Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Warehouse Anal Games

Last weekend, 2 horny asshole masters, punching the hell out of my asshole with a big dong, in an old warehouse preparing to tag team punch fist the hell out of my asshole.
Massive asshole spread and ready for wrecking

Prepping to ram it hard, nut isolation

Popped right past the anal ring

Drive it Home Daddy!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Oil Workers

Analboy had to visit a Houston, for a sales demo for an oil drilling application, and heard of the number of oil workers that were top fisters, so saw the opportunity for some rectum work, while traveling.  Once he arrived in town, he consulted Adam4Adam, Ass pig and Craigs and quickly found the eager anal workers he was looking for.  The date was set, he went to the local warehouse were the keep all the oil drilling equipment.

The 4 oil workers brought in a demo sales unit of a oil drilling rig, equipped with a 4inch plastic drilling bit that could rotate at 300 rpm and plunge a good 14 inches back and forth for sales presentations. They knew this would core out his rectum like a  punching and twisting fist would never do, in order to develop and more permanent gape that they all desired. 

The guys took a large wooden kitchen chair and drilled a 8 inch hole on the center. Then the chair legs were mounted on some oil derrick scale model rigs that were 4 foot tall. This puts the seat with hole in it at chest level. The unit was mounted at the bottom of the chair seat, with the auger protruding thru the 8” hole. The unit was turned upside down, and modified from the picture shown. The base secured to the chair seat  bottom.

The idea was to have the asshole slut sit on the seat, with his large asshole protruding thru the hole, and auger out his asshole at a high rate of speed.   See if his rectum can take it…

The guys reeled in the assembled unit, the asshole slut took the seat, his big asshole protruded thru the hole, his asshole naturally gaped open from so much abuse, he already had a red donut like hole that was as big as a tennis ball, and the guys had not even started abusing his rectum.

The lead oil worker, roped off his nuts, isolating them off nicely, then securing the rope end to the chair leg. They guys got small rubber o-rings from there toolbox, and slid one over his small limp cock, down to the base. Then  they jacked him hard so his little rock hard cock was bloated and string from the tight ring at the base. Then they slide another tight o-ring around his cock head too.
Then the greased up the plastic auger, and then emptied a whole tube of KY into his rectal cavity.

“Ok everything set for an extreme rectal core job. Prep the machine” the leader said.

“Yea guys, core out my chute to the max” Analboy said, excited about the setup.

“Your asshole will never be the same, after the oil rig devastates your rectum for an hour at full capacity” The leader said  “Yes, RUIN ME!” He pleaded.  The guys were setting up all the switches.

“As the guys prep the oil drill unit, I want you to  ease your chute over the auger end, so your asshole gets used to it” he said. One worker moved the auger to the  upward setting as Analboy  spread his asshole over the plastic 4 inch end.

“Oh that really stretching out my anal ring, 4 inches is my absolute limit in width” Analboy  moaned as he lined up the tip of the auger with his still gaping asshole and began lowering his body.  Analboy gasped as his rectum slipped down to -- what he guessed to be -- the augers tip of massive girth. As he relaxed his legs so that his full weight came down onto his straining sphincter.

“Good Good!! and remember to try to lift your feet high once the unit is operational so it can core out your colon bend too, everything is about ready to go, get ready” the leader said
“Now boys, slather up the auger with plenty of KY, its time to trash out his ring. We will start with a slow drilling, to see how it goes, then we can turn on the plunger feature and kick up the rpms too, Are u ready up there asshole slut?” He yelled up.

“Ready sir, lets drill out my asshole good, im nicely expanded around the auger” Analboy said, rock hard cock dripping with pre-cum from the expansion.

“Ok here goes, the oil worker hit the button and the drill started its slow rotating motions, churning in Analboys rectum.. “Oh that’s right on the ring” is all he could say at the time, two minutes later, you could see him getting into it, “My asshole is taking it nicely” he said

Bill hit the manual adjustment for depth, “go 8 inches in depth now, same speed”.  “Ohhh gawd, now your drilling my cavity good” after Bill set the manual depth. “Fuck yea!, ruin my rectum, Im gonna cum already.

“Power it up, increase rotation speed, hammer his asshole” the team leader said “Get ready for the plunge sequence. The machine lurched into half speed and started coring out his rectum hard , sending analboy into a screaming frenzy…”YES!, YES!, YESSSSSSSSS! There goes my rectum!, Mutilate it!...oh gawd I’m cumming!!!!,” cum shot from his bounded bald cock, just as the leader shout “Plunger on now!!!”

