Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Break

Christmas Time is here, and its time for a break in the anal perversion for a couple of Days.

All of the assmasters are out of commission for the holiday, and I am too, in a limited way.

Anal sessions will resume 1/2/2015. Of course I will work my asshole solo hard every 3 days to keep the rectum in proper condition, wrecked.

Anal Sessions maybe possible after the weekend after Christmas before new year, if we can squeeze them in. Check the Google calendar at the bottom for the blog for details of sessions.

So Enjoy Christmas, and New years Eve.

New years Resolution???_ Lot more pictures and movies of the anal sessions posted to this blog. Taking the rectum to new levels in slutiness and abuse by engaging in fisting gangbangs and multiple ass workers at one time. Break down the assring more severe and post

Analboy (_O_)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weight Bench Technique


I sit on the weight bench side ways, cock pushed down in front of the wooden bench plank with my nuts banded off, unable to jack my bald cock.

AssDaddy Bill instructs me to hold my ass-cheeks open and sit straight up, as he aims a 3 inch wide dildo at my quivering asshole.  He is never gentle in this position and likes to punish my asshole good in this position and watch my cock jump when he hammers my asshole to ruin.

I prepare for the asshole attack. Sitting straight up, the big 3.5 head dents my big asshole ring in, then slowly slips past my asshole ring muscle, sinking deep....

"Good initial insertion Daddy, that went in with ease" I said, arching my back to see the dildo planted home in my rectum.. "Git it good daddy, make my little bald cock squirt from anal"

Long swift strokes up into my rectum as I adjusted my position and relaxed and allowed full access to my rectum, he was plunging in at all kinds off angles, nailing my rectal walls trying to get into the colon bend..he found the opening and eased into the colon bend then a ease soft push and 14 inches snaked up into me.

Then  long smooth strokes, straightening out my colon bend over and over, and when he wants to see a cum shot, he works my banded off nuts to milk a load out.  These colon straightening sessions occur every Thursday at 4:30 on a regular basis. He likes depth into me...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Massive Asshole

The is my big blown out asshole BEFORE any reaming or cramming has occurred. Open non closing asshole. Big Nips, and double nut isolators..

Ruin my rectum boys!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Good Extreme Posting

EXTREME RECTAL- A day Visiting a sadistic anal obsessed Doctor

Man, I'm gonna be shitting for days, diary. Between all that lube, the enema, and all the disturbances my asshole has suffered, it's no wonder. Wish I could find where Greg hid my toys, I could at least plug my ass until I'm good and ready to go again. Where was I? Oh, yeah, strapped on a medical table with a anal scope not quite the size of a beer can stuffed up my rectum with it's power cord hanging out like a tail. "You enjoyed that too much, bitch. Anyway, that wasn't for your pleasure. We had to loosen your rear end up so we could get that scope in there all the way, after all, we need a look at your inner sphincter, see how stretched out it got. Or did you think there was a reason that it was difficult to push something the size of a beer can all the way in?

Have any of your slut friends ever told you they've gotten one all the way up there? I didn't think so. Turn the scope on." Click. Nurse plugs it to power. The screen lights up in front of me. Bitch. Stuffing something ALL the way up my ass instead of pulling it out after my little bald cock came. I can see inside my rectum! Would have been fun to see this while he was fucking me with it. My asshole is pinkish and smooth. I can't see rough spots; but then I'm no doctor.

"See that little hole in front of the lens? That's your inner sphincter. As you can see, there's no injury below. Looks good although its all stretched out and larger than normal from all the depth work you've been doing. I would have thought it'd be a little bruised, as deep as that tree trunk you carried in here up your asshole was. Nurse, a moment, please." Now, all I can hear is silence. They've left the room, with the scope still in occupation up my rectum. I want it out. No, I don't. Feels good up there.

I cant clench around the cord, my asshole muscle lacking elasticity. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts, I don't know if I'm almost done or if there's more to come. I can barely move; but I've got the urge to hump. I ground my cheeks together and managed to slide up and down a little on the sheet, rubbing my cock nicely. Feels so good, especially with that scope rattling around in my rectum.

So good..ooh yeah...ooh..yeah..ooh yeah..oohyeah...ooh..ooh.ooh!ooh! SWAT! "Stop that, asshole slut. No one said you could hump your ass. We'll do your buttfucking for you, thank you." "Mmm?" "No, you're not done. I've decided we need to have a much DEEPER look. You're gonna LOVE this!!" OMG, what now?!! SCHLUP! With a jerk, that bimbo nurse pulled the scope out of my rectal chute.

