Sunday, April 26, 2015

Brutalized my asshole

No rest for the anal ring

Keep brutalizing the ring, 50 punches in, count off, Spread em, then nail the chute again, 50 more punches....result..non closing asshole.....

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Anal Ring Breakdown Weekend

The Anal Ring Breakdown weekend

This weekend we concentrated on breaking down his asshole ring muscle even more so we can start on the next width goal of 4 inches in diameter ring expansion.  The weekend started out great, With a solid asshole pounding with 3 inch wide dongs, With DG hammer punching his asshole hard. He was hot for anal and opened right up for old perverted DG, and he took advantage and punished his asshole ring muscle hard for a solid two hours.

Saturday early morning, a perverted  asshole lover was working his asshole at 9am in the morning, barley awake  on his back… legs high, he powered right up his loose chute, leftover from last nights demolition.  He just laid there bald cock sticking straight out as the new guy jackhammered his asshole with the same dildo as yesterday. As the rest of the guys watched, his asshole became all red and puffy and started to prolapse out. The new guy finalized by alternating hand fisting his large rectum, until he came from playing with his asshole.

The afternoon was filled with a couple guys fisting out his worn out asshole. In the end, mission accomplished. A hanging rectum with no rectal control, super stretched out and non closing, perfectly conditioned for taking him to the next limit in width and depth, although little depth work was accomplished, because the concentration was on a more permanent anal ring breakdown for the 4 inch wide monster dong.

Ram rodding his Chute with BlackAssDaddy DG