Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hot Anal Weekend

Hot anal weekend.

Asssmaster 2 really abused my rectum hard, and opened up to a new limit in width. Fist he sank is closed fist home right up my asshole with little resistance. He was just past the wrist as he told me to arch my back, doggy style face down, asshole high and hiking it. Every time I hiked my asshole up and down, his arm, sank deeper, my rectum was staking hose closed fist good. When he saw my loose asshole gape open slight around his wirst near my nut area, he took the spike dildo (below) and eased the head into the slight opening mentioned. Once my anal-ring accepted the big cock head and forearm width, the baby sank to the rubber balls in my rectum. Not only had I taken closed fist halfway up the forearm, but the entire flesh dong was to the hilt as well. I hiked up my asshole and hit the poppers to adjust to this incredible width and depth. He took his other hand and started pumping the dildo!!!, Incredible! once that was going well, he started moving his closed fist opposing the thrust of the dildo, to cavern out my rectum like never before. The action was too much and the little bald cock squirted off from the abuse, Great anal Session!

Oh yea, destroy my asshole again!, It can take it, Punch that baby home Assmaster!

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  1. I'm a big fan of your ass. But I have a question: how did you find your assmasters?


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