"No, not that." She loosened the straps some, so I could move a little more. "Not that either." I could see the nurse pull a blindfold and earmuffs like Greg uses on me from a drawer. They're going to turn me into a pool of quivering jelly by turning me into one long nerve ending and stuffing something else BIG up my ass, I just know it! The nurse came over, holding the remaining accoutrements. She was trying to block my vision from what was on the table. Just as she put the blindfold on me, I got one glance that gave me a vague impression of something big and LONG! with a huge suction cup on the base. The words 'super colon dildo' ran across my mind as she put the earmuffs on my head.

All was like it was before I sat in the chair last night. I could feel  doc's hands as he firmly but not roughly applied a large amount of Vaseline to my anal entry. It was deja vu all over again!!)'s this? Leg cuffs being freed from the table...something else being hooked onto them from above...must be some rig above the table I didn't see, they're elevating my legs..lifting me up.

.SCHUMP. I felt that enema nozzle slip in again. Bigger..Bigger..another enema...thicker liquid..must be KY...what felt like three tubes of KY gooped into my asshole from that nozzle. No wonder they elevateed my lower half, that stuff's gonna go deep in my guts! OMIGOD, it's gonna be one long, full filling colon snake, that scope's gonna be! OMG! That's what it is! It's one of those 30 inch super ramrods with a light in the head of the dick! Those things are hard! Though, if I recall, they flop around big time! (POP!)
 There went the enema bulb. I could, barely, through my earmuffs, hear them talking. I'm sure they thought I couldn't hear. "Think he's ready?" 'Oh, yeah, he's READY!! This assslut is gonna get a SEVERE ass ramming!" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG! WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO TO ME!!! I could feel my knees shaking. I was trembling with fright and anticipation. I could still hear them. "Look at him. he's trembling all over." "Yeah, he WANTS it, lets ruin his rectum!!" "Ready?" "Yeah, let's give it to him, devestate his asshole muscle." OHMIGOD! In moments, I was going to be undergoing the biggest, longest insertion into my rectum I  had ever been battered with.

I felt a rubber gloved hand apply what felt like one more entire jar of Vasline to my sloppy asshole. Then, the hand was gone. I tensed. I knew what was coming. Moments passed. What were they waiting for? Get it over with! I wanted it. I was scared of it. I NEEDED it. The waiting was pure torture. Just when I thought I couldn't stand it any longer..a touch at my asshole. It was firm. It was hard. It was round. It felt almost as wide as a wine bottle. I could feel it's pressure on my destroyed sphincter. I tensed. No. No! NO! I can't! Don't put that up there! DON'T!!! I resisted with all my might. The top pushed more firmly. "Not too hard. Don't hurt him." More loudly, so I could hear through my earmuffs: "Relax, bitch! If you don't, this WILL hurt!" But I couldn't relax. Thank God my asshole had  dilated more widely the night before, I'm sure I would have ripped my ring otherwise. I tensed. They pressed. My backdoor responded. It slowly widened...'Ohmigod, I'm  dilating...NO..NO..NO!..Ah!AH!AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! !!!' My bottom had opened enough to accomodate this new mighty monster. I screamed in pleasure and terror through the gag as that mighty pole started its journey up my rectum.

I could barely keep up with the thoughts racing through my head and the feelings sparking between nerve endings down in my asshole. My littl bald cock got rock hard with the ever more full feeling in my rectum God, I needed to jack! But no, those tops had to focus all their attentions on my rectum. Slowly, inexorably, deliciously slowly, that mighty fucking glorious sex pole slid further and further up my asshole. Up, up, up and up my rectum it went, then right into my colon. 'Omg, this things gonna kill me.

Going deeper...deeper...Deeper..DEEPER! DEEPER! DEEPER! AH! AAH! AAHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! So GOOD! SOOOO GOOOOOODDDD! So good! So good! Deeper! Deep in my asshole and colon bend! DEEP IN MY RECUM! UP MY ASSHOLE. RUIN ME! UP MY COLON! FUCK ME MY COLON YOU HORNY TOPS! DEEPER! DEEPER! GIMME MORE OF THIS ROD! MORE! MORE! MORE! I CAN'T STAND IT! I CAN'T STAND IT! NO! TAKE IT OUT! NO! DEEPER! OUT! IN! DEEPER! TO THE BALLS, YOU PERVERTS!' I was whirled away, unable to concentrate on anything but the waves of pleasure arcing through my colon.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmigoooooooddd my poor rectum itll never be the same!!! Through my earmuffs I heard "Okay, his colon's looking good so far. Easy now. I can see the 's' curve." Was this thing flexible enough? I could feel that glorious pole slowly bend to my colon's demand. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhh.........IT WENT! AND IT DIDN'T HURT! I was getting a little numb. Loudly, through my earmuffs:"You can expect to feel a little numbness around your middle,John. That's normal. Rest assured, it's not going to affect your feeling this rod up your rectum." No, it sure didn't! As the trunk of that humongously glorious dick moved ever deeper up my rectum, it continually stimulated my anal prostate. Deeper and deeper that fuckpole invaded my asshole, stimulating my prostate to heights I'd never felt before then. ' deep is this thing, anyway!! I'm so full! I can't take any more! Yes I can! I want more! More! MOOOOORRRE!!My moment of lucidity was fading

I couldn't believe I was still aware of every delicious feeling racing through my body. I'd exploded long before now last night when I was impaled on that fat rod I'd come here to take out. Just when I thought my body couldn't handle another inch of dildo meat up my colon, the balls bumped against my asshole.

