Thursday, March 13, 2014

Comments Update

A couple of comments were posted to a couple of my latest posts, Id like to address them here-
On Hot Anal Weekend Post-
Im a big fan of your huge asshole, But I have a question: How did you find your assmasters?
After many searches thru free dating sites such as asspig, adam4adam, recon etc. The current line up of 3 assmasters, have been working my asshole steady for the past 3 years. However, all 3 never double or triple team my rectum all at one time.  Each one simply loves to get into my big asshole. Assmaster 1 specializes in Powerful large dildo work. He cores out the chute extremely hard and fast. Assmaster 2 simply loves to punch fist with twisting motions, Assmaster 3 likes objects, Cones, Bottles alternating with large dildos, and rectal pumpings with vacuum tubes.
On Piss Slit Work Post-
We never get any long stories anymore nor anal pics, its all about piss slits and promises of work we never hear about.
True- I have not posted a long story in a long time, I have 3 in the works about past encounters. They are
  1. Demolished Rectum- 3 mean biker dudes take turn punch fisting my asshole in the back of the motorcycle repair shop for a couple hours until my rectum looked like hanging hamburger.
  2. Taking on the bedpost- Assmaster3 Wanted to see a full sized bedpost planted deep in my rectum. All the jucy details how my rectum accomplshed this great feat in extreme width and depth.
  3. Pumping Rectum- Assmaster 3 works on turning my huge asshole into a full blown complete rectal prolapse meat tube for fucking purposes
They will be posted as they are finished, all still in the works at this time. We did do a small photo shoot last weekend, I will post the pics as soon as thet are sent to me...
Hope that helps....Analboy


  1. Any anal stories involving dick in your ass? Gangbangs perhaps?

  2. You Got it pure anal fuck story coming


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