Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Swirling Technique

Swirling Technique

We tried the swirling technique, First doggy style face down asshole high. He Worked up to a closed fist right at the wrist, now with the closed fist was past the analring into the rectal cavity, it  felt good in my rectum. My large analring muscle easily accepting the fist, he began to swirl and move the closed fist in large circular motions working my rectal walls. Big open circular motions worked my cavity good, I expanded out large for him. The swirls got so large and fast it started working my large anal ring muscle. I hit the poppers, relaxed and allowed a complete caverning of my rectum. Just when I was getting real slutty for anal, he told me to flip over on my back, legs high above head, thighs to chest. Once we fixed the position, he plunged right in with the closed fist, I took the rectal good. Soon, he was swirling again, this time working the back of the cavity, nailing a whole new section that he did not explore doggy style. The now rectal cavern starting making all kinds of sloppy asshole sounds, as my analring gave out and lost all rectal control, Swirling soon turned to closed fist punches, he was ready to milk a load out from anal. In  matter of 10 punches my little bald cock shot off like crazy.  Great new technique, really caverned out my rectum good!


  1. How is your piss slit stretch going?

  2. Were there ever plans to video record your destruction and have them available for the followers (us...!) of your experiences?
    If so, where does one find these?

  3. I love your posts, would love to tongue your open asshole after a fisting


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