I felt a slight warmth. I could hear the sadistic doc say "AnalSlut, you're going to feel a slight warmth now. That's the light inside this scope." Oh, shit, this is a mega-proctoscope? (Sure, I knew that!) This HUGE, LONG, ASS-RAMMING, RECTUM FILLING GLORIOUSLY EXTREME MEGA  SNAKE TWO FEET UP MY RECTUM IS A PROCTOSCOPE? HO-LEEE COW! This thing was HUGE! I thought it would have damaged me for sure! But, they wouldn't be using it if it wasn't safe, right? At that point, they removed my earmuffs and blindfold. "SHIT! FUCK! OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS! THIS THING IS A-MA-ZING!!!"

 "What do you mean? I've taken men's dicks up my asshole for years." God, it was arousing, talking about how to fuck your asshole while I had this ultra-mega number one bed post stuffed two feet up my rectum.

"Well, a person's rectum needs training to accept huge toys like you've been using. He's been making you sit on butt plugs that'll fill your entire cavity, and he wanted to see you sit on bigger and bigger things. You've got to take them slowly and teach your rectum to adapt to them and then enjoy them slowly, BEFORE you go after the biggest baddest fuckpole you can find! You're lucky that fat rod you took up your asshole before went  far beyond your inner sphincter. Your rectum and colon bend look like a huge cavern from everday abuse." "Well, what about this thing I'm holding up my rectum with all my might? What'd you push it all the way up my asshole for if you didn't need to?" "That's part of your training and also part or your punishment for misbehaving when you weren't supposed to."

"??" "You're a naughty little analslut who needs to be put in his place. You were humping that last scope for all it was worth. Now, your descending colon looks like it wasn't injured by your previous hi-jinks, and we put enough lube in you to make sure this dildo-scope wouldnt do any damage of it's own. WE know what we're doing. Get up on your hands and I'll let your legs down so you can assume the position." Like I'm not in it already. In moments, I was on my hands and knees. "I'm going to withdraw the scope about halfway, to ease up on the pressure in your bowels. We're done with the scan; but you've got more punishment and training to take.

" The colon snake slid down until the head was below the 'S' curve, leaving half of that mighty fuck meat still filling my rectum. GOD! It felt good! "Hold still, we're going to hook you up." ???

I felt movement run through the dick in my ass as the fucking machine, I hadn't noticed the nurse wheel in got and end clamped onto the base of the dildo, above the suction cup. "Now, for your next lesson. Concentrate on the sensations that run through your asshole as this pole fucks you. You have to get used to something big and not TOO wide going in and out before you can regularly sit on something like that huge 'mister softy' you came in here holding up that pretty asshole. Enjoy!!" Bitch. I'm gonna put THIS ramrod up your ass,
Then, without a warning, that thing began to move. It moved slowly at first, as the fucking machine it had been attached to pumped it's piston. was ramming...slamming... pounding my rectal chute!

The sadistic Doctor cried out "Full speed ahead" and cranked the speed knob to maximum, Hammering the nearly 4 wide dildo at 5 strokes per second.

Oh! OH! OH MY GOD! OH! OH! OH! THIS IS GREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! IIIIIIIIIIIII LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! SO GOOD! UP MY ASSHOLE! AH! AH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I could do was hold on for dear life as that glorious ramrod pounded the hell out of my rectum! Forever it felt like that fuckpole plowed in and out of my ass channel like greased lightning while lightning bolts arced through my little bald cock! I couldn't stand it anymore! Bang bang bang went the head of that mighty latex missile against my anal g spot. I had to come so bad! It was hitting so hard, I had to piss myself. Pee everywhere. I could hear myself groaning an endless 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm through my gag as endless waves of ecstasy rode through my body! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lights out.