The oil worker hit the plunge switch and the spinning auger plunged 8 inches into his rectum spinning wildly at the same time, causing a screeching moan. “WAAAAAAAAA, Right into the colon bend,,,,  ohh your ruining my rectum” He screamed so loud, the worker thought it went thru  his colon bend. The screaming soon turned into guttural moans of rectal approval., Know his rectum has taking it, his cock sprang semi hard again.  

“Oh yea, that’s working the rectum” he said gyrating his hips in rhythm of the spinning auger “Fuck yea, nail those rectal walls” He said getting into the anal abuse.

“Goto full speed rotation mode, with rapid plunges setting” Order the team leader. The older worker adjusted the setting..   WHIRLLLLLLLLL, Wham, Wham, Wham. quick 8 inch plunges in 3 seconds.  Analboy was holding on, taking it good…
“Damage my rectum!” he blurted out as cum shot squirted from his bald cock again, he almost passed out from the rectal destruction and was slump over on the chair, but the guys kept the machine on high, jacking there cocks to the hot anal scene He was slumped over the machine and it  mutilated his asshole for a solid 10 minutes, his bald cock was rock hard and squirting off every 2 minutes.  They guys counted off 5 cum shots from him when we was riding the auger hard.

The leader shut off the machine. “We mutilated his asshole, and drained his balls dry from anal, he is toast.  It’s time to cum in his damaged asshole. Everybody line up, single file.  When its your turn up to fuck his slutty asshole, the person behind you will come around and hold his ass cheeks open, so you can plow right in. When you get ready to cum, you will pull out and cream his asshole rim. then sink in until your cum shot stops. Pull out, then the next  guy is up. If you want to get back in line for a second cum shot, your welcome. If not, you can watch. Ok lets cream his rectum good!” The leader shouted. They guys formed a line as instructed.  The leader  mounted Analboy to the Weight bench that was modified for Anal fuckings, face down asshole high doggy, all the guys were whacking there hard meat to the incredibly huge asshole the auger had produced. Not only huge, but what seemed like a permanent non closing asshole was produced.

“OOooh my asshole, it will never be normal again” Analboy moaned   “Nope never again, just watch this” the leader said closing his fist, he punched into his rectum with no resistance……”Ohhh shit” he moaned and all the guys cheered in clapped, as he pistoned his fist in and out of the whores battered rectum making him rock hard again. He ripped his fist out really fast.  “First up” he said.
The first man stood over the damaged asshole, his rock hard 8 incher was pushed straight down, he aimed at the tennis ball sized asshole, and 1 single squat thrust right up his asshole in one fluid motion, right to the balls…..”Ahhhhh now that’s nice, I hate when I have to fight an asshole to get a fuck” soon he was pumping his asshole like mad, analboy hit the poppers.

“Making my slutty asshole feel good daddy” he said, getting into the anal fuck. “Oh shit Im gonna cum already!” the oilworker  said, blasting a huge load, creaming his rectum.  The head oilworker noticed his premature cum shot  “Ok if you guys shoot off quick, you need to go back to the end of the line and wait your turn to cum in his rectum again” he said.  Dave pulled out, and milked the rest of his load into the sluts open asshole, and went to the back of the line, jacking his cock hard for another round. Meanwhile, the next guy, sunk his cock in with ease, making Analboy groan from the filling. The pervious fuckers cum dribbling from his asshole as the next man pumped away.

“Fuck!, His ruined asshole is so sloppy and fucked up, Im gonna shoot quick too” the next guy said slamming balls deep home.

“Cum in my pleasure rectum daddy, that’s what it is for” Analboy moaned. Two seconds later the guy creamed the outside of his gaper, then he wipped his cock head on his ass cheek and got back into line… Guy after guy creamed his rectum, until everybody almost got two cum shots in him. He could no longer hold the doggy style position, hiking his asshole up, and collapsed onto the floor.  Two guys picked him up and flipped him over on his back. One guy held his ankles above his head while the other guy aimed his semi soft drained cock at his non closing asshole.  The 10 incher was soft, but his meat hole was big and he slid in easy.  He pumped slow and soon the monster grew hard, and soon he was driving into the semi unconscious Analboy with full force.  The other man watched him fuck the shit out of Analboy, and saw his nut scak tighten up, he know he was gonna deposit his final load…

“Ahhhhhhh Pleasure rectum slut” he said creaming him on the downstroke…Falling on top of him exhausted…”Ohhh my asshole will never be normal again” analboy groaned and passed out.
“Come on, get up, lets get out of here, we are the last two left, everybody is gone”  the ankle holder said.

“You right, if his rectum is shot for good, we dont want to take the blame”, The  two quickly dressed and left Analboy naked coated in cum and lube, asshole spasming and convulsing trying to return to normal, but unable to do so. The only thing that was left was his big blown out asshole and the kitchen chair with the hole in it.

The end