Saturday, February 7, 2015

O-Ring Methods

Ive been experimenting on how to compliment the banded off nut donut with a oring around the base of the cock before it gets hard. (See picture). I double the band, then around the nuts, isolating them off,  pulling the oring tight on the base. The traditional donut goes around the top of the band. Once the cock gets rock hard from ruff dildo plunges, the oring gets tight, keeping the cock rock hard for the rest of the session.

Here is a pic, I took today. Im also experimenting with a oring right under the head.

My bald 4 incher uses a 1.25 diameter ring, smaller one for the head
Tight around the cock head

Baldy, fully restricted from rings

1.25 oring with #64 rubber band

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