I collapsed, overwhelmed. I came to when the nerve endings in my rectum said the mega-dildo scope was being withdrawn. In a few moments, the assmasters turned me loose from my bonds. "I hope you liked that, because, there WILL be more down the road." "I'm glad, but let me tell you something, I hope you can handle it too, because I want a turn on you, you sexy slut!" " "What time is it?" ""It's eight in the morning. You've been here six hours." "Damn! I've just endured over twelve hours of non-stop anal!!! And I loved every fucking minute" The last thing I remembered before passing out from the extreme rectal, When I woke up the doc's were tag team punch fisting the hell out my rectum. One holding my asscheeks open as the other pummeled my useless asshole with alternating closed fist, they were getting into it.

"Fuck yea, non functioning rectum, nail that chute" one said, as the other fisted out, left, right left right, alternate closed fists going in and out at a flurry pace, I looked down to see my rectum prolapse out with almost every change of hands. I hit the poppers to get back into the anal scene on my devastated asshole...
"Fuck yea thats it, I lost all rectal control, please Pulverize whats left of my asshole" I said, getting into it, they worked my rectum with closed fists for a solid hour, tag team fisting to keep up the pace, milking 4 loads out that hour, before letting me go...

You know something? I'm addicted to anal now! I want more; and I hope Greg will punch fist the hell out my asshole! Later!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This Blog By Email

You can now receive posts directly to your email address by using the "follow by email" form on the right hand side of the blog. Simply fill out your email address and look for a confirming link in email once complete. Any text or pics will be sent automatically to you in one email for several postings. Its convenient and easy to follow all my blogs via email...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mutilated asshole

I started this blog along time ago, It was not until recently, about a year ago we started getting into some heavy rectum work on a daily basis 

My large beer can thick dildos were pounding my rectum, 2 sometime 3 times a day. When My main Daddy  could not make the daily sessions, his friend Eric would stop by and keep working my now huge and loose cavity. They kept my asshole busy. The large dildos turned to swirling closed fists on a daily basis. After about 2 weeks of constant anal, My anal ring muscle started to break down on a more permanent basis.  As we continued the daily rectal abuse, I would start prolapsing out uncontrollably during the sessions, losing all rectal control, but the guys kept up on the large dongs and fist, and my asshole was taking it good. 

Severe rectal abuse continued and my asshole and rectum looked like raw meat, and the guys were milking cum shots from my bald cock whenever they got ruff with my rectum.  After counting off 100 total sessions over 3 weeks, we decided to give my rectum a rest. My asshole was shot, but slowly came back. It never really clamps shut anymore from that marathon tho, but the sessions slowly come back, not as intense, but good enough to have an easily fisted asshole.  They did a good job of conditioning my rectum, but now it was time to enjoy and utilize the massive cavity, and gaping asshole...

As tight as it gets now

Monday, October 6, 2014

Bat Stroking

Bat stroking the rectum. Damage that hole.

Monster Bat Result

My ruined non closing asshole from so much over abuse, the muscle doesnt clamp shut anymore, and will always remain the size of a quarter, but will gape even larger once abused.  This is BEFORE our latest session Saturday 10/4/14

Starter Dong

Warming up the asshole for today's hole wrecking, the starter dong is 2 1/2" inch across, and falls into my rectum with no resistance.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Prepping for Extreme Anal

Drilled- High Speed core job with the beer can thick dildo preps my rectum from some extreme anal workouts. He's punching that baby home, My asshole takes it good...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Charlotte NC Ass Wreckings

I will be heading to Charlotte NC area (North of Charlotte (about 45 minutes, Salisbury NC)
area Monday 9/8 for the week. I will have a hotel and will be entertaining guests each evening with my big stretched out asshole. If your near the area, and would like to get into a big sloppy asshole, email me at to set up a time and day for some HOT ass wreckin'.

Nail My Asshole, little bald 4 inch cock

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cored Out

Cored out rectum chute, 3 incher takes the rectum for a ride. Drive it Home!
My ass cheeks bulging from the width

Tuesday, June 24, 2014



A Big heavy and large 330# pound man wanted to fist me out hard and fast, really wreck my asshole Saturday. Im only #133 currently. He said his hands are so big, no rectum could take his width or intensity of his fistings, especially close fist punches, which he demanded from slut fistholes. He had fat big hands, that was gonna be a challenge even for my large big asshole. We were getting into the dong work, prepping the rectum for fisting.  The only way to accept the big hand in my rectum was to be doggy style face down and asshole high, and accept the monster into my rectum. We were at the point of punching the 3 inch dong into my asshole, and it was accepting it with ease.

"Fuck yea, loose asshole!, your gonna accept my fist good, and im gonna punch your rectum like mad, your asshole wont work right for a while, when im done with ya"  Fat Chris said thrusting in a good steady rhythm.

"yea, fuck up my rectum muscle for your pleasure" Im so horny for anal!. With that he snapped on a XL set of rubber gloves that barely fit, Coated each hand with a thick coat of KY and jlube mixed, and started 4 finger my asshole with his right hand, swirling and turning his 4 fingers in he was getting prepped to enter my cavity. He started pushing his hand it but it was just to fat for my asshole to accept. He tried over and over with no luck..

