Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weight Bench Technique


I sit on the weight bench side ways, cock pushed down in front of the wooden bench plank with my nuts banded off, unable to jack my bald cock.

AssDaddy Bill instructs me to hold my ass-cheeks open and sit straight up, as he aims a 3 inch wide dildo at my quivering asshole.  He is never gentle in this position and likes to punish my asshole good in this position and watch my cock jump when he hammers my asshole to ruin.

I prepare for the asshole attack. Sitting straight up, the big 3.5 head dents my big asshole ring in, then slowly slips past my asshole ring muscle, sinking deep....

"Good initial insertion Daddy, that went in with ease" I said, arching my back to see the dildo planted home in my rectum.. "Git it good daddy, make my little bald cock squirt from anal"

Long swift strokes up into my rectum as I adjusted my position and relaxed and allowed full access to my rectum, he was plunging in at all kinds off angles, nailing my rectal walls trying to get into the colon bend..he found the opening and eased into the colon bend then a ease soft push and 14 inches snaked up into me.

Then  long smooth strokes, straightening out my colon bend over and over, and when he wants to see a cum shot, he works my banded off nuts to milk a load out.  These colon straightening sessions occur every Thursday at 4:30 on a regular basis. He likes depth into me...

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