Monday, June 9, 2014

Asshole Being Reamed Daily

With 4 Assmasters in the rotation now, My asshole is getting hammered every single day for the last two weeks, 7 days a week, sometimes 2 or 3X a day.Each assmaster works individually, so there is never any tag team asshole workouts, but each has commented how blown out my asshole has become. Loose hanging asshole all the time. They worked my asshole so hard, they even stretched out all the skin around my asshole One day assmaster 2 came over 2 times in one day, He butt slammed a 3 inch wide dildo right into my rectum with no prep work. It hurt the hole, but my asshole took it good. A solid 11 inch sink-in of a 3 inch wide dildo, demolished my rectum for 3 days. I thought it would never be right again, but rather than waiting, Assmaster 3 came over an violently expanded out my asshole again. He got so ruff with my loose asshole I pissed myself from the abuse.

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