He pulled out and laied on the bed, his elbow on the bed, his monster fist straight up. "Ive still got 4 fingers in your slut hole, ease back onto this fist Whore" he said.

I hit the poppers, relaxed and started putting my weight on my analring, slowly he slid in, finally was at widest part right on the ring, as I slowly bounced up and down, trying to accept the monster.

"Its gonna rip my ring!" I screamed as the widest part went by, The "Waaaaaaaaaaaa" I sank the fist in my cavity.

"Hold, dont move, adjust to my fist" he said moving it around slightly, I did the same moving my hips, he was well past the ring and was able to move around inside.

'Im in you good boy, back doggy style the way we started, and ill fist you so hard you'll piss yourself." He said, helping me back to doggy style.

I set face down, asshole high and proceed to allow the big guy to fist out my asshole anyway he felt like, He really got into it, when i started long deep moans when he exploded my cavity. He came from jacking and fisting in about 1/2, then finally milked a load out of my little bald cock for the finale.  My asshole spamsed and throbbed for 3 days after that one.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Asshole Being Reamed Daily

With 4 Assmasters in the rotation now, My asshole is getting hammered every single day for the last two weeks, 7 days a week, sometimes 2 or 3X a day.Each assmaster works individually, so there is never any tag team asshole workouts, but each has commented how blown out my asshole has become. Loose hanging asshole all the time. They worked my asshole so hard, they even stretched out all the skin around my asshole One day assmaster 2 came over 2 times in one day, He butt slammed a 3 inch wide dildo right into my rectum with no prep work. It hurt the hole, but my asshole took it good. A solid 11 inch sink-in of a 3 inch wide dildo, demolished my rectum for 3 days. I thought it would never be right again, but rather than waiting, Assmaster 3 came over an violently expanded out my asshole again. He got so ruff with my loose asshole I pissed myself from the abuse.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Analboy Movies

There was a comment request to post all the Analboy movies, here are the links to the movies and a sample (Analboy21.wmv). All the movies contain sound, so turn up your speakers and listen to Analboy scream as his asshole is wrecked.

All links below are from Loaded today, Grab them while you can.

See and hear Analboy as Assdaddy just mutilates his asshole with a 3 inch wide dildo
See and hear Analboy as he just mutilates his asshole in a 2 minute movie. Large dildos tear up his sphincter muscle
Its Allen forcing a 3-1/2 inch (8.9cm) wide x 11 inch (25.4cm) dildo in a 2 minute movie
Its Analboy ramming his asshole 70 times with a 2-1/2 inch (6.3cm) wide x 11 inch (25.4cm) dildo  in the 1 minute clip
Its Analboy mutilating his asshole in the library in this  60 second clip
Its Analboy punch fucking his asshole with a HUGE dildo in this 60 second clip
Its Analboy punch fucking his asshole with a HUGE dildo in this 70 second clip
Its Analboy plowing his asshole with the 3" wide BAM dildo. He hammers his hole!, Great sound!
Its Analboy plowing his asshole, then inserting a HUGE cucumber,screaming when it goes in.
Its Analboy trying to stretch over a 4" wide butt plug.
Its Analboy ruining his asshole from dildo punch fuckings.
Analboy pummels his asshole with a 3" wide BAM dildo.
Analboy's asshole complains loudly from the massive dildo plowing into him.



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Swirling Technique

Swirling Technique

We tried the swirling technique, First doggy style face down asshole high. He Worked up to a closed fist right at the wrist, now with the closed fist was past the analring into the rectal cavity, it  felt good in my rectum. My large analring muscle easily accepting the fist, he began to swirl and move the closed fist in large circular motions working my rectal walls. Big open circular motions worked my cavity good, I expanded out large for him. The swirls got so large and fast it started working my large anal ring muscle. I hit the poppers, relaxed and allowed a complete caverning of my rectum. Just when I was getting real slutty for anal, he told me to flip over on my back, legs high above head, thighs to chest. Once we fixed the position, he plunged right in with the closed fist, I took the rectal good. Soon, he was swirling again, this time working the back of the cavity, nailing a whole new section that he did not explore doggy style. The now rectal cavern starting making all kinds of sloppy asshole sounds, as my analring gave out and lost all rectal control, Swirling soon turned to closed fist punches, he was ready to milk a load out from anal. In  matter of 10 punches my little bald cock shot off like crazy.  Great new technique, really caverned out my rectum good!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A request- An Exciting Morning

Somebody commented that they would like to see pure fucking stories. Here you go, Black tops ravage my asshole.


