Tuesday, June 24, 2014



A Big heavy and large 330# pound man wanted to fist me out hard and fast, really wreck my asshole Saturday. Im only #133 currently. He said his hands are so big, no rectum could take his width or intensity of his fistings, especially close fist punches, which he demanded from slut fistholes. He had fat big hands, that was gonna be a challenge even for my large big asshole. We were getting into the dong work, prepping the rectum for fisting.  The only way to accept the big hand in my rectum was to be doggy style face down and asshole high, and accept the monster into my rectum. We were at the point of punching the 3 inch dong into my asshole, and it was accepting it with ease.

"Fuck yea, loose asshole!, your gonna accept my fist good, and im gonna punch your rectum like mad, your asshole wont work right for a while, when im done with ya"  Fat Chris said thrusting in a good steady rhythm.

"yea, fuck up my rectum muscle for your pleasure" Im so horny for anal!. With that he snapped on a XL set of rubber gloves that barely fit, Coated each hand with a thick coat of KY and jlube mixed, and started 4 finger my asshole with his right hand, swirling and turning his 4 fingers in he was getting prepped to enter my cavity. He started pushing his hand it but it was just to fat for my asshole to accept. He tried over and over with no luck..

He pulled out and laied on the bed, his elbow on the bed, his monster fist straight up. "Ive still got 4 fingers in your slut hole, ease back onto this fist Whore" he said.

I hit the poppers, relaxed and started putting my weight on my analring, slowly he slid in, finally was at widest part right on the ring, as I slowly bounced up and down, trying to accept the monster.

"Its gonna rip my ring!" I screamed as the widest part went by, The "Waaaaaaaaaaaa" I sank the fist in my cavity.

"Hold, dont move, adjust to my fist" he said moving it around slightly, I did the same moving my hips, he was well past the ring and was able to move around inside.

'Im in you good boy, back doggy style the way we started, and ill fist you so hard you'll piss yourself." He said, helping me back to doggy style.

I set face down, asshole high and proceed to allow the big guy to fist out my asshole anyway he felt like, He really got into it, when i started long deep moans when he exploded my cavity. He came from jacking and fisting in about 1/2, then finally milked a load out of my little bald cock for the finale.  My asshole spamsed and throbbed for 3 days after that one.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Asshole Being Reamed Daily

With 4 Assmasters in the rotation now, My asshole is getting hammered every single day for the last two weeks, 7 days a week, sometimes 2 or 3X a day.Each assmaster works individually, so there is never any tag team asshole workouts, but each has commented how blown out my asshole has become. Loose hanging asshole all the time. They worked my asshole so hard, they even stretched out all the skin around my asshole One day assmaster 2 came over 2 times in one day, He butt slammed a 3 inch wide dildo right into my rectum with no prep work. It hurt the hole, but my asshole took it good. A solid 11 inch sink-in of a 3 inch wide dildo, demolished my rectum for 3 days. I thought it would never be right again, but rather than waiting, Assmaster 3 came over an violently expanded out my asshole again. He got so ruff with my loose asshole I pissed myself from the abuse.