear!” he moaned, “Get him more poppers, Hit the poppers boy!” the trainer said, Analboy took a big hit.The big cock sank deeper as his asshole let loose even wider. He was out of it.

“Fuck yea, ruin my asshole THUNDER, ram rod me home!”

This was rough fucking to the n-th degree.. The horse was stroking the length of analboys rectum in a constant rhythm  Then just as he was about to pass out from the depth, the hose like organ let loose inside him. He felt his belly swell to bursting with ..horse cum..

This was it. Analboy expired. The flood overflowed his asshole ..

Horse cum shot everywhere. It was like thick cream spewing from a high pressure hose ..it creamed up into his colon.

OK the audience was beyond caring but you have to think ahead. Think of the residuals.. Video sales and footage...

The crowd was pleased! Dong's show was a hit!

Long Dong was a happy man, and analboys asshole would never return to normal and was forced into Anal fisting everyday to make money.

The end