An Exciting Summer Morning
It had been a very long, very hot week! Of course, August always was one of the hottest months in the south. I had been spending a lot of time out by the pool - sunning myself, swimming, and in general trying to stay cool. I had hired two men to paint the outside of our house and they have been here since Monday. Today was Thursday morning and they were supposed to finish up by tomorrow afternoon. Both were black and young - one appearing to be in his early 20s and the other looked to be around 18 or 19. I have to admit that I had been sneaking looks at them all week long!!! They are truly magnificent to look at!!!!!! Both are very well muscled and work without shirts and wearing nothing but very short cutoffs. I love to watch them as they work - to see the ripple of their muscles and how the sweat glistens on their ebony skin!!

I had been getting them ice and cold water all week long and just generally trying to help them in that way. I guess I didn't think a lot about how I looked or that they were watching me as well. 

Around 10 AM, the sun had risen higher and it was already very hot. In fact, it promised to be one of the hottest days yet!!! The two men had been working since 7 and had got a lot done. I was lying on the chaise lounge on my stomach. All at once, one of them cleared his throat and the sound startled me!! Without thinking, I jumped up!!!! But, as I glanced at them, I could not help but notice that they both had growing bulges in their very short cutoffs!!!!!

Both were covered in sweat and looked tired but I did notice a gleam in their eyes!!! One told me he was sorry they had scared me but all they wanted was some ice and some water!!! I went up to the house to get it. While there, I put on a short robe that I had hanging on a hook in the kitchen. I filled a bowel with ice and a pitcher with water and put them and two glasses on a tray and carried them back to the pool where they were still sitting.
As I sat the tray down on the picnic table, I could feel their eyes as they watched every move I made!! This was the first time I had felt them staring at me like this and I was a little afraid!!! Of course, I reasoned, they would not dare to try anything with me as we were surrounded by neighbors!!! As I filled their glasses and turned to hand them to them, I glanced down at their crotches. Both had bulges that looked huge!!!!! It was very exciting and I could not help but get a little thrill!!!! After all, I am 36 years old yet here were two young men getting excited looking at me!!! It was at that point that I made a very serious mistake. I guess I felt too secure in my middle class setting and in broad daylight with people all over the neighborhood!!

I was excited, though, at seeing them get excited at watching me and I threw caution to the wind. The tie to my robe had loosened a little already as I was coming back down from the kitchen so I gave a little wiggle and it fell away completely!!! My robe drooped open as I bent over to set their glasses down and I could feel both of their eyes glued to my ass I slowly straightened up and pulled the robe closed and simply said "Oooops!!" and gave a little giggle!!! Sitting down on the foot of the chaise in front of them I reached for my glass of tea. Sipping it, I remarked that it was already so hot!!! As we chatted about the weather, I moved around a little so that I was sitting with my legs spread!!! I could see their eyes on my crotch which was covered by little more than a thin strip of cloth!!!!! Their bulges had grown even larger and in glancing down toward their shorts, I could see the head of one them's cock as it poked up just above the waist of his shorts. God, what a sight that was!!!! Just the little bit I could see was huge!!!!!!!!! Slowly, I let my thighs spread a little more and I dropped my hand which had been holding robe together. As kept talking, I sort of leaned forward a little, letting my robe swing open as I did. I made no move to cover myself and pretended not to even notice it as we kept talking about the weather and how much longer they would need to finish the job!!!! As we talked, I learned that their names were James and Ken - Ken was the one with the huge mushroom showing!!!! As we talked, my robe had opened completely and my breasts were totally bare., I could feel my nipples growing hard and my ass throbbing to be filled!!!! God, this was so exciting sitting here almost totally naked talking to these two magnificent looking men in broad daylight!!! I noticed that James, the 18 year old, glanced at Ken and Ken barely nodded his head. All at once, they jumped to their feet and James grabbed my arms and jerked me to my feet and spun me around, pulling me to him!!!! Ken moved up behind me and pressed himself to me from behind so that I was sandwiched between them!!!! I started to scream but James lowered his face to mine and his lips crushed mine, stifling my scream!!!!! I tried to struggle but they both held me tight between them!!! James' kissed me harder and I felt his tongue force itself between my lips, going deep in my mouth!!!! Ken then begin kissing my neck and around my ear, his tongue leaving a trail of wetness as he licked me. His hands went around my chest and his hands grabbed my nipples, squeezing them and mashing them to my chest!!! I could feel their hips grinding into me front and back, those hard cocks - one rubbing against my ass and the other against my cock!!! I could feel the sweat from their chests soaking my robe and I inhaled the scent of them - hot, sweaty, black, male muskiness...all driving my senses crazy!!!! I soon quit struggling and a moan rose in my throat as James' thick tongue continued to probe my mouth and Ken's hands now pinching my nipples between his fingers!!!! My tongue begin to move against James', chasing his tongue around my mouth and then back into his mouth, my tongue licking all inside his mouth!!

Ken pulled back from me and grabbed my robe and yanked it off of me and then hooked his hands in my undies and ripped it from me!!!! I was totally nude, and began squirming against James harder and harder, pressing my cock against his cock, my tongue still in his mouth as he sucked on it as hard as he could!!! I felt something hard poking against my ass and realized that Ken had taken off his shorts and was pressing against me. His hands massaged my cheeks, squeezing them and molding them. Harder and harder he squeezed as he rubbed his cock all over my ass. Driving my tongue deeper into James' mouth, I wrapped one arm around James' neck and with my other hand I reached behind me, trying to grab Ken's cock!!!! I felt it brush my hand and all at once in was in my palm!!! I gripped him, closing my fingers!!!! I almost fainted when I felt I could not get my fingers all the way around him!!!! God, he felt huge!!!!!!! I slid my fingers up and down him, his head felt like it was gigantic!!!! James broke from me and stepped back and pushed his cutoffs down his legs!!!! I watched, my eyes growing wide as his cock sprang into view!!!! It too was huge and very hard, slapping up against his stomach!!! 

James grabbed my shoulders and pushed me roughly down so that I was on my knees, the hard concrete scraping my knees. He grabbed my head and pulled it toward him, his cock brushing my lips. I tried to resist but he pushed against my lips with his cock while pulling my head forward. As his cock pushed into my mouth, my lips automatically surrounded him as they were forced wide to accommodate his massive 9" cock!!! Without thinking, and becoming more and more aroused, I begin to suck him, my lips going up and down his cock, my tongue licking the head of it. It wasn't long before I could feel a wetness on my tongue as his pre-cum begin leaking from him!! I pulled my head back a little and begin lapping at his cock with my tongue, licking up and down, tasting the muskiness of him, the sweat pouring off him causing him to taste salty!! I started to take his cock back in my mouth when he pushed me away from him and grabbed my arms, yanking me to my feet!! He picked me up and carried me to the picnic table, dumping me down on the top of it roughly. He and Ken moved to each side of me, their hands going all over my body.... pinching and pulling on my nipples, caressing my stomach, my thighs. My legs spread wide as if they had a will of their own. I felt a hand thrust roughly between my thighs and as it gripped my ass cheeks, my hips jerked upwards!!!! A finger was thrust inside of me and begin pumping in and out of my now drenched ass. Without thinking I reached out with both hands and grabbed each of their cocks, stroking them, my hands moving up and down them, feeling their massiveness!!! Never had I felt such huge cocks!!! I later learned that James was 9" and Ken was 11"!!!!!! I pulled them both close and turned my head to one side and begin to lick on the head of Ken's huge, massive cock!!! I forced my lips as wide as I could and took that massive head in my mouth!!! God, I felt so full!!!!! Sucking and licking him, loving the sweaty taste of him, his precum oozing out of him driving me insane with desire. The finger in my asshole continued to move in and out and then I felt another finger enter me!!! I was in heaven!!! Both men now had a finger in me, pumping in and out of me, faster and faster!! I released Ken's cock and turned my head to the other side and pulled James' cock toward my lips just in time to catch a drop of precum as it hung from his piss slit!!! Sucking him into my mouth, I begin to lave his cock with my tongue!!! My body was jerking from the assault of the fingers in my asshole and the hands roughly squeezing my nipples. They both roughly pinched my nipples, pulling them straight up from my body, stretching them until they hurt something awful but the pain, far from being uncomfortable. I could feel lube flowing all over my hole and from me and puddling on the hard surface of the table under my ass. My body was now covered in sweat, both mine and the men's as it dripped off of them and fell on me as they stood bent over me. I was now turning my head from side to side, licking and sucking first one cock and then the other!!!! They continued mauling my tits, my nipples feeling like they were on fire!!! Their fingers in and out of my asshole were driving me wild!!! James laughed out loud and roughly kept shoving his finger in and out of my asshole!!! I was squirming, trying to get away!!!! They kept on playing with my body, pinching and pulling my nipples, fucking my asshole with their fingers!!!! As he kept reaming my asshole with that thick finger, all at once I begin to notice the pain was turning to pleasure and I begin to move my hips to meet the thrusts of the fingers! All I could think of was how hot I was becoming!! Nothing else mattered anymore except my overwhelming need to cum!!!! The cocks I was playing with were both dripping steadily and my mouth was drooling both saliva and their precum as I sucked first one and then the other. My asshole was juicing steadily and the table was soaked. The sensations in me were building higher and higher!!
All at once, the fingers were removed from me and the hands stopped playing with my breasts!!! "NO!!!!!", I screamed!!!!! "PLEASE, DON'T STOP!!! OH GOD, I'M SO HOT!!!!!" And, I was!!!! I was on fire!!! Both from the sun beating down on my naked body and from the excitement and the lust which had built in me!!!! I only knew that I had to cum!!! I was incapable of any other thought at that point!!!! All I knew was that I had to have those cocks!!!! I reached down with my hands and begin to jacking myself. Ken grabbed my hands and jerked them up over my head, holding me tight!!!! "NO" I moaned, "PLEASE!!!!!!" They just laughed at me as I lay there panting and moaning!!! My hips moving of their own accord!!!

"He looks awfully hot to me, Ken", said James. "Yeah, don't he?", grinned Ken. James went over and got the bowl of ice cubes and brought them back!! He took an ice cube and begin to rub it over my breasts!!! Holding my hands with one hand, Ken took an ice cube in his other hand and rubbed it over my other breast!!! God, the sensations were fabulous!!!! The sun shining on me had made my skin hot and the feel of that freezing ice cube was out of this world!!!! James took two more ice cubes and placed them on my stomach!!! My muscles rippled as they begin to melt and the ice cold water trickled down my sides!!! James then reached in, got another ice cube and begin rubbing it up and down my asshole!!!! Oh God, I couldn't believe how incredible that felt!!! The iciness of it mixing with my hot asshole was too much!!! He then took another ice cube when that one had melted and shoved it inside of me!!!! Again, it was the most incredible feeling!!! I was moaning and jerking and going out of my mind!!! At last, I could stand it no longer!!! "PLEASE" I begged, "PLEASE, SOMEONE FUCK ME NOW!!!! I NEED A COCK IN ME SO BAD!! PLEASE!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" Ken then let go my hands and moved down to the end of the table. He grabbed my hips and pulled them to the edge of the table so that my ass was half off the table. James moved up near my head and grabbed my hands and pulled them up over my head. Ken got between my legs, grabbing one in each hand, he raised them to his shoulders as he moved his hips forward! The head of his cock begin to rub up and down my asshole!!!! I raised my head and looked down and saw that mammoth 11" black cock rubbing against my asshole!!! All at once, I became scared!!! I did not know how I could ever take it all inside of me but I was willing to try!! He pushed his hips forward and I watched as the head of his cock begin to spread my ass lips apart as it disappeared inside of me!!! He slowly pushed forward and inch by inch his cock slid inside of me!!!!! "Oh God", I moaned! "Yes, fuck me!!!!" He had about half his cock in me when all at once he pulled it out!!! "NO" I screamed, my hips rising up frantically trying to force him back in me!!!! Again he rubbed the head up and down my ass lips!!!! He then took hold of my thighs in his hands and pushed my legs up toward my shoulders, opening me wide for him, and then all at once he thrust his hips forward and rammed all 11" inside of me in one lunge!!! 

"AAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" I screamed as I felt that thick cock split me wide open and the head hit hard the bend in my colon!!!!!!! "OH GOD!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!" He begin then to fuck me, driving that huge cock in and out of me hard and fast!!! Just then, James grabbed my head in his hand and yanked it toward his cock!!!! My mouth flew open and I gobbled him inside my mouth as quickly as I could, taking as much of him in my mouth as I could get. I begin to suck him and lick him with my tongue as he fucked in and out of my mouth. Ken kept fucking me harder and harder and all at once, without warning, I came!!! "AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed around James' cock as my orgasm hit me!!!!! Ken kept on fucking me, driving that 11" monster in and out of my little white asshole harder and harder and faster and faster. James begin fucking my mouth faster and faster and I could feel him getting harder and his cock seemed to swell a little!! Ken fucked me faster and faster and I knew he was close. All at once, James shoved his cock in my mouth and it started twitching and jerking as spurt after spurt of hot cum flew from the head of his cock into my mouth!!! Somehow, he lost rhythm as he was cumming and his cock pulled out of my mouth, cum shooting from it all over my face and tits before he got it back inside of me!!! Ken let out a yell and rammed his cock all the way inside of me and I could feel it jerk each time a blast of his cum shot from the end deep inside my ass!!!! As he did, I almost passed out as I came again, harder than I had ever cum!!!! God, the sensations were incredible!!!! It seemed to go on forever and all of my senses were focused in my asshole as wave after wave of pleasure washed through me!!!!! Ken and James continued to fuck me slowly as their cocks deflated. Finally, they both withdrew from me. My legs fell from Ken's shoulders and just flopped over the edge of the table as I lay, cum seeping from my asshole and hot male cum all over my face. I just lay there, totally satisfied and relaxed.